His Rejected Luna Queen

His Rejected Luna Queen

By:  maramartha  Ongoing
Language: English
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When the Alpha of Zebulun dies without an heir, the throne automatically falls to his sister, Hadiza, the mateless beta. But there's one problem. Female wolves cannot lead. Desperate to find her mate and keep the throne in her family, she joins a dating site that connects humans and werewolves. One mistake—a matchmake gone wrong leads Hadiza to an unexpected date with her mate, a human besotted by his long term girlfriend. * * * “Do you believe in soulmates?” she asked. He pushed one knee on his seat, twisted so she could see his face and nodded. “I do too.” His silence encouraged her to continue, she added, “You are my soulmate.” Without breaking eye contact, her hand settled on his knee. Sparks played on the spot, simmered under her palm and slowly spread to all parts of her body. Naza stiffened, she unfastened her seatbelt. “I know you feel it too, Naza. Don’t end us before we have a chance to start.”

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32 chapters
1: Zebulun
The sun disappeared behind the clouds, the moon stood high, shining against the darkness of the night. A shadow fell over the figure lying face up on the bed, grey, silky hair scattered all over the pillow with hands clasped over his stomach like a cadaver awaiting its final destination. His breath came out in shallow rasps, face ashen with pain as his insides quivered in fear of impending doom.    Hadiza stroked his face with care only a sibling could possess, ignoring the sting of his claws as they dug into her palm as another bout of pain wracked his lithe frame. He let out a strangled hiss, she winced at her inability to help, caressed his cheek with the back of her hand until his expression turned normal and a sigh left her.   The bed sunk with her weight as she discarded the stool to take a seat beside him. Wiping the sweat coating his forehead with her sleeve, her eyes darted to the tray she left on the floor, the tall glass of w
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2: Red, yellow leaves
Morning met Hadiza by the window, eyes gleaming with unshed tears, staring straight ahead as if she could see beyond what lay in front of her. The large expanse of land that bled into tall, giant trees huddled together to create an illusion of danger and darkness. Her porcelain skin had taken on a dull tint.The door squeaked open, she didn't turn but she could tell the newcomers by their scents. Omegas. The lowest of the ranks, nonetheless treated well, everyone was. Knowing what they had come for, she couldn't bear to look at them. Couldn't bear to think of her brother as nonexistent; dead. She took a seat on the windowpane, crossed one leg over the other and smiled at the green trees that appeared in her line of vision. They had chased each other into the woods so many times; hunted. Beta and Alpha but it had been hard to imagine the two siblings as that with the way they bantered. Work and play was Zebulun's man
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3: Things unsaid, questions unasked
An arrow breezed past Za, she jerked back and it missed her face by an inch. Or so she thought until blood trickled out of the cut under her eyes, matting her dark fur. A stinging pain followed but it was numbed by the anger pumping through her. Her eyes narrowed, she took slow steps backwards, intent on locating the source of the arrow and a guttural growl escaped her when another one came flying at her.She rolled on the dirt, escaping the pointy end of the arrow glistening with silver by sheer luck. On all fours, she shook the sand off and let out a high-pitched howl. Her tail straightened up, ears stood high with her body stiff as she circled the premises, barking into thin air. At whoever had been brave enough to attack them.“Za,” Hadiza screamed, tone raw with fright as her wolf neared the entrance of the whistling forest. Branches swayed in rhythm to the light wind as if in warning, no one was in sight but the arrows had come from there. Fea
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4: Wavy black and white lines
A true Gamma wolf is so rare it only appears once a millennium. After it has been bitten by a True Alpha on a full moon. Hadiza nodded, sometimes rolling her eyes during Wanji’s unsolicited recap of boring werewolf history. A snide retort hung on the tip of her sharp tongue, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, legs folded underneath her. Her patience hung loosely by a thread but she remained quiet, calm and composed, making the occasional noise to let Wanji know she was listening.Or not.If anyone was not to be messed with when pissed, it was Wanji. The curly-haired witch seated on the desk accomodating a laptop. Hadiza knew this. Legs crossed at her ankles with lines etching deep into her forehead as she vomited more werewolf jargon, her finger traced a line on her knee and she let out heavy sighs at intervals.“Why are you telling me this?” Hadiza asked. Her feet dropped to the carpet
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5: Harsh but gentle. Strict but kind.
