The Bad Girl Wears Pink

The Bad Girl Wears Pink

By:  Symphony Anna  Completed
Language: English
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If you are going to be BAD, then you have to do it the BAD way... It's pretty simple: 1) Don't get caught 2) Always have a Plan B 3) If all else fails... Run...Run for your life! Everyone has a bad side. Some try to deny it's existence, some hide it and others well...they rule the world with it. In the book of being BAD, there are ninety-nine formulas for world domination... Number one: You aren't BAD until you can walk around the school dressed in all pink and have everyone afraid to approach you. Number two: You aren't BAD until you can break into a certain bad boys house and well... do the wrong kinds of stuff. Number three: You aren't bad until quite frankly, you have declared vengeance against the bad boy. ~*~ "I heard you like bad boys," Blade says with a vivid smirk on his face. I glared up at him, without responding clenching my fists fighting the urge to punch him in the face. "So...?" He says after a couple of seconds of silence. "So what?" "So what do you think...Tinker Bell?" He says emphasizing on the stupid name. His face moved closer to mine and I stared back into his green eyes, watching the fire inside ignite. I smirked, "Then find me one." Blade grins at my witty retort and shrugs it off. "I look at you and I see cotton candy, but then you open your mouth... and suddenly you turn into liquorice," he scoffs. "Welcome to the game bitch, your move, now let's play."

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47 Chapters
Chapter One
 Beep! Beep!The alarm clock went off for what seemed to be the hundredth time this passing hour. I rolled over hissing a string of expletives at the thing for ruining my slumber yet again. The bedroom was brightly lit with the sun glares escaping through the spots and gaps in the curtains. It had to be about midday with all the light that was flooding the room. I rolled over in bed moaning and pulling the sheets up to my cheek keeping me warm and comfortable. I inhale
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Chapter Two
The buzzing in my head was minimal but I was still a bit dizzy. I groaned softly. A bunch of whispers alerted me that I wasn't alone. I opened my eyes a bit and saw the world blurry and lugubrious before it cleared and I could peek out at the surroundings. There were three boys huddled together in a corner whispering. Quietly, I opened my eyes fully trying to not alert them that I was awake as my eyes surveyed the scene around me. I was in some sort of room. Someone's bedroom, lying on a bed that wasn't mine. It looked like it belonged to a small child,  it had a race car bed and brightly coloured wallpapers with boyish designs. Neither of the three boys seemed to have noticed or had any knowledge that I had awaken. I couldn't help but become a bit curious as to what they were busy quibbling about so I tried my best to eavesdrop, prying into what they were saying."Do you think she'
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Chapter Three
The redhead girl hadn't even thought to utter a reply. I strutted along to make it home before it went completely dark. The half-moon was already shining weakly in the late afternoon sky and it wasn't exactly chilly but it wasn't exactly warm either. I took long strides to quicken the pace along the sidewalk. The house loomed into view not very long after and I jogged towards it just as the first sign of darkness was about to show. My short legs quickened the pace going up the driveway and onto the porch before bursting into the house. I hadn't spotted Helen's car which meant she wasn't home as yet.The house smelled highly of cheese pizza and beer and there was no sign of anyone inside either. I took the stairs two steps at a time to get to my bedroom which took more energy and effort to leap considering I wasn't very tall.A little ou
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Chapter Four
"The repair guy will be coming in today," Helen says as she sauntered into my room.I hadn't heard her approaching and jumped a bit at the sound of her voice. I was still crouching on the floor staring at the picture of Emmett shirtless. She stared down at me and I could tell she wanted to know why I was sitting on the floor, even though she didn't ask."You mean he's going to be coming in here?" I asked detesting the idea of some perverted old guy rummaging around through my stuff."No, he will fix the door from outside the house," she replies narrowing her eyes at me.With that sarcastic sassy attitude, most times I had to pinch myself just to be reminded she was an adult. At least everyone's right when they said the apple doesn't f
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Chapter Five
Phoebe sauntered over swinging her hips. Her long tan legs carried her gracefully, leaving me wondering why she didn't pursue modelling seeing she was a stunning five feet ten inches tall. Phoebe's thick brown curls rested on her shoulders effortlessly and every strand of hair stayed perfectly in place. She pursed her glittery pink lips and toyed mindlessly with the numerous rings she wore on her fingers. The girl also had a thing for body piercings as well as she sported multiple ear piercings and a small heart tattooed on the inside of her arm.Her dress was a bit crimped and she smoothened it out with her palms still looking quite curiously at me. I stood transfixed in place only blinking every few seconds, then stared back out the shop window after Blade who was already long gone. She raised an eyebrow questioningly and chewed on her favourite mint gum slowly and watched quietly for
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Chapter Six
I checked the rearview mirror every few seconds to see if the black Harley was tailing me, but it wasn't. To make sure the asshole wasn't, I ended up driving around the neighbourhood a few times to throw off any trails. I fished out the phone from my pocket after I was certain I had covered up my tracks and saw the missed call from Helen.At the speed I had been driving around the neighbourhood -making sure to avoid the street Blade lived on- I reached the house not long after and returned the Beetle to the garage in case those idiots drove around searching for the car.It was completely dark out at this point and I hurried into the empty house dashing up the stairs two at a time. That was close. I hadn't expected those three morons to be back so soon. I could have easily given them the slip if that blonde-haired doofus hadn't
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Chapter Seven
The door closed quietly once I had taken a step inside and pulled the hoodie from my head. Only eerie silence and loneliness welcomed me in.My eyes did a sweep of the great room I was standing in, taking in once again its modern decor and furnishings. Hell, this woman could be Helen's long lost twin with the flower pots and her painting of nothing but sticks and bushes hanging on the wall.I took some steps forward and peered around for a bit, while still listening to any strange sounds but the only sound at the moment was that of my shoes on the floor. The house didn't strike me as somewhere Blade would live but I didn't even know the guy that well anyways. That and the fact that he was just an asshole and the only similarity we shared was the mere fact that we didn't like each other.

