The Ceo's Shadow

The Ceo's Shadow

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Book 2 of "The Ceo's Secretary The priest who have been smiling since morning joined our hands together and asked Jason "Do you take Lexi Tyler as your lawful wife, to have to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" I and Jason's eyes met and he sighed heavily "Yes I do" he answered and everybody clapped The priest faced me and asked me the same question "Do you take Jason Stokes as your lawful husband, to have to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" I looked at Jason, he was a little bit scared "Yes, I do" I replied ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those were our words to each other on our wedding day but Jason didn't keep to them. Jason is a liar and a cheater!

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30 chapters
Chapter 1
   Five months later"I don't think that I can wear this to the altar" I complained for the hundredth time.I was inside one of the biggest hotels in the whole world, preparing for our wedding that we've been planning for months. A makeup artist was farding my face and I was putting on a very beautiful, long, white gown which Jason bought for $13,000,000 and it was the reason why I was complaining."Mrs wife-in-advance" Cynthia who was sitting beside me said "Your husband-in-advance just loves you too much and he wants to spoil you"I sighed heavily and said "This gown is going to break the record""Absolutely, it's the most expensive wedding gown ever""Done" the makeup artist said and dropped his brush "You look incredible"I smiled at him and said "Thanks""Wow" Cynthia said with her mouth widely opened and her eyes as big as two small bouncing balls "You..."I cut her off by raising my hand in
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Chapter 2
"It's time!" Cynthia screamed and entered the roomI sighed and looked at Judith who was smiling at me. She became my parents involuntarily when our parents died some years back and I wondered what my mom would say if she was here today"Judith" I called and my sister looked at me "I missed our parents" her mood changed instantly "I'm thinking about how everything might have been different if our parents are still alive" I said and tried not to cry"I missed them too. Everyday" Judith confession came as a shock to me. Judith have never talked about how she felt about our parents before, at least, not in my presence"I'm not supporting this" Cynthia who was watching both of us said "Today is an happy day and I'm sure that your parents are happy for you. Get up it's time to go in"Judith came back to herself after Cynthia's words and got up "Let's go"I handed Maxwell to Judith and got up"There is the bride!" One of the paparazzi screa
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Chapter 3
Two months laterI resumed at the office on Jada's last day at the office.Jason wasn't happy with the fact that Jada was resigning but he could do nothing to stop her. Jada's mind was made up"We will miss you" I said to her as I hugged her"I will miss you too. Make sure to watch out for Jason because he is one of a kind""Of course, I will" I released her "I will bring the files that I'm working on here before I leave""Okay" she walked out of my office and I headed to Jason's office.The main reason why I resumed today was because Jason wanted me to talk Jada out of resigning but I didn't.Jason was on a call when I stepped in, so, I decided to come back later"I will talk to you later" Jason said to the person he was speaking to and hung up the phone "So, what did she say?""Her mind is made up Jason. Let her go. I didn't talk to her about it"Jason sighed and looked at me worriedly "She's
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Chapter 4
The next morning, I walked into Jason office and said "Jason, the candidates are here""Okay" he replied nonchalantly and continued with what he was working on on his laptop"Jason?""Give me thirty minutes. I'm working on something very important right now""Okay" I said and went back to my officeTwenty five minutes later, my office phone rang and I picked it up"They can start coming in""Okay" I said"And Lexi...""Yes?""Let them in through my door""Okay" I replied and got out of my seatI walked to the waiting room where the candidates were seated and wondered how Jason was going to interview all of them in a day"Mrs Stokes nice meeting you" a young lady said and reached out her hand for an handshake"Nice meeting you too" I said as I shook her handI had became quite famous since the day I married Jason and to some extent, I loved itBefore the other ladies could
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Chapter 5
I just left Jason office after our usual early morning sex which always happened on his office table when Daniella Huggins walked into my office"Good morning Mrs Stokes""Good morning Daniella""You can just call me Ella""And you can just call me Lexi""I'm here for the boxes you talked about yesterday""Oh! There" I pointed at the corner where Jada had placed the boxes"Okay" she carried them and left while I started my job for the dayTowards lunch break, my phone vibrated, it was a text message from Cynthia"Let's go out tonight. I'm lonely. I missed my old friend"I and Cynthia's friendship had been declining since the day I married Jason and even though I have a loving husband and an handsome son, I still misses her sometimes"Okay. Where should we go to?" I texted"Our usual place" "I will be there before eight" I texted herI went inside Jason's office after the texting a
