Sold to the Dragon Prince

Sold to the Dragon Prince

By:  San_2045  Completed
Language: English
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"Are you afraid of me, Celina?" The Prince asked huskily, and she shivered at the intense look in his eyes. She didn't answer, making him take a step forward in her direction.He reached over and ran his thumb across her cheekbones, watching her breathing pause as she dared not move beneath the touch of this strange, imposing man. "Well, you should be." *** Celina Roman is a wallflower, shy, reserved but loved by people around her. She cares for her parents and two sisters above all, a fact that's led the eighteen-year-old to do anything for them. What she wasn't expecting was for her family to sell her to the Prince so that they could have money. Prince Javier DeRose is a name better suited for a myth than a man. Like that of the devil, people either whisper it in fear or worship the ground he walks. He is rich, cold, demanding and likes to be all alone in a Dark Palace, protecting his secret. When Celina steps on his doorstep his life changes forever. Filled with secrets and scars, these two individuals are thrown together to live under the same roof. Will they find a way together or forever stay apart? ***

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78 Chapters
Part 1
Celina hesitantly stared at the balcony. There's only one in their entire cottage - it's small and cramped, but it's there. Its closer to where she slept, i.e. the living room. Her sisters had needed, so they took one room while her parents occupied the other one. She didn't have a choice.           No one stepped enough in their balcony; her mother said that every time she stepped out there, she thought it was going to crumble underneath her. Yeah, it is a bit rickety, but Celina was wise enough not to go and lean over the railing or anything. It's just she enjoyed the view it provided. Mostly green lands of grass and the small tiny cottages alongside and another road connecting them to the Main Street.       <
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Part 2
They couldn't talk as they rode, which was fine by Celina. She had various thoughts going on around her head, mainly trying to figure out the weird behaviour of her family. They moved the horses at a brisk pace, through the forests that surrounded their home, until she lost track of where exactly they were.         She knew they were following the river that came down from the northern mountains, but that was her only guide to where they were. Thomas had simply asked her to follow him, which again raised her suspicions, but she did. Eventually – when the sun was high in the sky - the forest gave way to a clearing alongside the river, and a rocky road came into view. That road always creeped her out, so she never stepped beyond that. Celina slowed her horse to match her father's pace, taking cues from him. <
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Part 3
There's no way to know for sure from where the pianist was playing...not from her limited view, but the notes rang so clearly and distinctly in Celina's ears that it can't be very far. Maybe on the other side of the room.     An urge to find out for sure pushed at her, but she stood still. This musician was not looking to be listened to if they're playing in the sacredness of a closed room. That's why she heard. Celina fluttered her eyes shut and let the music soak into her mind and replace the ugly exhaustion, frustration, and hurt that's festered inside her.     She let the music soothe sink into her bones.     Celina was not sure how much time passed as she stood there, breathing i
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Part 4
  When Celina reached the kitchen, she noticed Beth waiting for her. The woman stood by the french window, dressed in a long pale blue gown, white gloves pulled to the wrists and an apron. Her grey hair was pulled in a tight bun, and she had a stern expression on her face. Something about the way she kept quiet for the first few seconds, merely narrowing her eyes at Celina made her shiver.     

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Part 5
“First I want you to step closer” The Prince commanded, his voice sultry and barely a whisper. A shiver ran down the maid’s spine, toes curling around the harsh surface of the room.        

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Part 6
The air around the castle was shimmering. It’s a delicate, almost invisible kind of thing. Stepping out of her room and in the living room, Celina noticed a fire in the hearth, larger than the one her family built before going out into the snow every morning. Then again, they lived in a cottage.      

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Part 7
The maid almost jumped out of her skin, looking over her shoulder at the intruder. As soon as she spotted Prince Javier idly leaning against the wall with a smirk, she deflated. Still, her heart thudded against her chest, willing her to breathe through her mouth for a few seconds.           "Your Highness" She greeted a little too late, her hand fisted by her sides. Despite her rude behaviour, i.e. ignoring the royal standing in front of her; Javier didn't seem bothered.         He seemed to gawk at her through those eyes, a flash of brightness cutting through the night. The Prince turned to the railing and then looked up, before slowly turning back to Celina
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Part 8
Despite her curiosity, Celina managed to avoid going out onto the balcony during the night for the entire week. The maid didn't go out there during the day either, thinking that the remnants of that distress and vulnerability will cling to her the moment she set her foot in. The Prince did walk away from her without any explanation and that stung. More than she thought.         As if that wasn't enough the Prince went away. For a while it seemed judging from Beths somber expression and lack of interest in ordering around. No one knew where but only that he would be returning after few days. The housekeeper kept staring at the door, barely acknowledging others around her. Maybe she's missing the Prince more than she thought.      

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Part 9
While Celina started trudging towards the kitchen, to attend her morning duties, all the noises stopped, and everything went quiet. A strange stillness encompassed all at once, blanketed the hallway: no crickets chirping, no katydids singing, no nothing. Usually, the young woman didn't mind the silence, immensely enjoyed the solitude. She had always favoured being by herself with a book and no one in sight to disturb her but not this time.         This time, the maid knew it meant something else. Something different and strange. Unable to stop herself, she let her feet carry towards the open door that lead to the cave. Nothing was visible from the spot she stood, which clenched her stomach painfully.         Read more
Part 10
"You're so gorgeous," The Prince said breathlessly, his eyes raking over her body. She squirmed at the attention, shyly lifting her head as he beckoned her closer. "Come closer to me."       Javier pressed a hot kiss to her mouth without hesitation and scraped his large fingers across the back of her neck. It is almost too rough, but the desperation crawled through him into her. Celina didn't mind at all that's why she bought her hands up to clutch at the vast expanse of his shoulders.       It's cold outside, but the Prince was warm, his other hand cupping her neck, fingers curling into her hair and gently tilting the maids head up, coaxing a whimper from the back of Celina's throat. She gripped helplessly at Javier's shoulders,
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