Werewolf: Supernatural Bad Boy III

Werewolf: Supernatural Bad Boy III

By:  Jeanette Rico  Completed
Language: English
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Growing up in an institute dedicated to training supernatural killers, the only thing Werewolf alpha, Traeger has ever known is how to fight. Jelena is on vacation with her family when she stumbles upon an Institute of Supernatural killers. However, she can't help but feel this alluringly overwhelming attraction toward Traeger. Traeger never expected to find a mate, but he will do all he can to protect her, even if it means destroying the only home that he's ever known.

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30 chapters
Chapter: 1 Adventurous
Jelena              I can’t believe mom and dad are making me go on this lame summer trip. Last week, my mom complained that we spent too much time on social media and decided we needed to take a family vacation in the middle of nowhere, Montana. Of course, I wasn’t very happy with the decision considering that I’m eighteen, and the thought of spending my summer break with my parents is not the top of my list, but she insisted. One of her former college roommates owns a cottage in the woods, which goes with my mom’s idea of getting us off the grid.              Blech! Kill me now!              As I’m angrily packing my bag, my mom walks in with my little brother Jesse in her arms. Jesse is four years old and as cute as a button,
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Chapter 2: So close but yet so far
TraegerI love running in the woods as I search for prey. Lifting my nose up in the air, I inhale the scent of the pine trees and the fresh air. Two of my pack members, Arsenal and Grey, do the same as they run behind me.               The moon is out, and we’re one with nature. We’re all trying to catch a deer before the Institute calls us in.Arsenal nudges his chin to the trees up ahead and narrows his eyes. “I smell something ahead, Traeger.”I nod my head in agreement as we traverse through the wild terrain. My pack and I have lived in the Lycan Research Institute all our lives. We’re part of an elite group of Lycans chosen from birth to be soldiers and have spent all of our lives training for war.According to the Insitute’s top scientist, I am the alpha of my team. Even though I’m only twenty-two years old, I have a great deal of training in f
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Chapter 3: I guess it’s not so bad
 JelenaThe drive was arduous and boring, to say the least. I thought we’d never get here. My dad followed the GPS all the way, and my mom tried to keep us distracted with road games, but I honestly considered jumping out of the car’s window at some point. Thankfully, we could get here sooner than expected, but it was still a pain to deal with Jesse.   The whole place is filled with trees. I look at my phone, and it shows no bars. I guess my mom is finally getting her wish because we are definitely in the middle of nowhere with no Wi-Fi or fun. The cabin is large, made up of wood like the kind you see in camping movies. The rest of the area is made up of plants and trees. Miles and miles of trees. Once my dad parks the car, my mom releases my baby brother from his car seat and lets the little weirdo run loose. The little brat lets out a whoop and runs up to the front door. The freaking kid is a hazard. Sighing with contentment, my mom wr
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Chapter 4: A gift from the heavens
Chapter 4: A gift from the heavensTraegerGrey’s fist flies towards me, but I manage to block it. Leaning close, I kick out and knock him onto his back. We’ve been working on fighting tactics since four in the morning. Thankfully, Lycans don’t need much sleep. Sweat trickles down my face and chest with my exertions. At around ten in the morning, Dr. Shepard walks into the gym and calls out to us. Our gym is large with high-end exercise equipment and an octagon for sparring.Dr. Shepard is an older man with gray hair and a bald head. His right-hand man, Dr. Spencer, claps loudly, indicating that he needs our attention. We all stop and stand in attention like the good little soldiers we are. Dr. Shepard tightens his lips and clears his throat loudly. “It’s time for breakfast, boys. Meet us back here when breakfast is over. There are a few tests that we need to run before you go back to your training. You may go.”Once he
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Chapter 5: It’s too tempting to resist
 JelenaJesse and Ricky beat me several times at connect four. After an hour of playing, I bow out and head to my room. Once I step into my bedroom, I’m drawn back to the balcony doors. I don’t know why, but I felt a presence following me when I walked back to the house this morning. It was odd because the presence felt comforting. I wanted to turn around and ask it to come out. It scared me how bad I wanted, whoever it was to come out, so I kept quiet and said nothing.Closing my door, I remove my clothing and head over to the shower. As the water courses down my body, I can’t help but remember last night’s dream of a wolf’s eyes roving over me. He was so alluring. My body heats at the mere thought of having him inside of me. Too bad he’s not real. Running my hands down my chest, I scrape my nipples and caress my fingers down my stomach until I reach the juncture of my thighs. My clit throbs between my legs as water dro
