Forced Marriage To The Secret Billionaire

Forced Marriage To The Secret Billionaire

By:  ~S.Y  Completed
Language: English
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The familiar touch of his lips made Sara clench her hands into fists and she took her own vows in her heart. ' I Sara Lexington, take you, Silas Alexander to be my unwanted husband. I promise to be hateful towards you in good times, in sickness and in health. I will hate you all the days of my life, until death provides you relief from the life, that is going to be worse than hell for you. ' ~When Sara Lexington decided to loosen up a bit by getting drunk and ended up giving her virginity to a complete stranger, she didn't expect this to become such a huge problem.

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    64 chapters
    Chapter 01
    BEFORE YOU READ! This is a mature themed book so if you feel uncomfortable at any point, leave peacefully!Follow me on insta @authorsy56 for Character aesthetics and updates.Enjoy Reading!AUTHOR|~S.YAUTHOR'S POVTears streamed down her face, as she drove her car rashly, remembering about what happened at her Grandmother's birthday party tonight.Getting humiliated was nothing new for her, but this time, the embarassment she had faced, pushed her off the edge. She was about to retaliate but the only thing holding her back, was the thought of being the successor of Lexington's Group one day.This was the ultimate goal of her life from forever and she would stop at nothing to inherit Lexington Group of Companies.Angrily, she parked the car in the parking lot of the club, sh
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    Chapter 02
    AUTHOR'S POVSara's eyes opened when she heard alot of annoying loud noises around her. Groaning, she grabbed her hair, feeling the strong hangover and then looked around with her eyes widening up.The flutters of alot of cameras started causing her anxiety, when she looked beside her and noticed the man from previous night still sleeping.“ Ms Sara Lexington! Is this your boyfriend? ” A reporter shouted out his question, as the club's guards tried to push them out.Sara's life flashed in front of her eyes, as she felt her senses numbing. She tried to remember what happened last night but everything was blurry in her mind. Unconsciously, she pulled the duvet closer to her body realising what must have happened.She could still hear the reporter's voices, but she could not understand what they were saying anymore. She was too shocked to accept that she, Sara Lexington, slept with a random man and then reporters took phot
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    Chapter 03
    AUTHOR'S POVStanding in front of the huge mirror, Sara stared at herself blankly. She was wearing a princess white wedding dress that was trailing behind her. Its sparkling upper part hugged her body perfectly and flowed at the end. When she moved, it felt like tiny stars were moving behind her.Slowly, her eyes met hers in the reflection and she noticed the emotion in them.Helplessness - It was pure helplessness and hate.Hate for herself, her family and the man she was going to marry today.A week ago, when Grandfather Magnus announced that she would have to marry that man, she protested her best internally, as she was unable to say anything to him.Her father looked defeated, as she stared in his eyes with hope. A hope that he would save her from such a cruel decision, but as usual, he didn't say anything.He didn't protect her like any father was supposed to do.He didn't raise his voice for her as any fa
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    Chapter 04
    AUTHOR'S POVEverything happened so fast that Sara felt her head spinning. Silas and Sara were now in the reception party, which looked more like a funeral of herself to her.The smiling and taunting faces of all her family during clicking the pictures, were going to haunt her forever. Silas was standing beside her with his expressions screaming his boredom. The photographer asked them both to come closer, so he could click some loving pictures, which was like someone rubbed salt on Sara's wounds.“ Come on, Dear wife! ” Silas's mocking voice fell in Sara's ears and she threw him a vicious glare, before storming off from there. She did not care what anyone was going to think, she just wanted to be away from him at this point.Dodging every provocation from her so-called family, Sara finally made it to the dinner without having any panic attacks or outbursts.As they all sat down on the long table, the grim s
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    Chapter 05
    AUTHOR'S POV~FLASHBACKHe pulled her to a room on the top floor of the club. She didn't even know that rooms like this existed here. She didn't care at this moment either.He abruptly turned her around and pulled her towards him with her soft body colliding with his hard one, making her breath hitch.Without giving her the time to process anything, he smashed his lips over hers and she moaned out with her hands shooting up to grab and pull at his soft light brown hairs.He started pushing her backward until the back of her legs hit the bed and she fell down along with him falling on top of her. He pulled away only to lean down again to capture her lips in an aggressive kiss. Sara wanted to stop him, but her body wanted him badly.Desire won over her tiny rational thoughts and she let him do whatever he wanted to do with her.He sucked on her lower lip and his teeth slowly nibbled on
