My irresistible Stepsister

My irresistible Stepsister

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Aiden knight is 25 and is a businessman. He runs hotel chains in and around the country. He gets whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. Until Aria, his irresistible step sister. She is the forbidden fruit, he craves. Their one-night stand didn't help the situation either. His irresistible stepsister, who is naive and innocent, came into his life in her old pickup truck, with her cowboy boots and hat on, searching for her father, who is now his stepfather. His mother's husband number two. After a series of failed boyfriends and dates, his mother married Martin, her father. Aria knows he is bad news from the moment she saw him. That's why she ran away the morning after a crazy night together. He agrees with her. Her temptation is too much to handle and his hate for her father is a huge wall in between them. But the little fact they both can never forget is that she is his runner, who gifted him her innocence. Will he be able to resist his irresistible step-sister? Why does Aiden hate Martin so much? Do they have a history from where his hatred stems from? Where does that leave Aria and Aiden? He hates her at the same time, he craves her. What is the result of their crazy love-hate relationship? A happily ever after, maybe?

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80 chapters
'I am the Aiden Knight, a millionaire at 25, among the top ten most eligible bachelors of the year according to Forbes. I can get anything and anyone I want, Except one, that's my step sister. I cannot have the one thing I crave desperately' my stepsister.Our story started in Texas. I went on a business trip to look at one of my restaurants in texas. That's when I saw her, Aria William, my memorable one nightstand. And I didn't know that she is my step-sister.Aria is drunk. She can tell it by the way she is eying the hot guy, who is sitting on the barstool talking to someone beside him."Aria, you are drunk. We should go home" her wingman, ex-boyfriend, and now her best friend Adam said from beside her."Ya, I need some water" she muttered."Sit here. I will go and get it for you" Adam told her before leaving her alone in the corner table they were sitting in.Aiden looked at the beauty, who is giving him come and get me looks for the pas
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Step sister
"Green bay" Aria read the name of the coastal town, which would be her home for the next few months.Her GPS drove her towards a beach house, which is huge. It's raised a couple of feet above the ground. The concrete circular driveway is on a slope. There is a well-manicured lawn on either side of the driveway.She can see nothing but rocks in the backyard, which led to a sandy beach. The house is built on the rocky shore, a little higher than the beach level.She was used to seeing pick-up trucks, not these kinds of branded sports cars currently parked in front of the house.She parked her mother's old pickup truck to the side so that she wouldn't scratch these expensive cars by mistake. She wouldn't be able to afford the repair cost to cover the scratch.She got down from her pickup truck and was hit by the salty breeze of the beach. It's so unlike the usual texas heat, she is used to.'Martin didn't tell me he is having a party toda
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Let her stay
"Ouch" Aria rubs her nose, which caught the brunt of the collision.She raised her head to see with whom she collided with. But little did she knows, her entire world will shake when she looks at the person, to whom she lost her virginity to, a month ago.'What is he doing here? Is he following me?' She thought in horror. 'Is he the Psycho stalker type?' She feared in her head.'Why oh why do you have to drink so much and land yourself a stalker Aria?' She scolded herself.Noah laughed out loud at her nervous rambling.Aria looked behind her with wide eyes."Don't tell me, I said everything out loud" she pleaded with Noah."No doll, I will not tell you. But damn, you are cute when you are nervous" Noah said with a wink."Psycho stalker? Really? " Aiden asked with a blank face.He heard a little of their conversation just now, and he concluded that she is searching for that Ass hole Martin. "Sorry, didn't m
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A mess
The next morning, Aria woke up to the bright sunlight streaming through the curtains. By the brightness of the sunlight alone, she could tell that she slept later than usual.The 13 hours drive from her hometown in Texas to Green bay exhausted her. She got up and looked at the waves through her balcony door.In a matter of weeks, she became homeless, her only living relative abandoned her, she lost her virginity to none other than her stepbrother and she is currently in said step brothers house.'When did my life became a tangled mess?' She thought.'I need to have a bath and get ready to leave soon. Aiden might want me to leave' she thought.Aria picked up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She quickly finished her usual morning routine and came out freshly showered. She packed up her belongings before going down in search of her stepbrother.She slowly walked downstairs and found the house quiet. Last night's party left the floor on the
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Go away
