The Immortal

The Immortal

By:  Georgina E Adah  Ongoing
Language: English
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Her name is Sonia, princess of the Nisan Empire. She was captured and enslaved by the dark lord. Never once has she seen the outside world. All she knows is that the dark lord wants something from her, he's her worst nightmare. What happens when Draco rescues her? Draco, a divine being who has lived for thousands of years. For years, he's being having dreams. Dreams about a particular girl. He doesn't know who she is or why she keeps appearing in his dreams... He realize the girl from his dreams is in captivity by the dark lord and set out on a mission to rescue her.

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21 chapters
Chapter 1
                    CASTLE MANORKing Cyrus laid down on the bed sleeping peacefully with his wife, Helena. For an unknown reason, he felt a sense of danger. He shot up from the bed and couldn't help but inhale deeply. Yes, he could sense a great danger coming. The last time this happened, he'd encountered war. "What's wrong my king?" Helena muttered softly getting up from bed. She somehow felt the restlessness in him."Sonia. We need to go to Sonia immediately" he said with a hint of urgency.Seeing her husband's state, she didn't question him. She quickly stood up, wore another layer of cloth then paused"Let's go" As they rushed towards their child's room, Helena couldn't help but ask worriedly"Are you going to tell me what's going on?" Not knowing what's happening caused her to feel insecure and that's one of the feeling she hates i
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Chapter 2
Carlos, the dark lord leisurely walk towards his slave's room, or should he say dungeon.It's been two days since he last saw her, that should be enough time for her to recover her strength. He clench his fist as he thought about the last torture session he had with her. Nothing is working! Nothing!Normally, he's a patient person. He'll be willing to wait for ages just to accomplish his goal but his patience is running out. He has waited for eleven good years, torturing the princess just to see if she has any ounce of power in her but nothing. Never once has she shown any sign that she inherited the gene of an Immortal.Even he, himself is beginning to doubt his intuition. Could it be that all his waiting is in vain?Is she really the one?This enraged him to the extent that he lust to hurt her the more. Every time she fails to show him her power, the punishment worsen. Maybe he hasn't tortured her enough.As Carlos walked into h
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Chapter 3
At the last minute, he let go of her neck leaving her in a coughing fits. Before she could catch her breath, he pushed her to a table, tied her hands in front of her and to her horror, he spread her legs wider, her ass up in air giving her a sense of humiliation and helplessness.In all the years she's been in captivity, she's never felt this powerless. All the fighting spirit left her as she heard ruffling of clothes.Tonight, she'll loose her virginity in the cruelest way, in the hands of the coldest man she has ever known. Her worst nightmares.She wants to bear it with dignity after all she is a princess. No...she was a Princess. She was born with regality, trained to carry herself with pride and to be a proper lady right from a childhood.But, this is her fate now. A fate she can't escape.She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable, her arms trembled slightly.  The sound of a z
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Chapter 4
Dread filled as she came to a realization.No, no matter what happens. She can't have a baby for the dark lord, never! and if she does...she won't let him get his hands on her.With that,Sonia came to a decision. It's time to get to escape from here. The question is,how?Later that night, Nala sneaked in with some herbs. She gazed at Sonia who hasn't moved from the spot she left her with pity. It has to be said that Nala has witness all the horrors Sonia has been through. She was the one who took care of her when she was just a little kid though the dark lord never knew about it. To him, she goes to Sonia only when he asks her to.With a sigh,she set out to work. Minutes later, Sonia woke up when she finished applying the herbs"Water"Nala fed her the water then set the basin down"You take care of yourself, I might not be able to come see you for a few days okay?""Thank you Nala"Nala smiled and turned to leave. Just as she got to the door,
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Chapter 5
She felt a funny sensation down her body as they stared at her. One of the witches took her hand and inspected it. She doesn't know what they're doing she remained still. After a long while, they retreated and faced the dark lord"She's perfectly fine and can have a baby"Carlos almost jumped from his throne"What? Are you trying to say I'm the one with the problem? Out!! Get out of here now!!!"They stood there for a while before moving towards a different direction.Sonia's eyes widened. Hold that the way out?Heaven's!! She's been looking for a way out and it's here all along? She felt like jumping in excitement, now that she found a way, it's time to make an escape plan. Carlos cold eyes fell on her, he stood up from his throne and walked towards her in an unhurried step. "Get on your knees"he said coldly.The four words snapped her into action, her body knelt on their own accord befo
