Loveless Marriage: Nathaniel Dave's Disguised Wife

Loveless Marriage: Nathaniel Dave's Disguised Wife

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Isabel Abraham was hated by her parents, loathed by her sister and despised by her husband. When she got married, she thought she would find happiness but her husband made her marriage hell for her for nine years, until she DIED. She came back nine years later as the CEO of two biggest companies in the country, her mission is simple and clear; to revenge all those that made her life miserable for nine years. She won't spare anyone including her husband.

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100 chapters
Chapter 1
Isabel couldn't believe what she just heard. She was seated before the doctor who had just announced her test result. How can she get pregnant for Nathaniel Dave at a time when she was planning on signing his divorce papers. Afterall, that was what he ever wanted. Isabel had struggled for Nathaniel Dave's Love for six years but it wasn't forthcoming. She had loved Nathaniel even before her parents persuaded her to disguise as Ceclia on her wedding way. She knew that even after signing the divorce papers, she would never stopped loving Nathaniel Dave. It was like a stigma, the more she thinks she could do without him, the more she realizes that his love in her was growing deeper. She stood before the doctor weakly, this wasn't what she expected, she just wanted to be fine and invite Nathaniel Dave home to tell him that she was ready to divorce him. "Thanks." That was the only word that she uttered, she walked out to where her car wa
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Chapter 2
After the pregnancy text had been conducted on Isabel, Nathaniel Dave and Isabel waited at the ward for the result. Nathaniel Dave couldn't wait to know if that shameless woman had really got pregnant for him. A doctor walked in and Nathaniel Dave quickly asked, "What is the result?" "Sir!" The doctor was surprised at Nathaniel Dave's question, that wasn't what he had come for. He was a different doctor. "I came to tell you that Cecilia Abraham was rushed to the hospital just now."The doctor said. Nathaniel Dave's mind skipped in fear, what could have happened to Cecilia? She was already paralyzed, what worse could fate do to her? "Lead me there." Nathaniel ordered the doctor and the doctor lead him to where Cecilia was. Nathaniel saw that Cecilia was laying with her eyes closed, was she unconscious? It took him a while before he realized that Mr and Mrs Abraham was present in the ward. "Good
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Chapter 3
Nathaniel Dave walked close to the doctor, he peeked into his face and smirked, "Who are you?"His voice was intimidating. Isabel was scared that something that might go wrong between the two men. "Are you having an affair with my wife?" He asked the doctor, Isabel was stunned that Nathaniel Dave referred to her as his wife. "It's my first time of meeting her, I'll excuse you." The doctor answered and walked away. Nathaniel Dave then shot his angry look at me, " What were you talking about? He stood with you for more than a minute, Is he your hidden boyfriend?" "Like he said, it's our first time of seeing each other. Why do I have a feeling that you are jealous?" Isabel questioned and a slap landed on her face. "How dare you think that way?" Nathaniel Dave was angry. "Follow me." Isabel followed him obediently, just as she thought, she arrived inside at Cecilia's ward. Cecilia had been awake and was now sit
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Chapter 4
Nathaniel Dave let go of Isabel, he took few steps back and clenched his fist angrily. Could the child be his? He doesn't want that shamelsss woman to get pregnant for him. Nathaniel Dave walked inside his room, Isabel sighed in relief and went to sit. Why was he so violent? Everyone despises her and she doesn't even know why. All her life, she had lived it to be hated by people. Her phone rang, it was an unsaved number but she answered it. "Who am I unto?" Isabel questioned. She had waited for few seconds and wasn't hearing any response from the other end. "Did he hit you?" The voice finally sounded. Isabel was shocked at the words that she had to check the screen of her phone. The voice wasn't a familiar one. "Did he?" The voice came again, but this time, it was getting familiar to Isabel. Could it be Joseph Brown? "Joseph Brown?" She guessed. "How does it sound having a lunch w
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Chapter 5
Nathaniel Dave's fist was clenched, he felt like hitting the Joseph Brown but his father was his business associate, for the sake of his father, he would let him go. He turned to Felix at once, "How did he find out?" "I'm also bewildered." Felix answered. He didn't expect Joseph Brown to suspect what he was planning to do to him. The more he tries to understand Joseph Brown, the more mysterious he seems. "You shameless woman!" Nathaniel Dave felt like pushing her angrily but because it was public, he had to control his anger. "Follow me." Isabel followed Nathaniel Dave and Felix to the car. Felix drove while Nathaniel Dave and Isabel sat at the owners seat. Isabel wondered how Joseph Brown knew what her husband was planning for him, he even knows almost everything about her. If not that he said he wasn't interested in relationship, Isabel could have thought that he was trying to win her heart over to his or was probably waiting to
