Married With Guy

Married With Guy

By:  Rinia  Ongoing
Language: English
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A guy, what comes to mind? The story of an arrogant man and about various sides of life. There are no definite words, only about Geri and Helwi and a free life. Freestyle is the lifestyle of a Geri. while being full of rules and soft-hearted is Helwi's character. So how does a Helwi who is a well-known college graduate have to marry Geri, a guy? Find the answer in the following story.

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11 chapters
Unwanted Marriage
Brak!With a strong impression made by Helwi, the name of a woman who was a graduate of a well-known campus immediately broke the door of a completely unknown person.Just know it not really. Know who it is but don't know very well.Knowing well and just knowing are two different things.So what did the girl get?There were two men who were making out hot on the bed. By restraining herself as best as possible, some kind of defense, quickly-as fast as she could, the woman immediately grabbed the collar of a man who was a partner in the bed of someone who was under her.So dominating, that's what crossed the corner of Helwi's mind. Then for some reason, she must be the unfortunate person in this world because she has to deal with this disgusting person."Go, or I'll report you to the big lady!"The words that come out should be you, not you. These women used to be polite to others.The sound of holding the voice was not really Helw
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Helwi suddenly held his breath when Geri suddenly was right in front of his face.Can you guess what happened, Geri didn't slap Helwi's face. But in exchange, the man immediately locked onto the woman's movement.Crazy, that's what Helwi immediately thought. Geri is a young man who has a sexual orientation disorder, so what will the young man do?"You are a poisonous rose, Helwi. I didn't expect it to end up with a woman as disgusting as you. But we often give me advice, advice and advice, right for that how about we prove it together. My sexual orientation disorder can be cured or not."So far, Geri has never spoken to Helwi like that. Never once, then now even talk..., prove?As that person said, that what happened was a poison that spread throughout the body. Eat slowly but surely. Everything that happens is the poison of life, that's what it is."Let go of me, Geri. I'm silent does not mean you can act as pleasant as you like to meI've been ni
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New Testament
"Helwi!" said Geri, who immediately kicked the bathroom door when Helwi managed to get out of the place.An escape plan neatly arranged enough for a Helwi to finally come out.Helwi immediately stopped in place when he saw the room door which was apparently tightly closed with a key that was no longer in its place. Well, there are a lot of things that woman has to do.First is controlling the mad monster that is rampaging.Prove?Helwi has to prove. But doesn't have to give up the nursing as well right!?It's just..., is there an option that woman can choose?There are many people who don't have the opportunity to choose, one of them is Helwi, a poor girl.Life and destiny really unfair to that one woman.All right, Helwi has to make the right decision. Now or never!Live with someone like Geri, never!Especially with all the crazy things that are in this man.When she turned around, Helwi's eyes came face to fa
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Who Will Win?
"Are you insulting me, Helwi?" asked Geri with an expressionless face."No not Geri, I just..."Before Helwi had time to finish her sentence, suddenly Geri brought his lips together again. Only this time with a faster tempo than the first.Rushed and followed by lust, which of course will make Geri even more lost.Forgetting the initial intention to try a new style of love."Ge..., ri."Helwi with difficulty recited these words. It's just what Helwi said, but Geri's passionate kiss didn't stop either.Never mind, with this Helwi can only surrender to the situation.No matter what happens, Helwi must fight for the normal life of his dreams. For that, like it or not, Helwi must be able to make Geri interested in their first night's activities.Even if not interested, at least Helwi should be able to impress Geri. Even though with that Helwi inevitably had to give up the most valuable part of him to just disappear.Not to be o
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Bad Relationship In The Family
A smile appeared at the corner of Helwi's face. If there was such a thing as the Goddess of Fortuna, then that woman would gladly worship and bow in gratitude!Ah, no praise, thanks will he aim at God's power.There is still even a bit of justice.Helwi's behavior also managed to get it. This looks like getting holy hoky.Be thankful for Helwi's reliable speaking ability. Until in the end, after all this time the woman got a little hope.What could be better than an absolute freedom?Moreover, that is what Helwi has been waiting for and looking for all this time.The result of the deliberation that took place between Geri and Helwi was that the woman could freely do whatever she wanted. Although it is still in a status that is not clear whether the marriage will continue or not.Because Geri is still confused and unsure about their one-night experiment. It's just that even if whatever happens, one thing is certain, Helwi also has its o
