Loving Iris

Loving Iris

By:  KC Mmuoe  Completed
Language: English
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Iris thought she had life sussed out. Everything was balanced until one fateful night everything changed . Her past caught up with her in the worst way; and in top of everything that was happening, she was reminded of her loss and an old flame ...

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24 Chapters
Chapter 1
  It was a lovely winter summers day in the city of gold; the August cold fronts had started to blow in and pass through but it was beginning to look and feel like spring, minus the icy cold weather .Besides everybody trying to keep warm, there was work to do, the traffic was horrendous as always if it wasn't an accident or a stationary truck it was traffic backed up for a kilometer cause of traffic lights being off. Getting to work or school was a mission for anyone whether they made it on time or late ,by the end of the day the same scenario repeated itself with less buzz around stalls opening and stores closing. Only this time it is a mission getting back home. Iris hosted a show with Jonathan called the sports show with a difference .She was a well know writer, presenter on screen and on the airwaves. She knew her market and enjoyed her Job, she has never woken up not loving what she does. She had a pret
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Chapter 2
 Bryce calmed down and started being doubtful; what was so huge that Iris decided to keep this secret from him ,if it wasn't a child then what was it? What could it be? Who could it be? " what's the use you slept with Gina." She Picked her phone up and got her car keys ,she felt like leaving running even disappearing for a while, until the fight she was having with Bryce fizzled out like bubbles in a glass of soda, but she had to bite the bullet,grab the bull by the horns, and tackle the problem at hand head on. Bryce dismissed her comment and tried to dig and push harder he wasn't going to go down quietly, or without a fight. " we'll deal with that, what were you doing for months at the hospital Iris,no contact no nothing ? What was I supposed to think" Bryce wiped a tear off his eye and he looked remorseful he was filled with confusion and hurt, <
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Chapter 3
 "I was attacked on my way to work. I was stabbed someonewanted to send me a message and ,I got it loud and clear."  She took a deepbreath although it hurt to breathe she knew how to handle the pain. " I was afraid! Ididn't want to put you through a lot. Jonathan was there for me, he helped me cover everything up only because I asked him to I take full responsibility, Ididn't mean to hurt anyone least of all you okay." "You're lying! Idon't believe you Iris, is that's your, story? " Beyond disbelief he gave Iris a look that shehadn't seen in a while; she had seen it when they were dating back then andthat was when he was in a dispute on the pitch when he played full back for theuniversity rugby team. He managed to land himself a suspension but it was overturned. If he could only
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Chapter 4
Iris ran upstairs andstarted packing her overnight bag, while all this was happening Bryce wasbanging on the main bedroom door that she had locked. When he had finallymanaged to pry the door open without breaking it down, he went in thinking he'll find Iris sitting on the bed crying but she wasn't there, he then headed straight for the bathroom he still couldn't find her. Then it dawned on him that she must be in the closet. Bryce tried to open the doors but they werelocked too."Iris please openthese doors "He said so in a stern voice for a man of his stature he sure knewhow to get his point across. Without trying too much, Iris heard his vibratovoice vibrate through the closet doors and it stopped her in her tracks."I have nothing to say to you. I really haveevery right to end our engagement" She had already packed her bag and she was headedto the bathroom for her essentials, but not before
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Chapter 5
 Morning came and Iris woke up to a familiar view, and it was not that of Bryce sleeping beside her peacefully in snooze land looking adorable.  When she decided to move in with Bryce a year ago she didn't sell her penthouse , she wanted a place where she could go and recharge or take time off when she couldn't handle being around people. She took her phone out of her bag and put it in the charger and enjoyed her cup of coffee all she wanted to do was forget about last night. Her phone was off and that's all she needed to do. She also wanted to enjoy her eagle eye view of the city and some me time; watching chick flicks eating unhealthy food for that day only, cause she wasn't going to gain weight over her failed engagement. - When Bryce woke up midday everything felt strange; See normally he would b
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Chapter 6
 Back in Bedford  Brycehad driven up hill to go see if Mark was home ,so he would have a serious wordwith him, and maybe give Sasha a piece of his mind . He drove up carefully as the road was notorious for having traffic congestion now and then and the odd car accidents. He however knew how to navigate the territory when he reached the gate he rang the bell and Jonathan opened the gate to the complex, and Brycepulled up in the drive way .He stepped out of the car and knocked on the door; he had been feeling terrible all day and had an uneasy feeling call it a gut feeling if you will but he had to find Iris. Jonathan opened the door he looked devilishly gorgeous, besides having skin as soft as a babies bottom, he had had brown eyes , short hair and unlike B
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Chapter 7
 Withinfive minutes the paramedics and cops walked through the door, the police station and hospital were just ten minutes away so it didn't take that long for them to reply. Bryce was kneeling beside Iris trying to get her to wake up but she wasn't moving, the paramedics took her away and he followed them to the hospital .The person who had attacked Iris was cuffed and thrown into jail . Bryce had made it to the hospital and was sent to the waiting room , he had found a chair at the corner of the room that had a window overlooking a garden, he then sat down and took stock of what he had just seen;how afraid ,alone, and worried he was feeling . Bryce seldom cried; the last time he cried was when he lost his father in an accident he bla
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Chapter 8
 Jonathan was in the Safe Zone and was cleared to go home as soon as he woke up from much needed rest. There was still no word on Iris . When Jonathan finally came around , the first word that came out of his dry mouth was unexpected, although Maria didn't think it was... She knew all along . "Iris ... Got to save Iris from Martin." Maria thanked God that her brother has made it through and the minuet his eyes flew open and he saw his sister ,everything that had happened the night before came back to him. "Need I remind you big brother , you are married to Sasha and Iris is with Bryce ."  Maria spoke to him calmly and stroked his hand .  " How are you feeling" "Better now that you are home ." He mastered the strength he had given the medication he was given that made him all heavy headed and drowsy, he gave his sist
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Chapter 9
 When Bryce came around... He was confused . Confused that he was seeing florescent lights , confused that he was in a bed with socks on but it wasn't his bed . He got up looked for his boots. Laced up his boots and put on his jacket and walked out his room ,down the hall to the lift and took the elevator down to where he was last. The waiting room . Maria and Luke were waiting for any news on Iris . Maria must have passed out on Luke's shoulder . Bryce must have not been so quiet cause as soon as he stepped into the room her eyes flew open . She gently lifted her head off Luke's shoulder . Luke was out cold from working a double ,if not third shift. She took the hospital blanket and covered Luke up . She proceeded to walk to the other end of the waiting room as calm as ever and talked to Bryce . "Taylor I heard what happened between you and Iris . How could you? How could you mess up the one good thing you have. Are you that st
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Chapter 10
 "Jonathan could you please leave I need to talk to my fiance whether I deserve her or not I don't care please leave. " Bryce had already given Jonathan his infamous dagger look which he knew all too well , the last time he got the look was when he almost kissed Iris at a year end function Iris was knocked out cold from the festivities, mainly cause she organized and saw the event through from start to finish . Jonathan was a bit tipsy and thought he was going back to his room that Sasha and him were booked in , right next door Bryce and Iris . Bryce made it just in time, what happened next made Jonathan respect Bryce even more as Iris's significant other. ---Bryce sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed . Iris wasn't hooked on many machines ,for a moment he thought she saw her flinch when he touched her arm. When he leaned over to give her a kiss that was so sweet and tender... Her eyes fluttered open Bryce had sat back down on t
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