The Heiress: Her Secret Mission

The Heiress: Her Secret Mission

By:  Plume Alter  Completed
Language: English
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Tiffany Viaje del Cargador is a daughter of Don Arnulfo, the powerful Don of the Alpha Brotherhood. Being a sole child, she is bound to inherit her father's wealth and position in the brotherhood. And yet, everything comes with a price. At eighteen, she is sent to a public school in the province with only one mission: kill the notorious leader of the Dragon Brotherhood-Lucio Hernandez. He is hiding as one of the teachers in Libangon National High. Disguised as a Grade 11 student, she sets foot in that school, hoping to get the job done right away. She is willing to do anything to please her father and to be the first Female Alpha Don, but then there is Teacher Greg, a local public school teacher. And she finds herself falling in love with him, compromising her mission. Given the circumstances, will she still succeed according to plan?

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29 Chapters
The Ordeal
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION The characters, settings, and ideas in this work are purely fictional. Any resemblance is only a coincidence. THE HEIRESS: (Book 1: HER SECRET MISSION) ©plume alter (Ricki Ryce) Published on Goodnovel (2020).     THE ORDEAL ∞≠∞   Tiffany was determined to join the brotherhood. Despite the many speculations, she knew she was ready. Hence, when her father told her that tonight was the beginning of her initiation, she did not waste her time thinking things over. She had long thought about it before. And tonight, the brotherhood will finally see the heiress in flesh. “Are you ready?” her father asked in a solemn voice. She looked at him and nodded her head. She was beyond ready. Only her face was exposed as Tiffany stood in front of the Alphas. The black cloak that extended to her ankle didn’t sh
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The New Girl
2. THE NEW GIRL ∞≠∞   It was the first day of school at Libangon National High, a public school located in one of the provinces in Southern Isla. The school had been living for decades, shedding light on those students who cannot afford to go to expensive private schools in the city. As expected, enrolment for this year skyrocketed and the number of students doubled. "Okay, settle down," teacher Greg instructed his new students. He was a man in his thirties, charming, intelligent, and possessed a charismatic appeal. He was wearing his Monday uniform and his hair was fixed in a clean cut. The teacher wrote his name on the board then smiled to himself as he heard the students exchanged whispers among them. "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see on the board, my name is Gregor Lopez, but you can just call me Teacher Greg or Sir Greg. I am your new adviser." The st
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Charlotte Quinto
3. CHARLOTTE ∞≠∞              Charlotte Quinto was determined to make the new girl’s life miserable at Libangon National High. After that incident where Steffy humiliated her in front of their classmates and Sir Greg, she wanted nothing more but to be the big bitch that everyone in school had been dodging to cross with.            That afternoon, she directly went inside Teacher Greg’s private office and initiated a kiss. She was so mad at him because he had ignored her on the first day of school and he did nothing when Steffy grilled her in front of her classmates.            “What the hell are you doing, Charlotte?”            The girl continued to ravage the teacher’s lips as her hands move
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4. YOLO ∞≠∞   Steffy heaves a deep breath as she remembered the girls' frightened faces. Plastering a smirk, she absorbed the overwhelming feeling of power she received just by defeating those bullies. ‘So this is how it feels like; to be feared.’ She now understood why her father valued power over anything is. If you had power, all the things that the world had to offer will be yours for the taking. And as she sat idly, she cannot wait to fulfill her mission so she could finally become the first-ever female Alpha Don. But upon remembering a conversation with her dad just this morning, she wiped her smirk and heaved another deep breath. He had been bugging her about her ordeal. He said the earlier for Steffy to finish the target, the better. 'I need to immediately come up with a plan,’ she said in her mind as she clicked her tongue. She had been following Lucio Hernandez for several days n
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An Encounter
