The Vault

The Vault

By:  Linzvonc  Completed
Language: English
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A series of mature one shots. Over 18s ONLY.. Trigger Warnings ️ Contains all kinds of sex and possessive behaviour. Do NOT read if you aren't comfortable with scenes of a VERY GRAPHIC and descriptive nature. NOT to be mistaken for romance. You have been warned...

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27 Chapters
The Professor
I was going to fail.Again.Every frigging assignment was harder than the last, and I was tired of it. Do well, improve on your sister's grades- she is doing so well, it will be you soon.Frig off.Society's expectations were draining me. Don't get me wrong; I'm clever. Top of my class kinda clever, but I'm not on my genius sisters level, oh no. She is a high profile lawyer, married to a judge. They live in a prestige part of town, and they have two perfect children, thank you very much.Hey, guess what?I don't give a shit.Except, its not worth it to not do well. My parents have promised me everything if I succeed at passing my degree with flying colours. A swanky apartment in the city. Any car I want. An allowance until I'm taken on full time. They are rich, high flyers like my sister. Dad is a partner in a fierce law firm; Mother is a socialite. Not that I need their money, but why not take it?I had the mental capacity to
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The Neglected GF
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Daddies Best Friend
I was so drained after my long shift, all I wanted to do was sleep. My body was aching, and I felt like I was going to nod off any second."Order some food, you need to eat. Then why don't you get a bath and an early night?"My dad peers at me with concern as I yawn, sliding the menu over to look at. I'm kneeling on the kitchen stool whilst Dad glances around, panic setting in on his face."Your passport is here, bro."I look up with surprise to see Nick, my Dad's friend walking into the kitchen. His t-shirt was straining slightly against his toned body, but I avert my eyes and continue to drool over the food instead. Besides, Nick was divorced and way too old for me.What was I thinking?"Hey, Dana."I nod with a smile before Dad grins at me."Nicks gonna run me to the train station, ill be back in two days."He kisses my head as I smile, trying not to yawn again."I'm going to order some food."I pick up
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The Bastard
She'd wanted him for as long as she could remember.He wasn't interested.Why?Marlee wasn't a bad looking woman, she had men offering her dates left, right and centre. She had regular fuck buddies, people she could call when she got horny.But everytime they pounded away at her, she would think of him.Benjamin.She couldn't think of him as Ben- the nickname was too neighbourhood friendly, too guy-next-door.Benjamin wasn't like that.He was a bastard.Silvery blonde hair and deep green eyes that undressed every woman that took his fancy. He knew what he had- effortless sex appeal and charm that no one could refuse. He didn't do relationships, Marlee had seen many women doing the walk of shame minutes after he had finished with them, seeing as she lived across the apartment complex from him.Her window overlooked the hallway that led to the deep black door that led to his chamber of seduction, and she paid close
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The Couple
"Fuck you!""Right back at you, sweetheart," Michael shoots back, slamming the fridge door shut."I'm not going to a dinner with your fucking ex-" Sam screams from the lounge."Fucking Jesus woman! She is my cousin's wife!"Michael slams the beer down on the counter, popping the lid off as he drinks it quickly. His wife was a fucking nightmare."Do I give a shit? I'm your wife, and I'm telling you I'm not going. You've fucked her, Mick!""I was seventeen! You're a psychopath, you know that don't you?"Sam storms in, her green eyes blazing as she stands in front of Michael, her hands on her hips. Michael can't help but admire her as she waves her hands around excessively, shooting her mouth off about some fling he'd had when he was younger. He was thirty-four now, for Christ's sake. His wife was the hottest woman he'd ever seen- yet her temper drove him wild with anger."It's a family dinner for my grandmothers eightieth birthda
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The Best Friend
Sean was attractive, funny, and charming. He was interesting, and according to rumours and his cheeky smirks, he was pretty good in bed. I'd known him for about five years after meeting him through mutual friends, and for some reason, we had just become friends.We'd shared the odd kiss of course, but it was purely drunken frolics before hitting the kebab shop. Nothing sturdy. Nothing of substance. But now, I'd become restless, and bored."You've got that look in your eye."I lift my eyes to meet his, a soft swirl of dark chocolate mixed with liquid honey, contrasting with his pale skin. His hair was so dark it looked almost wet, and it constantly fell into his eyes."Hmm?"I stir my latte, trying to appear bemused."The 'I've got an idea and it involves you' look."I smile then, and I blow on my drink, knowing he is watching me suspiciously."I have got an idea, actually," I say, before taking another gulp of the hot coffee. S
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The Stranger
As soon as I saw him my heart skipped a beat. You know, the way it does when you see something you really want? Well, in this case, mine was a blonde adonis with green eyes that barely glanced in my direction.He disappeared at the end of the aisle and I found myself gazing at rows and rows of pasta. How could there be so many different types of pasta? I shook my head with annoyance, before remembering my husband's voice in my head.'Just pick up a takeout on your way home.'I hated takeout. I wanted to make a thick spaghetti carbonara with oodles of red wine to wash it down. Then I wanted to have sex with my husband on the new sheepskin rug that dominated my lounge without the kids interrupting us for five seconds.Fat chance.I sighed, picking up a bag of spaghetti before turning in the direction of the jars of sauces that were lined up beside it. A scent hit my nostrils, and I felt a shiver run through me. Standing a few feet a
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The Boss
My husband was the sort of man who believed the world owed him something. He was an associate for the mob, collecting money for the higher-ranking members of the Mafia, and any other jobs they wanted him to do. He would never get any further because he wasn't of Italian descent, and he never would be.But that didn't stop him from attempting to mimic them. He even adopted the accent, shelling every last cent we had on the best suit he could buy, simply to look the part."Rosie, baby, make sure you look good tonight. The boss will be there and he will be paying attention to me. Which means you, too."I sighed as I wriggled into my little black dress. Despite it being cheap, I knew I looked good in it. My creamy pale skin contrasted against my dark hair, which I'd curled so that it hung over my shoulder most elegantly. I'd decided to emphasise my green eyes with soft black eyeshadow, lining them with black eyeliner and coats of thick mascara. My plump lips were nu
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The Sex Slave
*SCENES OF FORCED SEX/RAPE. READ WITH CAUTION. 18 PLUS/TRIGGER WARNING.*  "I need you to be my wife for display."Was he joking? A hollow laugh escapes my lips, whilst he cocks an eyebrow at me in disbelief. The two men standing outside the door are heavily armed, and I know with one word from him, I'd be dead. Two years ago I'd been taken from the streets and used as a sex slave for Sold to the highest bidder weekend after weekend, whilst during the week cooking and cleaning the houses I was sent to work in.Today was Monday.My whole body ached, and I could barely believe what Carlos was asking me. Out of the three brothers that headed the family, Carlos was the coldest. This man had given me post traumatic stress disorder from the few times I'd seen him do 'business'. It didn't matter that he was drop dead gorgeous- he was evil."Ria?"I look up when he says my name, swallowing hard. His dark eyes
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The Secret
Mary-Beth He wasn't just off-limits.  Ha, I wish.  At first I thought it was just a childish crush, and I shrugged it off. It was only when we both went to the same party that we crossed the line. I was drunk, but not too drunk. I'd seen him there, and was annoyed that he looked better than any other guy there. The one guy I couldn't have.  Sleeve tattoos that covered his strong forearms that peeked out beneath his black t-shirt. Coarse black hairs that covered his arms. The rough, black beard that hid an exquisite jawline, the slender green eyes that roamed around the room in a bored fashion. His hair fell in front of his eyes as he sipped his drink- whiskey- str
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