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    Chapter 06
    AUTHOR'S POV Sara's breath hitched as she pushed him away from herself harshly.  “ Why are you looking at me like this? ” Silas chuckled out and Sara gulped down her saliva before stumbling back from him.  It would have been better if she never remembered that night. Because, now, It might be too hard to stay so close to him without losing her sanity. “ Stay far away from me. As far as you can. I don't care what you are and who you are at all. ” Sara shook her head, her voice not that harsh anymore. Silas watched her. Silently. He observed her cheeks that were turning red, her nose that took the same color. He stared in her eyes that were cast down as she slowly licked her lips. If he did not know better, he would have thought that she wanted him. Or maybe he did not know her at all. A smirk tugged up at the corner of his lips thinking about the poss
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    Chapter 07
    AUTHOR'S POV Sara sighed for the nth time. She did not want to do this. She did not want to go to that Asshole's room so early in the morning and then ruin her mood. “ What other option do you have Sara? You need clothes. ” She murmured to herself sarcastically as she sat on the bed and stared at the wall in front of her blankly. She could not sleep last night. She could not even bring herself to lay down and rest for a while. Her eyes were burning. Her body was aching badly. But she did not care. Suddenly, her phone dinged with notification of a message. Her hand went to grab it and she brought it in front of her face to see who it was so early in the morning. It was only seven in the morning for Heaven's sake. ' I fixed the meeting with his PA first thing in the morning. You know he is my friend Ma'am. President Gabriel will meet you at Paradise hotel at 7 in the evening in room nu
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    Chapter 08
    AUTHOR'S POV “ Are there no maids here? ” Silas groaned out as he noticed her cooking breakfast. He eyed her from afar trying to get past this awkward situation. She had not talked to him after that moment in the closet. She silently took her clothes and left his room. Now she stood in front of the kitchen counter making breakfast. She was wearing her casual clothes, a grey shirt with shorts. Her long legs were on display for him to ogle and die breathlessly. Her face was bare of any makeup. She did not look like Sara at all. She looked like some sweet wife who was cooking breakfast for her loving family. The thought made Silas snicker to himself.Sara's eyes raised up to find him standing near the doorway. “ There will be no maids. ” She replied finally, making him sigh heavily. “ Why? Are we running short on money Baby? ” He joked trying to lighten up the mood. Her e
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    Chapter 09
    AUTHOR'S POV “ LEAVE ME! ” His filthy tongue grazed her neck and jolts of revulsion shot her body. She tried to get herself out of his hold using all her energy but to no avail. His dirty hands started roaming around her body making her scream louder. In despair and fear. Sara jolted up from her slumber and shrieked loudly. Her heart was drumming in her ears. Her eye were wide in terror.It was all a nightmare right? Gulping down the lump forming in her throat, Sara looked around herself. She was in some unknown place but it did not look like prison. It was a room furnished in all black and red. A set of black and red sofa set was placed at the one corner of the room while two doors were present on both sides of the room. A frown etched upon her forehead and she noticed the bed she was currently sitting on. Its sheets were black while the pillows and blankets were red.She glanced
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    Chapter 10
    AUTHOR'S POV A blindfold was tied around her eyes and she was dropped back to the place they thought as her home. She could not know where that place was now. The place where she was at just an hour ago. And who was that man? This was another question that was unanswered. She didn't want to think about any of this. She didn't even know how she was still standing outside the house she had to call her home. She was in a trance. Whenever she looked down at her hands, she could see only blood. Whenever she started thinking, Gabriel's sinster face flashed before her eyes. She wanted to cry and scream and then cry again but she was unable to do even that. What had she done? She had asked herself this question repeatedly as guilt drowned her. Sometimes, an evil voice in her mind whispered that a man like Gabriel deserved to die, but her rational mind was against that whisper. No
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