5.AN ENCOUNTER∞≠∞   Tiffany was assisted by her father's bodyguards as they walked her towards the private chopper that her father sent for her. She was informed earlier that day about the special meeting with the Alphas in Ormon City. “Did my father give you any specific instruction about this trip?” she asked the goon that her father sent for her. “No, señorita. He just said you have to be there.” Tiffany immediately climbed onto the chopper and settled on her seat. From Libangon, the group will travel to a private place in Ormon City whereas her father will also be meeting with the city mayor. Ormon was located miles away from Libangon, but with Tiffany riding on her father's private chopper, it will just be a three-hour ride. She heard that her father and the city mayor will have a partnership in a certain business venture. But she's pretty sure such business will never come clean. It's already past si
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6.PUNISHED∞≠∞   She had been mentally counting each passing second, hoping that time would run faster. Ever since the shooting incident happened in Ormon City, she had been constantly feeling agitated. 'It's been two days and there's still no sign of Yuan. What if he died and the Alpha's were not able to protect him? Maybe I'll ring Papa. Perhaps he knows something.' "Miss Steffy Rivera!" Steffy snapped back to reality when she heard the sharp voice of her teacher. "What is it, Ma'am?" "I—I've been calling your name but you seemed lost in your thoughts." 'Right. I am. I have to get out of here and find him.' "My apologies, Ma'am Amparo, but I have to go now.” Her teacher's eyes popped in surprise. Even her classmates were equally shocked by her actions. Ignoring them, Steffy gathered her things and stood up from her chair. "Where are you going? You cannot just leave the class like t
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Teacher Greg
7. TEACHER GREG ∞≠∞   Several stacks of photos and newspapers were scattered on Yuan’s bed, and he was staring at them intently. The newspapers contained pieces of information about a man named Lucio Hernandez. LUCIO HERNANDEZ, AGED 36             DESIGNATION: ASSASSIN, DRAGON COMPANY  STATUS: NOTORIOUS Along with it were black and white photographs of the people in the Dragon Brotherhood. There was also a folder that contained the brotherhood’s whereabouts. Heaving a sigh, he laid on his bed and thought about the shooting incident in Ormon City. Unmindfully, his right hand found its way towards his wounded arm. His left arm was bandaged and a basin of warm water sat on his study table. He got it from his encounter with Lucio Hernandez in Ormon City. The man had a
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8 SCARRED ∞≠∞   "Do not make any noise." He could hear strange footsteps inside their house. His mother's hands were trembling as she held him and his little brother tightly. The three of them were hiding inside their small bathroom. "Who are they, mother?" eight-year-old Lucio Hernandez asked in a hushed tone. "Sssh! Keep quiet. They must not find us here. They will kill us," her mother replied in a trembling voice. "But, what about father? We should tell him to hide in here as well!" "Be quiet, Lucio!" Just then, loud knocks on the door and muffled voices were heard outside, followed by violent shouts. They could hear glass shattering and pieces of furniture falling. "Please do not hurt my family," he heard his father's voice. Lucio could tell how scared his father was. It seemed like he was about to cry any time soon. "Give us bac
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9 TRICKS ∞≠∞     Teacher Greg smiled widely when he saw Steffy walking inside the room. Several students immediately gathered around her and started to ask why her blonde hair had turned into a dark shade of black. Steffy acknowledged them nicely and briefly explained that she had a sudden change of heart. He wanted so much to send her his compliments but decided to hold back his tongue, not wanting to create misconceptions in his students' minds. As a teacher, he did not want to be accused of favoritism; although he favored this gal a lot. In his eyes, Steffy looked stunning in her new look. With her small face, red lips, and fair complexion, black hair indeed suited her perfectly. Teacher Greg had been so enthusiastic with his discussions in his advisory class ever since Steffy was added to the group. Maybe because the new student's intelligence brought his interest to a different l
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10 CONVICTION ∞≠∞   The familiar sound inside the casino made Tiffany’s head throb some more. Her father once again made a phone call, telling her she was summoned. So she immediately arranged her travel and as she just got out of the airport, she felt an extreme migraine. Bodyguards immediately gathered around her as she stepped out of the car her father sent for her. Her baggage was handled and she was immediately led inside the casino. It was a Tuesday evening, which meant the casino was full of badass businessmen and slutty mistresses. Such people were more than willing to gamble their fortunes for the sake of their egos and stupid entertainments. And since Tuesday nights were reserved for the VIPs, she saw a lot of faces who were prominent in the business sector. Tiffany also encountered celebrities. No wonder paparazzi were scattered just outside the building. The building itself wa
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