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Chapter 6
Just as she was thinking about what to do, Carlos thrust his hips forward hitting the back of her throat making her gag. Before she could catch her breath,he thrust his hips again and again. The impact of his shaft  hitting the back of her throat repeatedly made it impossible for to breath.Her eyes watered. Her jaw ached.She felt like she was going to suffocate any minute. It got to the extent when she couldn't take it anymore so she began struggling to escape. She pushed him off with all her might but he wouldn't budge. With her weak strength,she knows she wouldn't succeed but she needed to give it try. "You bitch!! Remain still!!" Carlos growled out. He tightened his hold on her hair making it hard for her to move an inch. Carlos wasn't concern about the other party, he was focused on venting out his anger on her. He actually felt wronged knowing that he couldn't get her pregnant. He wants her to pay fo
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Chapter 7
At this time, Draco stood in the shadows thinking of a way to go in. The feast will begin in two hours so he needs to figure something out quickly, else he'll miss his opportunity.He arrived three days back and has been observing and monitoring the guards activities.How they watch over the place, he knows when they usually eat, when they switch position or guards, when they sleep. Today was a little bit different, there were more than twenty guards at the entrance inspecting everyone as they come. The town is filled people from all over the world wanting to go in so they are extremely careful.Just as he was thinking of how to go in,he saw some kids aged around eight or so. An idea formed in his mind, he immediately went over to them, took a stash of money and waved it at them."You see this? It's all yours if you guys can distract the guards for a few minutes"Their eyes widened, the eldest one amongst them took the money, nod
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Chapter 8
Sonia walked for awhile then paused when she realized she has no idea on where she's heading to.She doesn't even which way leads to the border but once she saw people coming in from a particular direction,she decided to go that way. As she walked,she felt eyes on her coming from the behind.  In that moment,she had a bad premonition about that person. She turned instantly and to her astonishment, it was Nala.Nala's eyes were cold as they stared into hers. For a moment, Sonia felt confused on what to do, she doesn't know if she's to continue going or not.But she has come this far,how can she give up now? With that thought, she turned and moved forward. She glanced up at the sky marvelling at how beautiful the stars look.She hasn't felt like jumping in excitement cause everything looked beautiful. The trees, the sand underneath her feet and even the breeze. She hasn't seen all this since she was seven. Sonia wa
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Chapter 9
Carlos was furious, he felt a Violent uncontrolled anger when he heard the alarm. No one needed to tell him, he instinctively knew that someone has stolen his most valuable treasure.The princess crown!"Close the border!!! No one is allowed to go in or out!!" He yelled.Who on Earth dares to do such thing and even ruin his feast? It can't be a normal person, the person must be a supernatural being.Everyone shivered as his cold eyes bore into them. They trembled feeling the terrifying aura coming from him, they felt like he's gazing into their souls. They couldn't help but lower their eyes. "I'm going to ask this one last time, if you stole something from me, kindly return it and I might let you leave but if I find out who you are or realize you helped the person you'll suffer an unending fate worst than death"Hearing this, everyone's heart palpitated. They've heard rumors about the dark lord and they truly believe that he'd
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Chapter 10
Her eyes shifted to the table only to freeze at what she saw. Whips, handcuffs,Nipple Clamps and many other things she's never seen.She swallowed hard and knelt down in front down as a slave paying respect to her Master. After a long while, Carlos finally spoke up."Where is my Crown?"Huh? Sonia frown. Out of everything she had imagined, that was the last thing she expected him to say."M..master?"Carlos eyes darkened"Do Not lie to me Princess, I'm going to repeat this one more time."Feeling helpless,she shook her head"I promise I don't know what you're talking about. Which crown? I..I was only trying to leave"He chuckled lowly.The sound sending chills down her spine"Trying to leave? When did I give you a chance to leave? Are you trying to displease your master?"Sonia began to sweat out of nervousness"No... never""But you did, do you know the punishment for that? Get up and strip"Adrenaline fille
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