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Chapter 6: My heart revealed
TraegerArsenal, Grey, and I are running through the obstacles this morning. But our obstacle is not the kind that you imagine a normal human would use. This one has deadly blades, spikes, and fire pits. If you miss the mark, you’re dead. I run through the motions, never missing a beat, which is strange considering that my thoughts are filled with thoughts of her. I need to see her. The need is tearing me apart. After we run through the obstacle, we all head towards our rooms. I pace for a few moments feeling like a caged animal. The urge to see her is nearly overwhelming in its veracity. Unable to take it any longer. I head back out of the Institute. The guards pay me no notice since I routinely leave the Institute for a jog.It doesn’t take me long to get to the lagoon. Same as yesterday, I crawl up the stone wall, mindful of keeping my presence hidden. Almost as if I imagined her, the girl appears before me. This time she’s in a thin white
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Chapter 8: Mixed feelings
TraegerI can’t believe that I’ve spoken to her and touched her. She’s incredible. I didn’t know what to say. I touch the cheek where she laid her lips and feel energized, powerful, and frustrated at the same time. When I get to the Institute, I’m met by Dr. Shepard. Tightening my jaw, I let my guard up and maintain a blank expression. Over the years, I have learned that maintaining a calm expression is the best way to keep the researchers off my back. The last thing I want is for them to find out about Jelena or any feelings I might have for her. “Traeger? Out for a jog again?” Dr. Shepard asks with a feigned familiarity. I nod my head, not giving an inch. “Yes, sir.” The doctor gives me the once-over before he replies. “You know Traeger, your training has been exceptional. Is there something you wish to tell me? Any difficulties?” I shake my head, remaining stoic. “No, sir. Everything is well.” St
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Chapter 7: Oh, Glorious Sight
 JelenaI can’t believe what I’m seeing. One moment I’m about to be torn to shreds by a giant wolf, and the next, a gorgeous guy tosses the wolf-like a feather against a tree. He’s built. His body is golden with muscle. He’s at least a few inches over six feet. His hair is pitch black, and his eyes are the color of steel. I gasp in shock when he moves closer and peruses his gaze down my body. We stand there in silence for a few moments. I don’t know what to say. What I do know is that he’s the one that was watching me yesterday and today. My eyes roam across his body again. The only thing he’s wearing is a pair of black cargo shorts that fall low over his six-pack abs to the v of his stomach. I lick my lips at the sight of the large bulge between his legs. I want to lick him. My body heats, and my heart speeds up. I’m getting wet. The man sniffs the air in an animalistic way, then roams his eyes across my body
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Chapter 9: Missing you
 JelenaFor the past two days, I’ve gone back to the lagoon, but Traeger never showed up. Frustrated by his absence, I refuse to go back. It hurts that he didn’t show up. Horny and Frustrated, I wipe a stray tear away and lie back on my bed. I don’t understand why I feel this way. I barely know him. What is this hold he has on me? Something in my mind echoes that it’s more than a hold, but I quickly reject the idea. My mind wanders back to our earlier encounter. I can’t help but think about how aroused and consumed he made me feel.A knock on the door interrupts my thoughts. It’s my dad. “Lena, pumpkin, we’re going to go to build a campfire out front. Let’s go, sweetheart.” I watch the shadow of his feet move beneath the door and wipe my eyes. “Okay, dad. Let me finish getting dressed. I’ll meet you guys there.” He hesitates for a moment. “Okay, sweet, but you better hurry
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Chapter 10: Here I go again
TraegerIt has been several days since I left her. When the alarm resounded, a switch turned on in my brain, urging me to leave. I didn’t know what to say, so I ran. To my regret, I went back to the lagoon to find her, but she wasn’t there. I went back a few more times, but she never came back.  Every time I go back to the Institut, I feel resentment growing inside of me. Because if it weren’t for the interruption of the alarm, I’d have already been with her. Even after days of not seeing her, my body is still aroused. I’ve also been unable to sleep at night. All I can think about is her mouth and body. My frustration has risen to such a level that my fighting has become more aggressive. Every time I kick, punch, or shoot something, I imagine it is the Institute’s researchers.Arsenal and I are sparring when I land a hard shot to his sternum. He falls on the floor, clutching his chest and choking as the air constricts in
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