"So, tell me. What brings you here in search of your father?" Aiden asked Aria, who is facing away from him.He already knows a little from her nervous rambling the previous night. But he didn't know for sure what exactly happened and why she ended up here.Aria turned to face Aiden, who is slowly sipping his coffee."My mother died a couple of months ago. Heart attack. Martin too off the moment he found out that her heart condition is not stable. She had to undergo open-heart surgery. But she never could recover from the loss of Martin. For the past 3 years, I have had to take care of my mother, who cannot do works that involve tiring her. So I had to take over and become an adult. But she passed away two years ago and Martin didn't even show up at her funeral. I had to sell my grandfather's ranch to pay off the debts. Only a hundred dollars and my mom's pickup truck is the only thing left for me. So I came in search of my only living relative" Aria explained.
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Job hunting
Aria feared it would be awkward to stay with her stepbrother after that night a month ago. But if he is as rude to her as he is just now, I should most definitely concentrate on not killing him.Aria looked at the disappearing figure of her stepbrother.She went inside and to her room. She opened her phone and downloaded that day's newspaper in Chrome.After that, she looked at the vacancy column and noted down a couple of openings in that town.She took her small money purse along with her phone before going for job hunting.First, she decided to go and check the local supermarket, where they need a sales assistant.She asked the guy near the billing counter about the vacancy."No, sorry. Boss hired a girl just this morning" the guy said apologetically."Oh, ok thank you" she turned away with disappointment.Next, she saw an opening in the nearby gym as a front desk assistant.When she entered through the glass doors, she
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A new job
Aria liked Lily and Bethy. Her first friends after she came to Green Bay. They don't seem catty or gossipy.She was feeling good spending time with them."Merlin is nice. She gets scared if we mess up with the restaurant patrons. She is strict and fair. We were glad you came along. For the past two days, we are struggling to serve the patrons. They are too many and we are only two. We used to be four girls working here. But the other two left a week ago, leaving the workload on me and Bethy." Lily supplied helpfully.Her work starts from 11 in the morning to 10 in the night, as the staff is low. Merlin asked if I have any problem with the timings. Obviously, I said no.I need money to find an apartment and move away from my stepbrother's place. Any extra money is always welcome. They are planning to hire more staff until then Merlin told the three of us to work overtime."At least, we don't have to wear ridiculously high heels and tight clothes. Th
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House keeper
Aria's heartbeat began to slow down a little. She was stunned to see the man, to whom she has given her innocence, with another woman. She doesn't know how to name the feeling in her heart. Sadness, jealousy, or possessiveness. There is no reason for me to be sad. I don't know the guy at all, apart from that night, where she doubts they talked at all. And last night and this morning.In both the instance, he didn't leave a very good impression on her. 'Yes, he gave a roof over her head and she is really grateful for that' If I don't know that guy at all, there is no reason for me to be jealous at all. Aria shook her head to clear her thoughts.She shouldn't be thinking about his love life. He is her stepbrother and thinking about him like this is wrong on so many levels.Soon her exhaustion caught up to her and she slept with the dreams of her stepbrother plaguing her mind.The next morning,
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A new Friend
Aiden stood there in a daze.'What just happened?' he thought with confusion.'Did I just kissed her without her permission?' he thought with shock.Aiden stood there in confusion.'What happened to you Aiden? Why did you just do that?' he cursed himself.But the lingering taste of her lips stirred a hunger inside him, which he thought he forgot after a month after that night."This is bad" he muttered.Aria ran out of the house and drove off from Aiden's house in a hurry."Damn him" she muttered out loud with irritation.She is sure she shouldn't get wet from just a kiss. That too from that asshole Aiden. But she is. Surely, this cannot be normal right? Who would become this turned on with just a kiss? That damn man. What possessed him to kiss her like this? Aria cursed him.It's still not time to report for work. So she drove aimlessly around the town, wasting her fuel. She finally settled to go and sit on a n
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After the beach incident with Ryan, Aria couldn't forget the fear in Ryan's eyes, when he was talking about her father."Aria" Marlin called me when I was arranging cutlery on a table before the lunch hour rush.Aria looked behind her and found Merlin holding something for her. Aria walked the little distance between them and smiled at Merlin."Hey Merlin," she said with a smile.Marlin smiled back."Here, this is your name tag and employee Id card. In this cover, you will find your locker keys and other formalities" Merlin handed over them to Aria.Aria looked inside the cover and nodded her head."If you need anything, come to me, alright?" Merlin said."Ok" Aria agrees.She put away the cover inside her locker before putting on her name tag on her shirt. She doesn't have to carry her id card always, so she put that away in a locker before locking it. She pocketed the key in her skirt pocket."Hey, you" Ryan greeted her w
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