Omega (Book 2)

Omega (Book 2)

By:  Stephen  Ongoing
Language: English
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With the death of the werewolf, Professor Ericson, his best friend and Wizard, Francis, and Golden Lake University's Vice Chancellor, Dr. Giovanni, during the ‘Vestige of the Aptest’ contest, Harold Girard and his friends anticipated a regular and ordinary new session awaiting them. Unluckily, a day into the new session, they noticed they're being shadowed by two strange and extremely queer individuals. Not wanting troubles for themselves, they behaved as naturally as they could manage. For a few weeks, they were able to keep up with the stalkers but when Golden Lake's very own sport is introduced and gets underway, things instantly get out of hands and the trio get tossed into a mess perhaps, hotter than they could handle.

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17 Chapters
It was the beginning of a new semester and Harold Girard, Trisha McLeon and Wilkes Milton were in their second year in Golden Lake University.The sun shone brighter than ever, welcoming both the old and new students who were causing series of cacophonies here and there all around the school. They were happy to see their mates — and partners, too, after the holiday. At least, most of them were. Someone wasn't and that person was…A sleek limousine drove through the school's gate and down the long road. To its left and right were students in bright colours of shirts, extremely short Mini skirts and long baggy jeans — which happened to be what was trending at that moment — hugging one another, squealing in joy and walking to the new hostels assigned to them. They were also eager to see who their knew roommate was.The limousine which reflected the brilliance of Golden Lake's sun drifted round a corner and came to a halt, not minding t
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With a hand pulling his travelling bag behind him, Harold began walking to where the male's hostel were located.He knew where it was and it was just midday hence, he didn't have to bother about arriving there late.He brought out his phone and texted Wilkes Milton. The both of them, with Trisha, had met at Francis and Professor Ericson's funeral. It was quite a sad one and surprisingly, a lot of people who called themselves the family of the duo, were around.‘In school already?’ Harold typed on his phone and hit the ‘send’ button.He kept on walking, still, under the scorching sun, not allowing thoughts of how Max was fairing disturb him.Deep down, he knew Max was going to survive. Max was a fine wolf — a replica of both their father, who had been trained from an early age to take over the position of being the Alpha when him and Harold's father was gone by Sarah his mother.If H
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As Harold pulled his travelling bag behind him, what the athletic student that had been at his front on the queue said began to bother him.If they were keeping tabs on a student or a group of students, what was their motive? If they felt that the student(s) was/were up to no good then there was trouble looming round the corner. Harold felt nauseous.He stopped on his tracks and took out his phone. Before swiping the screen open, the corner of his left eye caught the dark-skinned student walking to the first building. That meant he was in his third and final year in Golden Lake University.The second, where Harold and Wilkes had stayed in last session, was for the first years and since they were having a meeting at that particular time, it was pretty deserted. ‘What's the room number?’ Harold texted quickly. He put the phone back into his pocket and grabbed his travelling bag. He walked
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Harold and the student he'd met in the dormitory who had a lit cigarette hanging from the edge of his mouth, stared at each other.The student was the first to speak. He had a thick, brassy voice and Harold suspected his smoking habit contributed to it.“Are you my new roommate?” he asked. It was almost like he was daring Harold to say he was.Of course, all schools had bad eggs. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a few. But all through last year, Harold hadn't come across any, hence, found it quite amusing that there was one, in him and Wilke's room, smoking like it was a totally normal thing to do.Harold didn't think.“Yes,” he responded. “I think I am your new roommate.”“Oh,” the student said dryly as he stood up from the edge of the bed he was sat on. “You weren't to find me this way,” be continued, pointing at the cigarette that had a white, wispy smoke ascending from the bright red
