When We Are Older

When We Are Older

By:  Veliciah  Completed
Language: English
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From Honest Trailers: Follow the girl with Stockholm Syndrome, Marina, the idiot who has a mate, but ends up falling in love with her captor instead. Because bad boys are sexy. 7/5 Would write again.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Arranged Marriage
MarinaI don’t want to get married today.Pure discomfort is radiant in my reflection as I sit on that damn chair in front of the mirror while my mother is standing behind me. She is humming to herself and braiding pearls into my hair to create that perfect Victorian hairstyle.She is calm and collected. And I hate how she is acting as if it’s perfectly normal to marry off your teenager to some random guy from another tribe before she has even turned eighteen.His name is Rain. I haven’t met him yet. My mother says it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but I had hoped to at least see his face before our parents had arranged this wedding.My mother, however, called me shallow when I asked to see his face. Apparently, I should be grateful that my family has found me a husband. It’s a privilege to get married, my mother has told me.Unfortunately, I don’t share her opinion. At least
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Chapter 2 - The Angel Boy
MarinaI sneak out of my tent when I’m sure everyone else is sleeping. The entire town is quiet when I wander down the street. The army has even turned off the torches to illustrate the time for sleep has come.Luckily, it’s easy to navigate because of the light illuminating from the angel’s weird tattoos. Faint light is glowing in the dark, and since the tents around our town aren’t massive, it’s easy finding the tall creature.He is still lying in the same place, roped to the ground. It seems someone has wasted nutritious food and thrown tomatoes on his back. He smells exactly like fresh tomatoes and yuck, something resembling juice is dripping from his back.I grimace at the smell. “Hello?”There isn’t an answer. Figures. They covered his mouth.Cautiously, I take a step closer to the enormous creature.He is absolutely enormous, and Jesus Christ, it blows my mind how much he resemble
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Chapter 3 - My Sister Is Getting Married
Marina“You are marrying my sister?!”John turns pale with fear circling in his blue eyes. His face tells me he didn’t expect my reaction, neither does he seem to like it.“Yeah...” His voice sounds hesitant. I can see the uncertainty on his face as if he wishes to say something but doesn’t know if he should. “It’s not something I chose,”I huff at him. “You don’t want to marry my little sister?”Damn. I have some severe mood swings. First, it shocked me to hear Jenny is still alive, and now I’m angry that this angel doesn’t want to marry my perfect little sister. She is beautiful and knowledgeable. Why doesn’t he want her?!“No, I don’t want to marry her. Your sister is a tyrannical leader and only wants to marry me because of my abilities,” John mumbles. “At first, I didn’t mind, but now-...”I glare at him.
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Chapter 4 - Decisions
MarinaAfter Gustav has returned me to my parent’s tent, I search for my mother. My father tries to place his hand on my shoulder, but I push him away.My father can punish me later. I’m boiling with rage, close to flipping tables. Finding my mother is the only thing on my mind. She might be the only one able to clear the fog inside my head.“Marina!” My father roars, clearly upset with me. “Is it true that you removed the muzzle from the angel? He is a prisoner, for god’s sake!”Ignoring him, I rush out of the tent and enter another. My mother is brushing her hair inside. I detect her eyes admiring her own reflection. She was always pretty, way prettier than me, with defined cheekbones and shining hair.“Marina?” She turns around with an astonished expression. “Is something the matter?”My father stops by the entrance to the tent. Like always, he will let my mother take care
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Chapter 5 - Breaking Every Rule
MarinaI search through the drawers, frantically looking for something, fucking anything to help my situation. My heart rate is through the roof. I’ve done nothing as crucial as saving someone’s life before, neither have I broken any rules, and now, I’m about to do both.With shaking hands, I grab a package of matches and turn my head to stare at my reflection in the mirror. I’m still wearing my wedding dress, but my facial expression looks different. The person looking back at me isn’t sad or gloomy; she seems determined.“Marina?” My father enters my tent. “What are you looking for?!”“Nothing,” I clench my fist, hiding the package with matches from his suspicious eyes. He would stop me if I told him I’m about to save an angel. “I had a pleasant talk with my mother, and now I’m planning on heading to the store,”My father stares at me. “In your mother&
