Beautiful Adeline: A Mafia Romance

Beautiful Adeline: A Mafia Romance

By:  Angela Lynn Carver  Completed
Language: English
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This story chronicles the life of Damien Sky and Adeline James from their teenage years to adulthood. When Adeline James met Damien Sky in her new high school, she instantly hated him. He was arrogant, obnoxious, and a playboy. She wanted to avoid him at all costs. But Damien felt different. He thought Adeline was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on, and he decided he had to have her no matter what. Much to his dismay, Adeline avoided him like the plague. She thought she could escape him forever, but fate had other plans for her. She realized that no matter what, she could never escape Damien, especially since he had been harboring a secret. A secret that will change her life forever and bind them together. Will she continue to hate him? Or will Damien finally win her heart? ***This book is co-written by Eva Harlowe***

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83 Chapters
1. Meet Cute
Meadowcreek high school, the senior year 2010 Monday morning.Eighteen year old Damien Sky groaned and shivered violently as the cold water dripped down his body. His ideal temperature was steaming hot water. So hot that the entire bathroom was usually hot and foggy, and the water would almost burn his skin.But not today.Today he had to settle with cold water as the hot water would make his wounds sting. The fresh new scars that decorated his back and thigh last night were still raw and painful. When will it end? He thought and sighed as he realized how pointless this question was. He quickly put on some clothes. The fabric rubbed against his scars, but he ignored the pain and hurried to his car. He couldn't be late for class again. Principal Hale would have his head and call his father to his office again. He couldn't have that.He decided to make a quick stop at Robbie's house. Robbie was his best friend
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2. Like a good girl?
"Adeline, wait!"Adeline halted as he heard a deep voice behind her. She had no desire to talk to him.Maybe I should ignore his call and keep walking. Then he'll go away, she thought.It wasn't like she intended to hate him from the beginning. She didn't even know she existed. It wasn't even until Tracy told her about him and what he did to her. She grew to detest him even before she met him. And when she saw him for the first time, her hatred only grew bigger.At first glance, he was extremely good looking. He was tall, lean, and muscular with tanned skin and dark brown hair. And when he smiled at her, his piercing blue eyes twinkled with humor, and dimples teased his cheeks. His smile was dangerous enough to sweep any gir
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3. I bet she tastes as good as she looks
SMACK!Damian looked shocked at first as Adeline's hand landed on his cheek, but then, his lips twisted into a grin.The girl got fire inside, and he liked that. It'll be more fun to try and tame her."What are you smiling about, asshole? Do you think this is a joke?" Adeline was fuming."No, I don't. And I dare you to hit me again, " he said and grabbed her hand. "Go ahead. Use your other hand to hit me again and then see what happens," he said in a low and menacing tone.Adeline shivered. Amusement suddenly disappeared from Damien's eyes, and it was replaced by darkness. He had stopped playing with her. He was starting to get angry.But
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4. Spicy little thing, aren't you
Adeline liked her new school despite the unpleasant encounter with that jerk, Damien. Everyone else seemed nice. Even the girls in her classes were friendly.Girls in her old school never liked her and always made snide remarks about her looks. They were angry about all the attention she received because of it. They called her a slut behind her back, just because she had a nice body. It wasn't like she wanted the boys to lust over her! She never even understood what the big deal was. When she looked in the mirror, all she saw was some average girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. To her, she looked like all the other girls. Nothing special. She wished the boys at school didn't look at her like she was a piece of meat.The bell rang for the last class, so she hurried inside. Hopefully, Damien wasn't in it, she thought to herself. She
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5. Talk rough with me
Damien didn't make it home until after nine pm. He was sweaty and hot. A nice warm shower was the only thing in his mind after having a long day at school and the gym."Hold it right there."His father's voice echoed through the walls before he could make it to the stairs. What now?"Yes, father," Damien sighed. He turned around to face his father's glaring blue eyes."Where the fuck have you been, you little shit? Did you forget what you were supposed to do today?"Shit, he did forget."I'm sorry. I lost track of time," Damien looked away. His father Ivan walked closer, then roughly gripped his shoulder.