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Wilkes Milton held the door open with one arm. The grin on his face had reduced in size but was still present.With one arm holding the travelling bag, Harold walked into the room and wheeled his bag to his right.“Who's he?” Wilkes asked as he closed the door.Harold studied the room. It looked exactly the same way his dormitory in the first year did. There were two beds — a little bigger than the ones they'd used last session — each on one side of the room. They had identical bedsheets and beside it were small drawers with a flashlight on each.“Who?” Harold asked, turning back to look at Wilkes who was right behind him.“The dude in that room. I saw him for about half a second and he didn't look like a… student.”“I thought I was over thinking when I felt the same thing. I doubt he's a student. He looks a lot older than any student I've seen on this campus
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Max Girard — Harold's stepbrother, slung one of his three bags round his neck, making it from behind him like an hunch.He bent and picked up one of the two bags left in his hands and with his free hand, wheeled the third bag behind him.He wasn't oblivious to the fact that Harold didn't have as much clothes as he did meaning they had all fit in one bag, but he didn't care.They both lived different lives. He lived the life of a to-be-alpha while Harold lived that of a nobody.It was even because he was coming to the school that Harold had arrived in the limousine.Max looked around, his eyes squinting so that he could see better.Harold had left him already and all things being normal, he should have followed him but he was too proud for that. He was meant to lead not to be led. He was designed to rule.He began walking slowly in the direction other
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“Can she come and meet us?” Harold asked Wilkes as they both exited the building.To their left and right were the students that had queued and gotten their pass. Most of them were headed to their hostels with their bags held in their arms like Arabs walking through the desert with their luggages. They were awfully tired and a few were dripping with sweat.“Do you mean Trisha?” Harold asked back.“Yes, Trisha. If she can make it to the canteen on time, should she come?”“Of course,” Harold said as he saw some students heading out of their hostels the same way he and Wilkes had. “It's funny that you asked if she can come.”On the outside, to their left was a queue made up of nothing less than thirty students. They all seemed anxious and somewhat impatient.“He's here. He's following us!” Wilkes whispered to Harold. He pinched his hand softly, too, to have his attention.Read more
Trisha's red gown which stopped just a little above her knee hugged her frame as she spotted Harold and Wilkes and walked to where they were.She was a few inches taller than the last time either of them had seen her — which was at Francis and professor Ericson's burial, and was a lot more… fashionable.Harold was the first to spot her of the two. He was the one facing the door while Wilkes had his back to the door. Harold smiled.“If these aren't my two babies,” she said with a laugh as she stopped a few centimetres behind Wilkes.Wilkes spun around to look at her, not minding the salad stain that edged his lips.“You look…”“…Different?” Trisha asked with a smile on her face.“I was going to say beautiful but different does the job as well. Had I not known you very well, I'd have said this isn't you.” His eyes traced her curves which were more enhanced by wha
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Max Girard was one of the first students to leave the auditorium when all was done. He wanted to avoid running into as many people as possible and that equalled him leaving as early as possible.On the outside, the sun was shining even brighter than it had been when he went in. He couldn't think of any reason for this other than the fact that this was the part of Earth closest to hell.Less than a minute after getting out, tons of students trooped out after him in what he would have called ‘deafening cacophonies.’He looked around impatiently, searching for the guide that was said was going to take them to the important landmarks of the school.When all the students were out and the sun had tanned his skin till it was brown like chocolate, a young man that looked like he was in his thirties appeared out of nowhere. He had a bushy moustache that kept his lips in obscurity and had long hair tied into a bun.
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“So what do we do?” Wilkes asked Harold and Trisha who were seating on the other end of the desk. “We can't just allow those two… creeps keep on stalking us.”They all fell silent for a while. They were all trying to come up with a way to end what had befallen them. They wanted their freedom. They needed it and were going to stop at nothing but getting it.“I honestly don't think we can permanently put an end to them stalking us,” Trisha said.“What do you mean?” Wilkes asked.“If the school had given them the order to stalk us, they're going to do just that.”“But we can occasionally lose them,” Harold put in. “Occasionally.”“Yes. We can always decide to split up. There's two of them and three of us,” Trisha said. She paused for a second then continued, “plus I learnt a potion that can be made. It takes a week to make and causes whoever drinks it to go invisible for thirty seconds
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