Love Pentagon

Love Pentagon

By:  Praise Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
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Serene Alan was a typical lady like every other woman in her world. But, it felt like she wasn't so typical after all. After a separation from her boyfriend, she had thought her love life had crumbled. Not for once would she have thought that she would be stuck in a Love Pentagon. Four men, all wanting to have her to themselves. Wasn't this crazy? It wasn't like she was Bill Gates' daughter. Yes, she was pretty, but was definitely not the prettiest woman in the world. Did they all want something from her? Or, did she have something luxurious or unique? What if it was none of that? Read as Serene struggled to discover her true love. After all, she couldn't love all four of them. So, who would win her heart? The billionaire, her boss, the nerd, or her ex-boyfriend? And, in the process of her struggle, how many more polygons could come her way? Read to know more!

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59 chapters
Serene°°°°°°°°° "Serene, Mr. Shawn is on his way! Come on!" My co-worker, Natasha Maurice, cried as she poked her head into my office via the tiny opening of the door.  She seemed tense. At first, I had thought she had been dramatic when she had cried out that much. But, paying attention to her words, an invisible alarm hollered in my ears.  Mr. Shawn was on his way? Damn, no!  I widened my eyes, and gasped. "Gosh, what?! Why the heck would he come all of a sudden?" "Will you sit there asking me questions, or get your ass here?!" She lowered her eyebrows at me, the fretting tone in her voice aggravating.  "Okay!" Like a maniac, I slammed my pen against the glass table in front of me, hopped from my seat. Grabbing my suit jacket which I had pl
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It wasn't like I had been doing something bad with him. So, there was really no point in feeling embarrassed.   "Oh, gosh," Ryan muttered underneath his breath.  I gazed at her, admiring how good she looked tonight.  Sherri Dustin was a person no lady would like to be friends with. She had a way of intimidating people, either by her excessively, luxurious style of dressing, or by her blatant way of speaking. I truly didn't appreciate her personality. I would say she was mean.  She was dressed in a dark mini skirt, a white off shoulder crop top. As she wore that crazy stern look, she squeezed her purse in her palm, which was evidence that she was so angry. She took a step close, and that was when I noticed she was wearing stiletto shoes.  "What's going on, Ryan? Do you wanna lose your job by hooking up with her?" She obviously wasn't able to contain h
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Numb, I just laughed weirdly. Yes, I had a boring boyfriend, but that didn't mean he couldn't joke around. Maybe he was only trying to crack me up, or pull my legs.  I shifted close to him, took his hands, smiled weirdly. "What's up with you? You're playing around, huh? Fine, fine, I get that. But before you continue to joke around, let's eat first. I missed lunch today, so I'm so famished right now." "I'm not joking." He shook his head. The terror, anguish, and every other emotion in his voice was killing my heart.  I huffed. "Come on, stop it. Things like this aren't to be used for jokes, okay?" "It's really hard to have a girlfriend who hardly has time for me." He ignored my words, only resumed stating what he wanted to.  My eyes watered. This had to be a lie. I couldn't bear losing him. No. Not now. I loved him so much.  "Ralph?" I cal
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Okay, I had never killed anyone. So, of course, murdering him wasn't an option. But wait, how could he be kissing me? This felt so dumb. How disrespectful and stupid of him! He pulled me even closer, though there wasn't an inch left between us. I didn't know what I had done to him, but for sure, he was upset. He was kissing me as if he was trying to tug my lips off its position. A kiss ought to be cute and enjoyable. But no, this kiss was torture. After a while, he pulled away, breathing slowly. I tried to catch my breath, my eyes jutted out of their sockets. I didn't know what to say or do. This man had just kissed me like I was his chick. How could he? "Ryan." Mr. Shawn hurried over to us. He pulled me aside, stood in between Ryan and me. Obviously, he was furious. "How dare you? Do you realize that you've just broken the rules of this company? How can you smooch your secretary?" Ryan sniggered, an
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I heaved a sigh, glanced at my wristwatch, feeling quite bothered about how Ryan would scold me. He had sent me on an errand, but I had taken too much time than usual. Well, it wasn't my fault. There was this weird person who had been trying to flirt with me at the bank. I hated being flirted with in public, but, when the person had been wooing me, it had made me hopeful that someone would eventually like me someday. That was good news.  I bit my lower lip, took a glance at my outfit. I had to ensure I looked good. I had taken a long walk, which could've made me sweaty and tired. Good for me, I hadn't worn high heels. Since I was this tall, I had decided to never wear high shoes. It made me feel like a giant sometimes.  My phone beeped. Grabbing it from the pocket of my skirt, I grunted on seeing Ryan's text.  "Why are you taking so much time? You don't wanna lose your job, do you?" He texted. Read more