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Chapter 6
 I walked into the bar and saw Cynthia at our usual seat. She waved at me when she saw me and I waved back"I thought you wouldn't come" she said sadly and ordered  Bailey's matini"And you?" The barman asked me"Tom Collins""It's nice to finally have you all to myself" she said "how are you doing?""I'm doing great and you?""I don't know" she said, shook her head and took a sip out of her drink"What's going on Cynthia? You don't seem happy""I don't know. I don't know if I should tell you this is not""Are we keeping secrets from each other now?" I asked and raised an eyebrow"You don't get it Lexi. It's wrong. I don't know what is wrong with me""What are friends for if not to bear each other's pain. I'm here for you" She gulped down are drink and said "I'm falling in love for a man that is wrong for him. I don't want to become a bad person but I can't help my feelings towards hi
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Chapter 7
Jason rushed at me and got hold of my hand before it could make contact with Cynthia's face"What is going on here Lexi?" He asked and I gave him the evil eye"I think I should be asking both of you that question" I went to my table and picked up Jason's phone"Explain this" I said as I handed him his phone with Cynthia's naked picture on the screen"What the f..?" Jason said and instant looked away from his phone "What is this?""What you asked for. The messages are simple and straight forward""What do you mean? What messages?""Screw you both" I said angrily, picked up my bag and walked out of the office"Lexi!" Jason called and started running after me"Go to hell!""I still don't understand what is going on" he said and put his hand on me"Take your hand off me before I bite it off. I'm going home now and I'm taking the car. The car key?""Lexi""Give me the car key!"
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Chapter 8
I and Jason woke up late the next  morning and even though we later slept together in the same room last night, something wasn't right this morning. There was something like an invisible wall between us and we treated ourselves like strangers.Jason opened the car door for me as usual but there was nothing like the usual smooching and teasing.I sat down like a robot and picked up my phone which I had forgotten inside the car yesternoonThere were several calls and messages on it, most of it from Cynthia. And when I went through Cynthia messages, all of them meant the same thing 'I didn't do it".I put down my phone as Jason started the car and headed to the office.Later in the day, someone walked into my office and I looked up from the file that I was going through, it was Cynthia. Her eyes were red and she didn't use her usual makeover"Lexi" she called slowly as she stood in front of my table"You can see that I'm busy"<
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Chapter 9
Two weeks laterMy phone ringing tone woke me up on Sunday morning and I sluggishly picked it up without checking the caller. I thought it was Jason."Hello" Judith said alarmedly"Hey Judith" I said sleepily"Have you seen this morning news?"I opened my eyes and slowly sat up on the bed "No" I yawned "I'm just waking up. What is it about?""I will send you a link now. Go and check it out""Okay"She sent me a link about two seconds later and I wondered what was going on. I clicked on the link and saw Jason, my own Jason kissing a woman ferociously on my screen."Aaah" I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand. "Jason" I cried "Why!?" The fifteen seconds video was titled "Caught on camera: Three months after Jason's Stokes multi-million wedding to his secretary, Lexi Tyler, he was caught cheating on his wife with an unknown girl" I clicked on the video again and watched it for the second time with a shaky
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Chapter 10
We slept in separate rooms that night and on the next day which was a Monday, I decided not to go to work because the paparazzi were lurking around our buildingJason headed to his home office when he got back home and I sat in front of the TV to see if any new information was going to come out but none did.Later that night, I was reading through people's comments about our relationship when I came across another information. I clicked the link and saw The unknown girl's identity has been revealed: Her name is Lexi Ryan, who was one of the candidates that was interviewed for the position of Mr Stokes personal assistant about a month ago. Lexi Stokes and Lexi Ryan had fought on that day but no one knew that it was personal."Lexi Ryan!" I growled, got out of my bed and ran to the sitting room where Jason was sleeping. He sat up when he saw me coming and wondered what was going on"You said that you didn't know who the girl is! That was a lie!""Lexi, I'm alr
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