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This is the story of Siya Parker-an 18 year old ,simple and innocent girl who is in love with Andrew Williams.But fate has something else in store for her when she is forced to marry a 38 year old arrogant actor,David King ,who loves and lives just for his only daughter Amanda King.Will Siya become the Queen of his heart or will she be heartbroken. READ TO FIND OUT

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46 chapters
Character Introduction
  Siya Parker- an 18-year-old kind, naive, and unbelievably innocent girl who loved and believed everyone. She was bullied by her own parents and siblings, but she bore everything thinking that they are her family. She was in love(or so she thought) with an Uprising American Singer Andrew Williams. He was so much in love with her, but due to a misunderstanding, he did not trust her and did something really stupid and ultimately lost her.David King- a 38-year-old famous American actor, and a rich and arrogant billionaire who loved his one and only daughter Amanda. He would go to any extreme just to make his daughter happy. What would happen when the naive Siya is forced by the arrogant actor to marry him for the sake of his daughter's happiness. Will she find love or will s
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1.Siya...just a plain and ordinary girl
Siya's POV "Siya...Siya...Where the hell are you? Oh..the queen decided to starve us today. Get your ass up here fast and make breakfast for us you unworthy girl", my mom's harsh scolding woke me up with a jerk. This was nothing new to me. Every single day has begun like this for me for as long as I can remember.Have you ever felt unloved? Have you ever felt unwanted and left out by your own family? Have you felt lonely when you are standing between a sea of people? If you have not, then welcome to my world. It is my life, and this is my story. Let me introduce myself...I am Siya Parker, or in short, I'm just Siya...just a plain and ordinary girl. There is nothing extraordinary about me. Neither am I smart nor am I beautiful. Mostly I'm invisi
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2.My Drew
Siya's POVHollywood, a year agoOn that fateful day, as usual, I was rushing from my college to reach the studio as I had a small rehearsal for a backtrack song at K Musix Studios. As I was hurrying my way towards my destination, I accidentally bumped into a wall and was about to fall. But the wall held me tightly, preventing me from falling. As I opened my eyes, I found myself gazing into a pair of beautiful chocolate brown eyes, and as my gaze trailed down, I could see soft pink lips. I mentally scoffed as I felt like a pervert.While I was literally drooling over the wall, the wall spoke to me, "Excuse me, sweety. Are you alright?"And I gave him my epic reply.."&nbs
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3.His Amy?
Siya's POVBeverley Hills, a year agoStanding alone in the corner of this enormous mansion filled with people, I felt somewhat like an outcast. Really, being alone would not have felt this lonely than the loneliness I felt among these high-class people. The elegance of the mansion made me feel flabbergasted. There were massive chandeliers that were sparkling, screaming out the elegance and luxury of the villa.I was wearing a beautiful purple gown, which Drew gifted me a few months back for the success party. It was so thoughtful of Drew, otherwise given a chance, I would have worn my favorite Jeans and crop top for the party and definitely embarrassed him. What...I'm a casuals person. I don't understand why people get decke
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4.My Childhood Crush
    Siya's POVThe party was on full swing. Amanda, Nick, Serena, and Mrs.Williams were engaged in conversation. Soon Zayna and Mr.Black, I mean Jason, joined them. From their discussions, I found out that my brother in law was Nick's cousin.Drew was busy meeting his guests. Even though he was in the middle of a sea of people congratulating him, I could feel his reassuring gaze on me.Sometimes I feel scared of his love for me; do I really deserve it? I have questioned myself a thousand times. All these years, I have been praying to God to send someone to love me unconditionally, and I feel Drew is the answer to my frantic prayer. He is like a rainbow that appeared in my rainy life.The party was a private one, which means no media; only Drew's family, friends, and other celebrities close to him were present, which was a relief.I was getting bored, so I excused myself and decided to move around. I
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5.Be Mine forever
       Siya's POV"This guy is crazy. I mean, who would just place a hex on a person he just met."I mentally cursed Ian."True...but he is cute kind of crazy." my subconscious mused."What...he isn't cute...he is a wicked warlock" How dare he say that I won't get an autograph from David. He is such a heartless person."I mentally profaned him."But why do you need his autograph now...I mean, you have Drew could always get his autograph.""Why would I ask Drew for an autograph when he is mine."

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6.It's Mr.Addington for you
Siya's POVThe guests started congratulating us one by one. But it was apparent that few people were disappointed by Drew's proposal to me. One of them was Drew's mother. She did not hide her feelings.She repeatedly told Drew that I was only 17 and Drew is still young to get married, and he should concentrate on his music career for now. Drew started convincing her that we were not getting married today and will marry only a year later. Mr. Williams was happy for us, and he started convincing his wife along with Drew.Amanda gave a hug to Drew and congratulated him while she avoided me. All the while, David was holding Amanda, caressing her like he was comforting her distress. After congratulating Drew, they both left the party.

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7.Will you marry me?
 Beverley Hills, present daySiya's POVToday is the day I was waiting for almost a year now-the day Drew and I will finally become one, our wedding day. I stared at the mirror to see a different girl staring at me back. The wedding gown I wore was having an off-shoulder sweetheart neckline with butterflies embedded on it. It's the dream of every girl to look pretty on their wedding day, and the gown was probably doing the job pretty well. I wanted to look pretty only for my Drew and no one else. A blush crept up my cheeks as I thought of my future with Drew.Our wedding was held in a prestigious hotel. Still, Drew and I had decided to keep the low wedding we invited only a few people like both our families, h
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8.I trust You
Author's POVSiya ran from there without any sense of direction with teary eyes. She felt like her soul had been ripped from her. Why didn't Drew trust her? Why did he choose to believe those lies? Hadn't he loved her enough? He knew her inside out, then why he decided to consider a bunch of lies over her. Was she not good enough for him?.. Was their love that weak?.., or was it even love? She wondered in her mind. All these questions were breaking her heart.Siya cursed herself for having such a cruel destiny. All she wanted was nothing but happy and content life with her Drew. But that was nothing but an unattainable dream for her now. With trembling legs, she continued to run away from the hotel. Her emotional state made her weak, and her head started spinning when she reached the car park. She felt feeble a
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9.I'm perfectly straight
Siya's POVIan was continuously talking to me about random things. I knew he was trying to distract me. But my fragile mind kept on going back to the events that happened today. I was repeatedly drowning myself in self-pity. I kept on imagining how things would have been different if I had not been framed by Adrian. Drew and I would have been married by now and would have been happy in each other's arms. Tears were threatening to fall down from my eyes at the mere thought, but I held them back, for I knew Ian would definitely yell at me.He is the only consolation I have right now in my grief-filled life. And I am really thankful to the Gods for sending me a friend like him."Did you sign any papers while you were in the hospital ?" he asked sudd
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