The cool air whistled through their hair as the best friends bounded out of the house to retrace Za’s steps. They disappeared into a shortcut Hadiza forgot to take in her haste to escape, slouching to keep the tree branches hanging low out of their faces. The path was reserved mainly for the wolves and no one had bothered to cut down the trees since it provided a form of shade for their evening run.Dried leaves crunched under their feet the farther they walked the bushy trail, Hadiza’s mind flooded with theories that threatened to crack her calm façade.A part of her wanted to believe it was Tyre, it would be easy to appease Alphaeus, he might not like her but he respected her late brother. Still, her pessimistic side insisted it was Naphtali and she was beginning to lean towards that conclusion. If the rumours were true and Elmusay indeed had epsilons, one of many forbidden, almost extinct breed of werewolves, he should have no troubles using silv
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6: Rise like incense
“My prayers, rise like incense...” Wisps of smoke rose from the silver censer swinging from the hand of the priest who circled the altar. The angelic voices of the choristers soared to a crescendo and the church fell to a hush when the priest stopped in front of the crucifix attached to the tiled walls. His head dipped in homage, an altar server walked up to him to retrieve the censer and the choir chanted a new hymn. A Latin hymn. Minutes rolled into one another as the morning mass carried on, Naza bit his lips to stop from smiling at his girlfriend seated in the front pew. Sat between two altar servers behind the priest, he had a better view of the sparse congregation, or, rather, the bespectacled beauty trying to pretend he was invisible. Nene. His Nene. His gaze wandered at intervals to her face, lingered on the one-sided dimple that appeared whenever her lips curved into a close-lipped smile and he rubbe
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7: Best friends turned brothers
The round table was quiet except for the occasional clatter made by the cutleries hitting the plates as the three friends dined. Naza nibbled on his toast, eyes unseeing with his gaze darting between his friends. Moses shoved the last of the stuffed mushrooms into his mouth, his head bobbing in tune to the inaudible music.Chuza stretched his hands behind him, his mouth opened and a yawn escaped him. “Swallow us, eh,” Naza chided the dark-skinned male who winked in response.With bulky muscles that were a testament to his time in the gym, he could crush Naza in a blink. It was for this same reason, he snatched the toast that touched Naza’s lips, scarfing it down before the other males on the table could react.“What is your problem?” Naza hollered. “You said you were not hungry.”Chuza shrugged. “I changed my mind.”Naza looked to Moses for help, the seminarian glanced his way and resumed eating. Ti
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8: Something bad will happen
“We have not paid-” The rest of Naza’s words died as Moses grabbed him out of his seat. Amid his internal turmoil, he ignored the waiter calling out to them. The panic visibly written across Moses’s face forced him to put one foot in front of the other until they reached Chuza’s car parked in front of the cafe. “We didn’t pay,” he snapped once they were inside the car. Guilt ate him up from the inside, he cursed.   “We will pay tomorrow but we need to leave. Now.” His tone was urgent, hands folded between his legs with creases appearing on his forehead. When no one moved, he added in a low voice, “I have a feeling something bad will happen.”That did the trick. Chuza revved the engine, steering the wheel until they were gliding down the empty road. He fumbled with the radio. “Was it the guy?” “No.” Moses let out a small laugh, Naza squirmed in the backseat. “I don’t know.”A gift they used to mock
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9: Skeleton in my cupboard
Naza watched the front door of his former workplace, eyes on the lookout for his girlfriend. If Moses, his hand tightened around the steering wheel at the reminder, he forced himself to banish thoughts of him, their parting and the events of today. But the images came rushing back and he had to swallow hard. If Moses was right, Nene must be stressed and it was partly why her appetite was on the decline. One glance at the customised cellophane at the backseat and he managed to rein his shaky nerves. His eyes returned to the heavy glass door with a security officer holding a metal detector he used to scan a man before he let him inside the bank. The bank officially closed by 4 pm but staff stayed back as late as six or later. Dark clouds took over the sky, indicating how late in the day it was, a peek at his wrist and a muffled sound slipped from him. Good thing Nene had come downstairs to give him her car keys so he could have a place to stay
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10: Hers
Hadiza replayed the familiar video of her racing wolf on the laptop in front of her for the umpteenth time. With each replay, she scribbled something new on the notepad on the desk. Four days had passed since the burial of Zebulun, a week since she crossed the border of another territory without a word from the alphas.Yet to receive word from the council, Hadiza teetered on the brink of frustration while waiting for one of the alphas to reach out to her first. Each passing day increased her angst, drove her mad with worry. The sound from the video faded to the background, she underlined a word on her jotter so many times the sheet tore. On the page was a table with a list of advantages the two packs had over hers.Hers.The word left a strange taste on her tongue, she pushed down the worry that came with the thought of challenging the rules. For now, she needed ammunitions if she intended to worm her way out
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