Spell Bound

Spell Bound

By:  Anrose Amillie  Completed
Language: English
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When a group of disgruntled teens cast a spell to get revenge on their bullies, they are shocked to discover Damien is more than just talk. He literally has the girl who humiliated him on a leash, Mr popular is reduced to a drooling love-slave, and even the schools most prolific bully has been tamed. Everything is great... until it's not. As the spell runs its course, it becomes apparent that someone in the group isn't so innocent. The only way to end the spell is to forgive, but is Damien willing to give up his hold over the beautiful Belle?

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36 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jess leaned her head against the window. She found the gentle, irregular patter of rain hitting the windowpane oddly comforting, as the sound sparked ghost-like fragments of memories long forgotten. Shadows of past feelings, always sweeter in retrospect. Every so often, a gust of wind would increase the pace and force of the raindrop as well as chilling her back. Damien’s parents had kept the original Victorian windows and though they were beautiful, they were not the most efficient at keeping out drafts. 

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Chapter 2
"Come on," Caine said, taking Sammy's hand. Sammy looked down at the time on his phone, worrying that his parents would be expecting him home. "It's late, I have to ring my Mum," Sammy explained. After a couple of rings she answered, sounding like she was speaking from the bottom of the ocean. Despite telling her off numerous times, she never put the phone close enough to her mouth. Someone had told her about phones causing cancer and since then she was wary. Sammy figured one day he would return from school to see her holed up behind the couch in a makeshift fort and tin-foil hat. It was only a matter of time. "Is it okay if I go over to a friend’s house?" he asked her. "A friend?" his Mum asked, sounding so deeply shocked it was borderline insulting. "Of course, of course, darling," she gushed. "Stay out as late as you like." He s
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Chapter 3
Mike tried to do his homework. He really did. But the urge to scroll through his social media was too strong. He smiled at the pictures of Bernie in mittens photoshopped in increasingly unlikely places and groaned at all the snow-day pictures. "Yeah, it's snowing, get over it," he muttered to himself. As he scrolled further, he saw one of his friends had commented on a picture of the new kid. 'Who is that guy?' Mike thought, leaning toward the screen and squinting at the white-haired boy. "If you get any closer, you'll be in the picture with them," his brother scathed, observing him from across the room. Mike made a scoffing sound and quickly scrolled away from the picture before his brother noticed it was a couple of guys. "I heard about this new app today," his brother said, leaning over him. "It shows you how you die." "Yeah,
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Chapter 4
"I think Miss Day has a thing for you," Jess told Kiaan. She was still in shock over the fact Kiaan had answered a question in class for the first time, let alone the reaction it got. Miss Day seemed to hate the students. Why she had become a teacher was a mystery to Jess, who figured the woman would be better suited to just about any other job. She was one of those 'cool' adults who had tattoo's, piercings, biker boots and a permanent derisive scowl. "I think she's just a leftie," Kiaan smiled. "Those guys do hate a racist." "Your right, she's taken a pop at Grace in the past. Not that many people got the reference," Damien confirmed. Jess wasn't sure what he was referring to but trusted his word. He was probably the smartest kid in their class. "Here," Caine said, taking Kiaan's phone from his hands before he could mount a protest. Kiaan flashed an uncomfortable smile as Caine took a picture. "We n
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Chapter 5
As Sammy walked home with the others, he couldn't stop checking himself out in shop windows and car mirrors. 'I can't get over how different I look,' he thought, playing with his newly silver hair. As he looked around at his new friends, he noticed they all looked different in one way or another. Maybe it was their newfound confidence. 'Or maybe it really is magic?' he wondered. He'd always liked the idea of magic; of ancient and mystical powers at his fingertips. Who was to say it was all fake? People these days were too quick to judge. "We'll call on you tomorrow," Jess said, smiling as they said their goodbyes at the entrance to his flat. He used his fob to get into the foyer and trudged up the stairs to the second floor flat he shared with his mother and sister. His Dad's house was both nicer and bigger, but it didn't feel like home. Not like the flat did, d
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Chapter 6
Damien’s room had become the official meeting place for the 'Hexers' as they were now calling themselves. It felt good to have a name for the group that didn't focus on their victim status. "I still think we should have gone with the Punishers," Kiaan—the comic book fan of the group—commented. Jess laughed. "Na, then I'd have to walk around in kinky boots and leather with a whip or something weird." Damien whistled. "I'd pay to see that." Jess laughed and blushed. She kind of liked being the only female member of the group. It made her feel special, even though Sammy was gay, and Caine was... well, he didn't seem entirely straight either. Jess desperately wanted to know if he was into girls at all but couldn't think of a smooth way to transition the question into casual conversation. It would be rude to blurt out the question, regardless of her intentions. As Je
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Chapter 7
"Are you ready?" Caine asked Kiaan. Sammy felt a spark of jealously over the fact the two boys were planning to head off alone, which was ridiculous. Kiaan wasn't gay, and as such, he wasn't competition for Caine's heart. 'It's because you thought you were special to him,' Sammy realised. ... 'How stupid.' The sadness and disappointment must have been plain to see, as when Caine caught his eye, the kindhearted boy extended an invite. "So long as it's okay with you?" Caine turned to Kiaan. "It's your house after all." "Sure, yeah," Kiaan said, flashing him a smile that looked genuine enough. 'Do I truly have friends now?' he wondered. The idea still seemed unreal, like a dream or an elaborate rouse. That people could want or value his company. It seemed false. Sammy hadn'
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Chapter 8
Never before had Jess felt out of place in her own home. Ricky's presence was cloying and dominating, tainting the safety of her sacred personal space. This was all she had; her family and home comforts. As bad as things got as school, she always felt a sense of relief on returning to her house. "So?" Ricky shrugged. "Do you wanna do this here?" Jess shook her head in the negative. She backed away instinctively as he rose from the chair and stepped toward her, smirking at her reaction as he handed her the empty beer bottle. It made a hollow ding as she dropped it into the recycling pile behind the bin. Staring down at the empty boxes and cartons, Jess felt herself relaxing. The chaos of the outside world melted away, leaving nothing but the blank quiet of her mind. She let Ricky grab her wrist, lead her through her front door and out into the street, faintly
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Chapter 9
"Stupid, stupid, stupid." Mike cursed himself under his breath as he stomped home. 'Why can't I tell him how I feel?' he wondered. Plonking himself on the sofa, he sank into the cushions, wishing he could disappear completely; fall into the cracks and become forever lost. 'I know I've blown it,' Mike thought. 'So why can't I just let it go?' He loaded up his social media, searching Sammy in profiles. Nothing. 'He doesn't even have a profile?' Mike frowned. He wondered if he was partly responsible for that before challenging himself with the very real possibility he was the sole reason. Sammy didn't have any friends until Caine turned up. The friend's he'd bought over from primary school had been quick to abandon him when Mike and his friends had singled him out as their victim. 'I ruined his childho
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Chapter 10
Belle re-applied her make-up using the works bathroom mirror. She kept her eyes low until it was time to apply the kohl liner and she was forced to look herself in the eye. Memories of that boy flooded her brain. Every time she looked at her face, she saw his, crumbling as she issued her crushing rejection. Each time she tried to think about something else, anything else, but his face would always appear. His sad blue eyes, messy dyed-black hair, and stereotypical snake-bite piercings. When he'd asked her out, her response had been laughter followed a verbal bashing. She'd been trying to make her workmates laugh. And they had. Vigorously. 'I need to apologise,' she realised. She'd been meaning to, but the boy hadn't returned since and she had no way to contact him. She didn't even have as much as a first name. Giving her lips a last coating of burgun
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