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Cleo and Angelo have been through a lot together . Their love has prevailed through through the worst . They have endured loss , pain, happiness , sadness, trials and miracles. However a new threat in the form of Angelo's extended family has come up, and not only has Angelo become a formidable force to be reckoned with, by becoming one of the most powerful men within the Massa family,but he has become a leader . He not only has inherited the bulk of the family business but both his brother's shares and his uncle's. The stakes have never been higher as he realises life will never be the same for him ; Cleo and the kids.

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322 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Angelo Loss   I'm in pain ... Physically, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. I can't explain the feeling that I am experiencing, and it feels like I've lost two of the most important people in my life.   I feel numb. I feel everything and nothing at the same time. The feeling sucks and I need Cleo right now. I can't do this on my own. I regret how I treated her when I woke up three days ago. I had heard the conversation between her and Daniel, and she was conflicted as to how to tell me what was going on and what had happened.    When I came around I was angry and again Cleo was by my bedside. She was at the receiving end of my rant. I didn't mean to be so mean to her ... I was hurting and I'm doing a very great job at hurting her.    She's always been sensitive, and she has taught me how to be a bit more gentle in the way I approached things but this time I
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Chapter 2
  Chapter 2 Cleo     I don’t like funerals in fact I really hate them. Death is part of life, and through death there is always some sort of rebirth that takes place. Hence the saying by Saint  Francis of Assisi  ; "it is only through death that we are born to eternal life."   I’ve learned that death is not the hardest part; the letting go and moving on after  the loss is . Having lost two children at the hands of Rosa taught me that.  Angelo is sensitive and  he is still scarred from what Nina did .    When he  woke up from the shooting  incident that had happened he accused me of omitting the truth from him. Truth be told I was not omitting anything from him. I wanted a less painful way to tell him what had happened .    A double tragedy sucks and feeling like you’ve lost everything in the blink of an eye is even worse . Angelo
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3  - Truth be told Angelo " Jane no get off me I'm married."  " I know but she should be with you. "  Carl came up and gently removed Jane and spoke to her . " Jane I think it's time you go home . " Everyone started making their way to the Villa . Brent had directed them away from what was going on. Jane looked at me and rolled her eyes  " Michelangelongelo you can't pretend  that MJ didn't exist."  I ignored her comment because I knew what game she was playing.  " I  will go to the press and spill the tea  . I will also tell them how you  threatened to kill the  twins. You don't deserve to be happy with Cleo."  " So says the woman who cheated on me after we lost our child. I was going to try but you continuou
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Chapter 4
 CleoProtection protocol When I got into a relationship with Angelo ; I didn’t go into it with eyes wide open .  The lessons that I had learned from being with him and the trials we went through, shot my eyes wide open . There has always been  a protection protocol that needed to be followed in cases where I was apart from Angelo.  Daniel had made it clear to  me that I need to cover up with regards to bullet proof vests and carrying  things in my bag that could help me in case I find myself in a bit of trouble or life threatening situations. The self defense classes I had also been taking  secretly that he had organized also helped . I didn’t like keeping stuff from Angelo , but I did it because I knew that he would say no  to me.  He has always had a problem with me starting things without telling him, or when he finds out about  something that I am doing by my m
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Chapter 5
 Angelo I am thankful for everything at the moment . I know I messed up with Cleo , but I am trying to show her that I am a better man . It has been a couple of weeks since the attack at the funeral and conversation with Cleo with regards to me and her taking a break and hitting the reset button. I don't want to lose her and another part of me doesn't want to be without her for even a couple of hours . Since I am stubborn, she moved from the main bedroom to the guest bedroom. I don't even get to see her and we live in the same house . Its Halloween week and I am hoping to see her at the office party that I organized . She is clinical in her execution . She wakes up makes sure that the kids are well taken care of and she is out before I wake up at seven in the morning. For the past couple of weeks , make that four ; we haven't touched each other and this is the first weekend that the twins were going to the Luca beach house . In
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Chapter 6
 Chapter 6 Cleo Like the back of my hand When I went downstairs for lunch Angelo had   set up the table and plated the food .  He had  foiled  the plates  and took out a bottle of wine. As soon as he came down he looked out of sorts. I knew something was wrong because; being with  him was like being with someone who was predictable in a reassuring way. I can tell when something is on his mind, or when he is either troubled or lying . I know him like the back of my  hand ,and with regards to our son being mischievous and causing trouble ... He takes it from  his father .  Angelo walked downstairs dressed in a black blazer;  slacks , a white dress shirt as excited as I was that we were back on talking terms together, something in me told me that ; it was going to be short lived because he was leaving for what I suspected was a meeting
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 AngeloWhat's in my heart Cleo is moody period. There are days when I  am able to understand where her cold and hot demeanor comes from, and yesterday afternoon was just not one of those days. Jane has gone from being a medium to hard limit. I didn't know  why she was calling me. I decided to let my men deal with her . Cleo was right . I am the boss what I say goes and just  after getting Cleo to stay and not leave , I dealt with  the call I received from Matteo . He was my cousin and unlike Tom  and Duncan , he was  deliberate  and intentional with execution .  I had sent Aaron to the Club and he didn't mind. His report back  this morning was that ; Matteo was pissed. He wanted to see me and had actually thought I was married to Jane . I had gotten drunk with him the day I caused the accident . He was the one who confessed to sleeping with Jane . They tried d
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8  Cleo I don't know how to deal with Angelo when he pushes me away . When he asked me to stay after I threw his phone at him , I was reluctant to  because we were so close to making love after a very ,very ,very long time  , but he had to ruin it by still being in contact with that backstabbing,   two timing duplicitous , human being I used to call a friend . This morning he  emailed me not, called or came through to my study/ home office to  tell me that ; he didn't want to be disturbed ,and that I should go out and enjoy myself  at the mall . The mall... The bloody mall . Massa knows I don't like the mall . I took my notebook with me and just left. I did have a favourite coffee shop that I hadn't gone to in a while , and they had the most  refreshing smoothies . I ordered a mocha and mint smoothie and sipped on it while working until it started raining again. I
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9  Angelo  Matteo Massa is a;  sneaky son of a very respectable man and woman, who dont  know  what creature  of the  devil they bore . He has to date slept with all of my girlfriend's and was also part and parcel of my relationships ending up like the Titanic.  Not this time.  He took Aaron's access card and copied the incription and made a duplicate access card . He hacked into my  email account and caused mayhem. I could have had some much needed  sexy time and catch up time with Cleo. Now I feel like I've gone  there steps back; because of him. He cancelled all of my meetings including an important one with my lawyer. It had to do with my uncle's assets in Italy.   I had to reschedule everything and move it to  a week after  my father's  birthday week which was on the sixteenth.   I needed at least a week to fix the
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10  Cleo Married to a man I thought I knew I really should stop being too trusting . I never suspected that someone offering me tea , because I was in shell shock and I recovered , would result in me being in Daniel's medical rooms . When I ran after Angelo ; he was busy beating the living daylights out of his cousin Matt . I have never seen Angelo all bloodied and bruised before, but this time he looked like he was about to kill his own family member for even looking at my direction , let alone talking to me .I was slowly coming around and my body felt like it had been through the wringer . I was feeling as weak as I did when Rosa poisoned me and my baby boy .  As much as I am thankful that Angelo and I found each other and that I have also taken his last name, I am for the first time in the duration of my relationship with Angelo doubting everything he has told me . I was
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