Son of the Alpha Meets his Match

Son of the Alpha Meets his Match

By:  Kat Thomas  Ongoing
Language: English
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The sequel to “Sweet as Sugar” Nathan Akechi is the first born son to Maverick Akechi and his wife Scarlet. Now that Nathan is a grown man he finds that his tastes in the certain places falls under his family’s curse. When he meets Kathleen because of an incident he knows his life changed. He needs to protect her from her situation But also he needs her next to him. He will do anything to keep her there.

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37 Chapters
 Nathan and Christian Akechi stood in front of the house they lived in with their parents and siblings. The darkness of the night was surrounding them as Nathan gripped his shoulder where the injury was. He didn’t want to do anything but go inside. He knew his parents would flip out if they knew he got hurt. His mother Sophia would call out the doctor, and everything would blow up from there.He shook his head as he looked at his younger brother. “You can’t tell anyone about this.”Christian looked at him and shook his head. “You know I won’t say anything unless I am asked straight out. How you handle that, all of this is up to you.”“Thank Chris,” Nathan said as they walked to the front door hoping their mother was somewhere deep in the house and not hovering near the front door. Though she never really did that it would be Nathan’s luck that today she would be there.
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  Nathan woke up in a different room, and he heard the beeping of a machine going off behind him. He looked around and saw a strange woman sitting in the chair next to him. He had to look her over again. He did know her from somewhere, but he couldn’t place where. His head was still fuzzy, and he had no idea where he was.“Don’t move.” She said softly as she looked at him. “You’re in the hospital at the university.”“Who are you?” he forced himself to say as he looked her way.“Kathleen Williams.” She said with a small smile. “I am a student nurse at the clinic you walked into and then promptly passed out. Right before you did, you asked if I could stay with you. As you can see, I did. Do you have anyone I should call? Your parents maybe?”“What happened to me?” Nathan asked.“You have a small stab wound in your shoulder. It loo
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  “What about the clinic and doing whatever you had to do there?” Nathan asked as he looked at the woman who looked like she had been put through the wringer since he last saw her a few hours ago. She walked more into his room, and she was shaking her head slowly.“He got to me even now.” She said, and that made Nathan look at her closely.“Who is he, and what did he do?” Nathan asked as his voice deepened slightly. He knew that was one of his things that was ingrained into him from birth to protect women at all costs. He had watched his father watch over his mother like a lion and knew there was very little that his father wouldn’t do to protect his wife. He looked over this woman, and though she was a stranger to him for the most part, she had stayed with him and waited until he was awake. She had watched over him with no reason too other than he asked her too when he was out of his
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  Waking up in the hospital is never fun, Nathan thought as he tried to blink open his eyes. However, the small pressure on his hand was what he was focusing on. Had something happened with his arm, and he didn’t know it. He finally got them open, and he looked around.On the bed was a crown of blondish brown loose curls on his hand. He thought back to the night before and remembered everything. Though he knew almost instantly with a clear head, he had made the right decision, he was still shocked at what he had done. He knew the story that his parents started off together as something very much like what he had just entered into. The fact was people loved to talk, and when he was old enough, he listened to everything. He was like his father at finding things out. A master of secrets for others as well as himself.At the first time he had been caught going to the dens, his father almost admitted it as well. To him, they were a shining ex
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 Though it really didn’t seem all that hard in his mind, he knew things would be interesting throughout the day. He knew what he wanted and what he needed for a place to live, but he had never really thought about living on his own. The more he thought about it, though, the more he liked the idea more and more. It wasn’t just because he had her now. Though it wasn’t like he could move her into his parent's house though they would probably welcome her with open arms and try to make her into one of the family. He knew they would like her but they would also overwhelm her. Right now he thought that should be his job.Nathan looked her over again. He knew he had to be on his best behavior to be able to mold her into what he wanted her to be. He was willing to bend to a point. He didn’t want her to be his next dom or even a sub for him. He wanted someone who could read what he needed and could change for him. He knew now what his father had mea
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  Kathleen felt like she was a deer caught in headlights. She was still reeling from the night before and the deal the two of them made.  She had joked with a few friends about getting a sugar daddy would make all her problems disappear, and here she was with exactly that, except he wasn’t some creepy old man. This was someone her own age. This was someone she was attracted to right from the start. This could be very messy.He had just told the nurses she was the one who controlled him, and he was hers to have. Though his erection was nothing but a bodily function to her until he moved her hand to it, now it was something more. This whole thing was something more. It was something she didn’t know. It could make or break the deal the two had. She didn’t know what to do for a few moments.“Before anything happens, I have a few questions,” Kathleen said softly.“It is rather had to think with your h
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  “Undo your button on your pants.” He said softly. “While you suck my cock like that, I will reward your pussy.” She let go of his cock with one hand and undid the button to her pants. His hand found its path as he ran a finger down and slipped under the top of her panties. He only felt soft skin, but he realized there was more of a problem. He couldn’t move down and further. Her pants were too tight.She continued to work slowly on his cock, which was wonderful and torture at the same time for him. He reached behind her and pulled her pants down enough that everything was exposed to him now. She gasped slightly as he did that, and the cool air of the hospital hit her skin on her ass. His hand, however, found its place nestled in between her legs quickly. Running his fingers slowly through her slit only to find it silken and wet already. His prim and proper nurse to be was rather naught
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  Nathan waited as long as he could before he knew he had to speak. She was still lying on him, and he was still buried in her deep. “Honey, as much as I don’t want you to, you have to get up and redressed. It's been a while, and you know they will be coming in here soon.” His deep whisper filled the air around him as he began to feel life in her again. She moved slightly and then lifted her head to look at him. He brushed the hair off her face. “I wish I could just keep you there.”“That was different.” She said softly as she moved gently off of him. She couldn’t help her movements as they were slightly jerky and off-center. She managed to get to a standing position and then looked down as she grabbed her pants and slipped them on, and sat down in her spot right before the door opened. She looked at Nathan with a speaking glance, to which he only chuckled slightly.“Told y
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  Walking out, he was a little unsteady on his feet. He gave her the keys to his car. He looked at her and smiled as she looked at them like they were a foreign object. “First, we need a place.” He said with a grin. “I happen to know a realtor.”“I will bet that you know a lot of people,” Kathleen said.“As a matter of fact, I do,” Nathan said as he pulled out his phone. He dialed a number and started talking as they headed to the other side of the campus. He was listing what he wanted and then looked at her as he stopped talking. “Do you have any requirements for the place?”“What? No,” she said, looking at him, which made him smile.“That is it for now. We will be there in twenty minutes or so.” Nathan said as he looked at Kathleen. “Ready?”“Who was that?” Kathleen asked.“My cousin on my mother&rsquo
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  They walked into the office and saw the other woman standing there waiting on them. She smiled at Nathan and nodded to the woman next to him. “So Nate, who is this?” She asked with a sly smile forming.“Denise, I would like you to meet my assistant Kathleen,” Nathan said as he smiled and took a more relaxed stance.“Assistant?” Denise looked him over and nodded. “Okay then. So down to business.”“Did you have something that we could look at? As much as I would like to sit around and a small chat with you, I can’t afford to waste time today. I have a lot to do.” Nathan said, and his cousin looked at him closely.“In a rush? “Denise asked, “That isn’t like you.”“I have things to do, Denise.” He replied.“Nathan, you don’t rush things. Do your parents even know you are looking to m
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