The King’s Seduction

The King’s Seduction

By:  midika36  Completed
Language: English
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Forced to flee from their home, King Taius and Akara are fighting to survive while rebels strive to hunt them down. But not just any rebel - a Hunter. Marek. With her past lover haunting her, Akara battles new feelings for the King and the reality that a lot of people want her dead. Together, Akara and Tai fight to get the throne back, but not without revealing many dark pasts, and hidden motives that change everything. But who will Akara choose? The mysterious hunter who she can't escape, or the powerful King with his own dark secrets? *Book Two in the King's Possession series - Read Book One (King's Possession) before proceeding with this novel!*

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56 chapters
Four Months Since the Rebel Overthrow.  Irritated, I stare down upon my hands, silently cursing the stain so deeply embedded into the cotton, no amount of scrubbing will remove it.  Blowing a stray curl from my face, I let the yellow bar of soap glide from my grip and i
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The keys rattle in the lock as I press my palm against the heavy wooden door, heaving it open. Buttery warm light greets me as I step into the cabin, kicking off my boots at the door. The warmth from the fire greets my
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I shiver, knowing the dress beneath my coat isn’t made for this weather. Tai was successful in compelling me into coming to this staff party tonight, noting that we have both been refusing offers to go out for too long
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 The brittle cold greets me as I stalk outside, Marek following me.  Read more
I didn't wait a moment longer, grabbing my coat before running all the way home. Read more
Tai and I stand on the beach, looking out at the water. Read more
The sun warms my skin, glistening atop the waves nearby. Read more
It only took a few more days for me to find a job. Read more
Tai is reading when I return home, lounging back on the couch. Read more
It only took Tai another week to find a way to get us into the Jade Province again. I knew it was coming quickly, that he didn't want to waste time staying in the Golden Province. Yet this morning, when I was packing my small amount of belongings into our one shared bag, I felt sad knowing we may never return back here. At least not for awhile, until the threat of Vaia and the rebels is eliminated. Staring out the window of the carriage, I watch the last of the Golden Province pass by. Tai sits opposite me. Despite the window extended to his side, he watches me.Read more Protection Status