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Chapter 6 - Older
MarinaThree years later.I wish I dared to escape from this dreadful life. There is no purpose, no life left in my eyes as I wash the dishes from our dinner in the sink.Smile and never open my mouth, that’s my life in a nutshell. Routine is the law, and so are the chores my husband gave.Husband.I accidentally drop the plate I’m holding in my hands and cut myself on the pieces. Blood color the water red, and I inhale at the pain dicing through my chest. The physical pain is not as bad as the mental one burdening me every day.“You can do this,” I whisper to myself. “Keep on fighting,”The life I’m living is not the life I wanted, and every morning it gets a little harder to open my eyes and meet the streetlights outside our house.These days I no longer live with my parents but in a luxury house. I live together with Rain, the rich man my mother forced me to marry the day John left m
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Chapter 7 - Kidnapped
MarinaOpening my eyes hurts my brain. I blink multiple times and whine at the pain slicing through my soul. It’s as if I just survived being thrown into a giant cheese grater. My body parts are tingling, every tendon, every bone.“Ouch...” I grumble.There isn’t any complaint in the world to relieve my headache. I sit up with a grimace, hating how sore my muscles feel. Simply sitting is hurting my arse.“Rough day?”Alarmed, I twist around to rest my eyes on a girl. Darkness is all around us. Still, I can see her wave her hand before walking up to me.“Yeah...” I mutter. “Where am I?”The girl giggles, and I glare harder at her. It’s just my luck running into a sadist. My pain amuses her. Ugh. The urge to punch her in the face is oddly hard to resist.“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” The girl says.Good idea, genius. I just look ar
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Chapter 8 - Angels Or Demons?
MarinaFor the first time in ages, I end up dreaming about John. He is running away from me, and I'm chasing him. Laughter erupts from his throat."What's the matter?" He stops briefly to flash me his teeth. Somewhere deep inside, I know he shouldn't be this young. Neither should he be a human. "Can't catch me?""Wait!" I'm panting as I pass trees while squinting at the sun. "Stop running!""I'm not running. I'm right here, sourpuss,"Tear-stained cheeks and shaky hands; that's how I wake up. It's bright outside, not super bright since canopies are blocking out the sun, but the light is still way intenser than any light found under the mountain.My mum always used to describe the sun as life. But even if the light is beautiful, it burns like a thousand spread fires over my eyelids.Bothered by the light, I sit up with a building headache, freezing in motion when I spot Beast pulling down his pants further away.What is he doing
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Chapter 9 - Saved By Beast
MarinaThe cage is moving again. The slight shake beneath my feet prompts my knees to buckle under my weight, and I wobble forward. Fortunately, Bailey is there to catch me.He chuckles in amusement as he grabs me. “Take it easy,”His enormous hands are gripping either side of my waist, and for a second, I’m flying. Without effort, Bailey helps me back on the ground and releases me once I regain my balance. Gazing up at him and witnessing his entertained smile speeds up my heartbeat. Damn him and his gorgeous face.Forcefully, I stare down at the ground. “Thank you,”“You’re welcome,”Bailey smirks at me, and I shake my head, rolling my eyes at his swagger. He is too darn full of himself.“Stop smiling at me,” I growl at Bailey, who laughs in response.“You’re not that bad,” He winks at me.Embarrassed, I look away from him and lift my eyebrows
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Chapter 10 - Beast's Secret
MarinaStaying away from the middle of the cage is easy. Remembering the earlier scene is all it takes to shudder and wish I was back in my fluffy bed at home.Life was less complicated under the mountain, while the surface is chaotic. I never know what’s going to happen next. And yet, I think I prefer being in the actual world rather than hiding beneath my mountain.My eyes haven’t adjusted to the sun yet. Luckily, our cage is like a tiny forest. It’s a habitat for us humans, with trees and bushes shielding my eyes.Most of the trees are laughably small, though, but there is one tall oak standing in the middle of the cage. It’s probably strong enough to let a human climb to the hatch directly above it, but I’m guessing someone already tried and failed.Everyone must avoid the middle of the cage for a reason. Maybe Dave and Adam eat the people who dare to challenge fate by trying to escape?I shudder uncontrolla
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