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Chapter Eight
The door closed and I hurried down the steps of the Collins' home with the key still in my pocket. My feet carried me over to the garden beneath the window where the flower pots were and where the jar that the key had been placed in for safekeeping was hidden.I lifted the lid and dropped the key inside closing it quickly then tucked my hands back into my pockets. I was mindful to keep my head down just in case someone was watching as I walked down the Collins' driveway.A red SUV came cruising down the street. I spotted it as soon as I had finished the length of the driveway and had walked onto the sidewalk. I recognized the SUV immediately without even having to look at the license plate. It was the one I had seen around the parking lot at the floral shop once or twice and I've also spotted it in and around the neighbourhood bein
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Chapter Nine
"Do you know what time it is?" Helen calls from the ground floor.I scoffed at my ill-fated luck before replying knowing damn well where she was headed with this."I didn't miss curfew did I?"Both Victor and Helen just stared up at me, Helen's stare a bit more aggressive. All I wanted was to take a nap before I passed out and I gave a lazy grin amidst all the tension I knew was brewing and a little salute. I turned stiffly and headed towards my room, and Helen's voice attacked my eardrums again."Where do you think you're going?!"I growled, and continued walking to my room without missing a beat and gave no replies. The door slammed loudly behind me after I walked through and flopp
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Chapter Ten
Victor was standing on the porch with a blanket in hand when I got home. As soon as I stepped onto the porch he threw it over the shoulders of my shivering body. Adam handed me a cup of tea and I didn't know whether to be thankful or to toss it away. The rain had showered down heavily hindering my ability to see clearly through all the hair that was matted to my head and face and the thick curtains of rain. The clothes I had been wearing was soaked down to the very last seam and thread as the water pelted off my body like a waterfall, leaving my shoes soaking as if I had stepped in a giant puddle.Helen, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found, she didn't show up at the welcome home party. Victor whispered something about her being upstairs in their bedroom, not that I cared or that it mattered at all. She wasn't much different from my father, James. Honestly, they were soulmates, bor
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