Vicki threw scowls at me as she stood by my bed. She had her arms tucked around her chest, her lips pursed. That dirty look was pretty menacing, but I really wasn't ready to listen to her. I didn't believe she wanted me to go with Ryan. She fully knew how mean and crazy he was.  "No." I tossed the blanket off my body, stood up from my bed, then walked to the standing mirror which was placed by the wall on the left side of my room.  She grunted a little, and walked behind me. "You're so annoying! I wish I could open your brain box, and add some senses in your head." "Yawn!" I sat on the stool in front of the mirror, adding a skin lotion to my face. "See, you're young. You don't know certain things. Like, this is ridiculous. I shouldn't let a man control me. What am I? A toy?" "Ugh!" She groaned. She grabbed the wooden stool behind her, sat on it, and faced me. "Please, stop. This isn't a jok
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It was really hard for me to keep this smile on my lips. I felt so frustrated and angry, but well, I just had to keep pretending to be fine with this craziness.  "Is she your girlfriend?" The oldie in front of us asked Ryan that question.  Ryan and I glimpsed at each other, and he laughed weirdly. "Oh, yeah. She is. We only began dating recently."  He had his arm wrapped around my waist, my hip locked to his body. The moment he called me his "girlfriend", I curled my arm around his waist as well, pinched him from behind. He flinched a little, his jaw clenched. If this cost my job, then so be it! Why would he tell such a lie? His girlfriend? Yuck! "You're such a beautiful couple," the old man remarked, grinning so hard to the extent I could spot his missing canine tooth. "Hopefully, my son will have a pretty woman like you someday." I feigned a
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Anyone could go giddy by only shopping with people like Praise and Tracie. They were pretty crazy. They always wanted to buy everything in the mall. Aside from Vicki and the rest of my family, they were my best friends. Though they could be so annoying sometimes, they were the best friends anyone could ever wish to have. We had been friends for about twelve years, so I understood them a lot.  Praise was the eldest. She was twenty seven, and was married to a black English man. They had a pretty two year old girl, and were hoping to have a baby soon. She was tall, had a beautiful dark skin, and was very beautiful. Since she was an American, her husband and her decided to settle down over here. That was good for me. At least, I wouldn't have to miss her.  "Oh, that's the curling cream!" She hurried over to the shelf which had a couple of hair products. I rolled my eyes, knowing that she had been dramatic when she had screamed out that
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I scanned my eyes around, looking for Praise. In a short while, I saw her standing by the other side of the mall, just opposite Tracie and me. She was smirking, and I knew she was ready to do something stupid.  "Oh, help! Please, do something!" Sherri kept hopping around like a maniac. Of course, it was hard for anyone to help her out. Would anyone want to open her panty only to kill the cockroach in it? Well, in fact, a couple of people were filming her.  She threw her hands into her hair, her face squeezed like she was weeping hard. Her butt poked backwards, her hands dashing into her miniskirt, probably trying to get the cockroach.  She rolled her eyes around, seeming like she was searching for something. And, the moment her eyes landed on the corridor which led to the restroom, she gasped. All of a sudden, Tracie disappeared. I didn't know where she went, but all I knew was that she stepped backwards.&
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I ran my fingers into my hair, feeling so drained. Propping my elbow on the table in front of me, I let out a sigh. I couldn't wait for the weekends. Work could be very tiring sometimes.  The knock on the door caught my attention. I had thought it would be Ryan, but well, I didn't think he'd be dumb enough to knock, when he could easily walk in.  Grouchily, I pulled my swivel chair backwards, stood up after dropping my pen on the table, walking to the door. I could have just asked the person to come in, but due to how tired I was, my voice might not be loud enough.  I pulled the door open, took a step backwards. "Oh, you." I noticed a smile creeping to my lips. "How're you doing, Kenneth? Nice seeing you again." Those green were staring deeply at me, his lips smiling widely at me. I really liked seeing this guy. But woah, why had he come to my office?  "I'm gr
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