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Chapter 6
Nathaniel Dave turned to Isabel as if she was the one that ochestrated the presence of Joseph Brown."What is this man doing here?" Nathaniel Dave asked Isabel. She was stunned on seeing Joseph Brown but was even more surprised at Nathaniel Dave's question. "You should ask me that, Mr Nathaniel Dave." Joseph Brown heard and said. Nathaniel Dave gazed at him at once. "Oh! Mr. Joseph Brown, seems you know my son-in-law?" Mr Abraham asked. "Sure."Joseph Brown smiled faintly and turned back to Nathaniel Dave who was very angry. He had lost his happy mood and wished he could do something to hurt this man before him. Why would he come over here? Nathaniel was forced to think of murder, he felt like he may end up killing him sooner or later. He was beginning to become a thorn in his flesh. " Erm...Mr Joseph Brown, please come over here, we are about to commence the party." Mr Abraham said and led Joseph Br
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Chapter 7
Isabel was finding it very difficult to breathe, she slapped Nathaniel Dave's hand that was on her neck repeatedly, she wanted him to take his hand away, she felt like she would die soon. She couldn't breathe. Nathaniel Dave finally let her go, he turned to Cecilia and bent, he kissed her gently on her lips, Isabel couldn't stand such sight, tears formed quickly on her eyes, She will prefer Nathaniel choking her than for him to watch him show affection to someone that does not deserve it. As far as she was concerned, Cecilia do not deserve the love of Nathaniel Dave. She looked away as tears poured easily from her face, she searched around for an handkerchief but couldn't find it, she assumed that she must have forgotten it on the dinning table. She tried as much as possible not to let them notice she was crying, she walked to the dinning and picked up her handkerchief, as she cleaned the tears, more tears poured from her eyes. "Yo
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Chapter 8
Isabel watched Nathaniel Dave's reaction keenly, she couldn't precisely place how Nathaniel Dave felt but she discerned that he seemed shocked about it. "Even if I divorce you, I won't let any man come close to you." He said sternly. I know you can't wait to be a wife to Joseph Brown but that would never happen as long as I'm alive. "You hate me with passion but you won't allow another man love me, Isn't that cruelty?" She questioned. "You even had the gut to speak." Nathaniel Dave pushed the woman away forcefully and walked inside. Isabel felt the weight of his push and fell flawlessly to the floor. She even used a side of her head to hit the wall in the process and it began to bleed. Isabel noticed that blood was streaming from her head and she screamed at once for help but no one came to her rescue, she was too weak to stand. She shouted for help severally thinking that Nathaniel Dave probably didn't hear her shout. 
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Chapter 9
Nathaniel Dave called Felix's number in an attempt to get to Joseph Brown's but it wasn't answered. He became restless and stood at the entrance of his house. If Joseph Brown was to sleep the night with his wife, it implies that they might have sex. That's absurd. He was angry and regretted pushing the woman outside. He had invited Cecilia over to keep his company for the night not necessarily to have sex with her. He felt more disappointed in Isabel who stooped so low to be used by a man that was not her husband. He bite his lower lips painfully and rested his right hand by the side of the door. He wasn't happy at all. Isabel who had gone to hide by the flowers at a side of Nathaniel Dave's villa decided to check if Nathaniel Dave had changed his mind. She had been feeling cold and was looking for where she could stay to get warmt. The flowers were not helping at all. She appeared at the entrance of the house and saw Nathaniel Dav
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Chapter 10
Nathaniel Dave couldn't believe what he just heard. Was it true that he had been in a relationship with Isabel before? He let go of his hands slowly and took a step back. he gazed intensely at the woman. How did the woman knew about the promise he made? It was impossible for her to see his diary, as a matter of fact, his diary of the past fifteen years was kept in his father's house and he had never taken Isabel to his father's house. Cecilia was the first daughter of the Abrahams, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham confirmed it. What was she talking about then? "How did you know about the promise I made?" he questioned. "Cause I was the lady you made the promise to, " she answered. Maybe Isabel had once heard Cecilia talk about it and she was now trying to make it look as if she was the one he made the promise to. Nathaniel Dave didn't believe the woman's word, only that his mind was disturbed. "Don't you remember my face anymore,
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