Mr Stone, My CEO

Mr Stone, My CEO

By:  Abigail Rose  Completed
Language: English
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Rosie Woods is a shy university student who has major self-esteem issues. She doesn’t even have the confidence to secure a boyfriend. Then she starts her internship at one of the best marketing companies in London. The CEO Ezra Stone takes a special interest in Rosie. He promises to build up her confidence. She agrees, but soon finds out his methods are not altogether conventional.

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70 Chapters
“I... I can’t do that.” I stammered. What was he thinking? That was going too far, way too fast. And we were in his office! What if someone were to walk in?! He arched his eyebrow. “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t question my instructions.” The tone of his voice was hard and displeased. I gulped as I tried to stop myself from shaking with fear, I hated that he had this effect on me. He was right though. I had promised not to question him. But I couldn’t help wondering if I went a long with everything he said, his methods could damage my self-esteem even further, and it was already in the pits. I looked at him defiantly, crossing my arms in front of me. “I know I did. But we’re doing this so I know how to pleasure someone. How does this translate to that? It makes me wonder if you’re just doing this because it’s a fun game.” My tone at the end came out a little sulky, and I cursed myself
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Today we were going to look round Stone Marketing. This was a pretty big deal. Stone Marketing was the most successful marketing company in London, and they looked after all the main contracts in the city.I had no idea what I was going to wear. My fellow students often turned up to class in formal business attire, including pencil skirts and shirts for the girls and perfectly ironed suits for the boys. Most of my peers were from families with money though and often had grown up in London. I was a bit different. I came from a small seaside town in Devon. My uniform was jeans and hoodies. I certainly didn’t have enough money to buy expensive clothes just for going to uni.In the end, I picked out the smartest pair of jeans I had. Deep blue boot-cut ones with a high waist. I was desperate to put a large dark grey hoodie over the top in order to hide my figure, but I knew I couldn’t get away with that in such an expensive environment. I forced myself to put on
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The crimson colour of embarrassment was still evident on my cheeks as we made our way out of the building. “Can you believe she didn’t recognise Ezra Stone?! Does she live under a rock?” Emma’s remark was said in a whisper, but a very loud one. I was pretty sure she knew I could hear her. Her partner in crime Tiffany laughed. “I know right. I don’t even know why he’s asked her to meet him.” “Maybe to give her some fashion tips.” Emma quipped. They promptly burst into hysterical giggles. I tried to ignore it. I really did. But I knew their words were going to play over in my head later. Neil held up his hand for quiet. “Right…well I suppose we should congratulate Rosie on Mr. Stone’s invitation.” Even he looked confused. Limp applause followed, barely audible for more than a few moments. “I would like 1000 words on what you have learnt fr
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My stomach was continuously flipping over, and I kept wringing my sweaty hands together. I felt so out of place in this building. I looked it too. My charity shop outfit stuck out like a sore thumb against the designer suits that everyone appeared to be wearing. It was a little baggy on me, but that’s how I liked my clothes. Anything to hide what was underneath. The waiting area I was in was the same monochromatic theme, and I perched on a particularly uncomfortable black bench. The walls were lined with large geometric art work. I tried not to look at it too closely. It was making me feel even sicker than I already was.  I’d arrived earlier than 8am, the command to not be late ringing in my ears. Now I was regretting it slightly, because I could feel my bum going numb. A woman approached me, a cream skirt suit showing off her barbie doll figure. A thin red lipstick smile directed at me. “Miss Woods?” She asked curtly. I nodded, not trust
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I was due to start at Stone Marketing on Wednesday. It was currently Monday and I’d put the whole business of clothes shopping off until now.In the afternoon, after my lectures, I headed to a place I very rarely entered. A department store. Vanessa had insisted on meeting me, although seeing as we both dressed terribly, I had no idea what help she was going to be.I hadn’t told her where I’d got the money from either. Instead making up some story about my mum lending me the funds. I knew if I told her the truth, she’d speculate about the meaning behind it. I’d decided, there was none. When you were worth £4.8 billion a year, £1000 was practically change.I spotted her leaning against the wall outside, lazily sucking on the straw of her smoothie. Glancing at me, she grinned. Grinning was an unusual act for Vanessa, and I suddenly clicked why she&rsqu