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6. Change of heart?
Adeline tried to wash off the icky feelings from the previous day under the running hot water. It was only the first week of school, and she already had to deal with dumbasses like that watered-down version of Damien. What was his name again...Nik? And now it was a new day, and she hoped not to run into those guys or Damien again.She heard the bathroom door open suddenly, and there came Jimmy, casually walking in. She stood there horrified as she heard him peeing. What the fuck?She opened the curtain, covering her naked body with it. "What the hell, Jimmy! I'm in here!" she screamed.Jimmy's lips curled into a smile. He looked at her face and trailed his eyes down as if to try and see her naked body through the curtain. Adeline held the curtain tightly against the body, feeling uncomfortable. "GET OUT!" she cried again."Jeez, Addie, keep your panties on. It's not like you have anything I've never seen before," he
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7. She belongs to me
Thursday morning.Another day at school, but Damien didn't mind because compared to his shitty life out there, school seemed like heaven.The first thing he saw walking down the hallway was Adeline. This time, she wasn't alone. Four girls surrounded her. One of them was Molly."What's your problem? I never did anything to you!" Adeline exclaimed."We don't think a slut like you belongs in our school," Molly grumbled."Oh? Then why are you guys are still here?" Adeline snapped.Damien snickered then kept walking as he didn't want to deal with their girly bullshit. He tried to sneak away before Molly noticed him, but she saw him. Her
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8. I hope you fall
Adeline went to her class in a sour mood. She had no idea why those girls would be mean to her all of a sudden. And why are they calling her a slut? She hadn't even been here long enough to sleep around with boys. She saw Mandy at her desk and smiled. Mandy looked at her and waved. Oh good, at least Mandy was still on her side."Hey Addie," Mandy greeted her as she put her bag down. "Sooo...I need to ask you something.""What's up?""What the hell were you thinking?" Mandy narrowed her eyes.Adeline raised her eyebrows. "What are you talking about?""Why would you accept a ride from Damien Sky of all people? I warned you about him, didn't I?" Mandy said."Well...what's the big deal? I missed the bus today, and I was going to be late for class, and Robbie insisted, so I figured why not," Adeline shrugged."I mean, now everyone in this school will think you
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9. I'm just gonna hurt you really bad
Vanya took Damien back home after they got the job done at the strip club. Damien was still nauseous from the incident. He has had to endure many torments from his father and his men but never had to hurt someone this badly."Finally popped your cherry, eh mal'chik?" Vanya flashed him a toothy grin. Damien didn't respond. He tried not to think about the man's screams, but he could see that face full of agony every time he closed his eyes. Guess tonight's going to be yet another sleepless night.Ivan was waiting for them at the house. He stood up with his hands in his pockets as he saw Vanya and Damien come in. His eyebrows rose inquiringly as he stared at Damien's pale face."What you got?" he asked Vanya directly.Vanya smirked. "Got the job done. He paid up.""Hmm...good work," Ivan looked at Damien. "What's his deal?" he narrowed his eyebrows."I asked Damien to cut the
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10. Did you miss me, moya kroshka?
Adeline couldn't sleep after Damien left. She kept tossing and turning all night, thinking about him. Why did she let him in? She must've been high or something. Or stupid. After spending hours agonizing and overthinking things, she finally dozed off.In the morning, Adeline realized she had overslept as soon as she opened her eyes. She groaned and rushed to take a shower, but by the time she made it downstairs, she heard the school bus leaving. She cursed under her breath and proceeded to walk out the front door but paused as she saw Damien and Robbie waiting for her outside.He can't seem to leave her alone no matter how hard she pushed him away, Adeline thought to herself. She couldn't help but feel a flutter in her stomach."Who's that punk? You fucking him?"She cringed at Jimmy's crude remark behind her. "That's none of your business," she snarled. She didn't want to deal with him this morning. She i
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