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A Plate Both? (people who have bad intentions)
"Want to know, now open your mouth."Helwi immediately shook his head. She was afraid of what Geri would do. What happened then would definitely make things worse.If Helwi doesn't want to be in such a difficult condition, is there just an option for him?Not."Just open your mouth, Helwi," said Geri, who had aligned himself with the person he hated so much.Do not forget also the way of talking that is too flat and the sharp gaze too.With these words, Helwi could only lower his head even deeper. Then in the deepest corner of the heart I wonder why he turned out like that.Weak and helpless, you can't do anything. Then it would be better to just die, than to be trapped in a very sad situation.Helpless person, would it be better to die...?Not everyone thinks that, right?It is taboo."Helwi, look at me."What Geri said made Helwi finally lift his head. When that happens, what you see is a spoonful of food righ
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Between Real And Not
Helwi could only blinked in confusion. Ah no, rather amazed. Amazed to see the apartment design that fits his taste so well. Classic!Then it looks very impressive to Helwi.While Geri is just expressionless, the place where she lives this time is completely different from what she thought and wanted too. But never mind, whatever is there doesn't really bother the person's mind.No matter what happened.let whatever happens, it's up to what is there."Wow... cool. I like it," said Helwi, who continued to pay attention to apartment design.A smile was immediately on Helwi's beautiful face."You culottes, hurry up and clean up, Jimmy will come soon," said Geri, still as usual, cold."Could you please not bring any man into our residence, I don't like those people.""Who cares if you like it or notif you don't like it, please find another place to live. Each of us is free to do whatever," said Geri indifferently.It's up to wh
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Don't Touch Me!
"What agreement do you mean?"A smile returned to Jimmy's handsome face. Helwi's pale face looks very seductive.Flawed, it felt like Jimmy wanted to pounce on the woman right away!But no, to get something, Jimmy had to have his own strategy. Do not let the rush to make him not get anything."If you want me to stay away from Geri, then you must be the substitute."Change, for a moment Helwi turned into a fool when he heard these words. Don't know the meaning of a very simple sentence. But in the end Helwi woke up when Jimmy raised his hand to touch his face.It's even crazier than anything!"Don't touch me, I'll make sure you'll regret it," Helwi said sharply.Actually Helwi is trembling violently now, even a fine sweat is forming on her cute face.Helwi's words suddenly brought a smile back to Jimmy's face. Funny and adorable at the same time, was what Jimmy thought."So what, are you willing?"Instead of answering
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Jimmy's New Plan
Around 04.30 in the morning Helwi slowly opened his eyes. This one woman is used to getting up quickly to do activities as a home assistant.While at Fahrezi's family residence, Helwi did work as a house assistant even though Mr. and Mrs. Fahrezi forbade Helwi to do this.However, Helwi realized where his position and position were. For that she will behave as it appears. a fact, that's what makes Helwi have to be careful in taking action.Even though Helwi's activities are slightly limited by the other home assistants.Having given a living, the woman is very grateful, even though in the end it must be exchanged for very burdensome duties and obligations.Helwi slowly went straight to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Fahrezi family can eat a balanced medium meal for breakfast menu.So don't just start with two layers of jam bread and a glass of milk. It's just that Helwi personally prefers breakfast with three at the same time bread and jam because
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At this time what happened was that Helwi was getting ready to go to the company. According to the plan he put together, the first thing he should do is get a job first.A moment after eating earlier, Helwi immediately ate so as not to meet a pair of people who were very disgusting. It's a shame he must be stuck with people like that."Where are you goin?"Helwi's steps were stopped by someone's voice. The person who called it was Geri. He was having breakfast.Anyone asking where is Jimmy?A mobster and a CEO have a lot to do. So he must be very clever to give reasonable reasons. Yes, that's what happened, then Geri just believed."Looking for a job," Helwi replied indifferently.That's not what he wants to do, really. It's just that what Geri did last night really hurt her heart and feelings. That's why now Helwi doesn't want to deal with Geri first.All she had to do was get a job."Come here."Helwi's eyebrows shot up,
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