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Wednesday arrived. The whirlwind of emotions that swept through me left me feeling a little dizzy. I still wasn’t sure if this was really the right decision, but I reasoned with myself that I could just quit if it was terrible. I could even offer to pay back Mr Stone for the clothes. According to the email I got, I was to report to the social media department at 9 am. I would spend a few weeks there before moving around the different departments. I was actually quite pleased about this. It would provide me with a good varied experience and may give me an insight into what area of marketing I would eventually like to work in. After I got over my initial nerves, I actually really enjoyed my morning. My mentor Louise was very friendly, and not at all like Mellissa or Greta. She was still well-dressed, but she was much more down to earth. She taught me about the different algorithms of each social media platform and explained that in a week or so I could help her create
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Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get very far. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually run, and my body couldn’t either. It wasn’t long before my lungs were burning and my legs were aching. It didn’t help that I was also having to weave in and out of the crowd of people still shopping. People looked at me as if I was mad. They were probably right, but I didn’t care. I had to get myself out of this situation and fast. My escape came to an abrupt halt as soon as I felt a strong hand take hold of my shoulder. I began to topple, but he caught me, pulling me towards him. “Stop Rosie.” His breath was hot against my ear. A shiver ran down my spine when he used my first name. He hadn’t done that before. It had always been ‘Miss Woods’. Panting, I had no choice but to relax against him. His arms still had me locked into his front, and I found it strangely comforting. It was as if he was holding me in place to stop me from falling apart. The way he held me in place
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During lectures the next few days, Neil had attempted to engage me in conversation about how my first day at Stone Marketing had gone. Having no wish to relive the mortifying experience, I attempted to keep my answers as short as possible.On Friday afternoon, he gave it one last attempt. “So, Rosie, are you going to fill us in one what it was like. It would be beneficial for you to share your experience with the other students.”I shifted awkwardly in my chair. “Er, well it was only my first day. Most of it was just induction stuff.”Emma caught onto my discomfort, and decided to pray upon it. “Did you meet Mr Stone again Rosie? Now that you know who he is of course?”Some of the other students smirked.Anger ran through me. “Yes, I did.” I snapped without thinking. I soon realised my mistake.
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I couldn’t quite believe I was back in his car again. Although this time, it was a different car. The only reason I knew it was a Porche was because I took notice of the logo. Mr Stone had hardly said a thing since I’d got into the car. I wondered if he enjoyed making people feel uncomfortable or if it was unintentional.I hadn’t even bothered to try and make too much extra effort in terms of my outfit. After all, he disapproved of my appearance whether I tried or not. I looked down at my jeans and hoodie and hoped that we weren’t going anywhere nice. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. I was relived to find he wasn’t wearing a suit, although he was still smarter than I could ever hope to be. His dark grey chinos clung to his muscular legs and a crisp white shirt was tucked into his waist band. He’d rolled the sleeves up to his elbows, and I enjoyed watching the muscles in his forearm tense and rel
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After Mr Stone’s shocking proposal, I had left his apartment without saying a word. He had not bothered to chase me, which meant that I was left to my own devices trying to find my way out of the ridiculous building. When I had finally found my way to the exit, I had earned a scrutinising glance from the concierge. I felt like shouting at him, “yes I know I look like I don’t belong here! Just like everywhere else that arrogant arse has taken me!” As I sat on the tube home, I tried to regain my composure. I couldn’t believe Mr Stone had propositioned me like that. I hated to admit it, but Emma had been right. He was a womaniser. He clearly took every opportunity he could to corrupt and bed women, and he obviously wasn’t that picky. The worst part about it was that he had got into my head. Against my will, I began to imagine what it would be like for him to touch me. I felt myself getting hot at the thought, and instantly scolded myself for being so ridiculous. I c
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