Finding Us

Finding Us

By:  Amberdorn  Completed
Language: English
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There are three things Deborah love: stargazing, sewing and Eric — her best friend. However, only the first she easily has within her grasp while the other two she struggles to keep and claim. Finding Us is more than just a story: it's also a relatable journey to self-discovery with harsh turns and the need for a happy ending. DISCLAIMER: certain events/scenes might be found triggering, therefore, the reader's discretion is advised.

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48 Chapters
Author's Note
It's finally here!Finding Us, formerly known as ‘Crazy About Boys | Finding The One’ when it was originally written on Wattpad, is a New Adult Fiction novel, which is a subgenre of Romance. Since there isn't a New Adult Fiction tag, I'm forced to use the Romance tag. However, there isn't much of a difference, except the aforementioned explains the book better.A few character names, their personality, location and event have been changed to give this book meaning. Not to worry, all your favourite characters still exist but with a twist that ensures a better story! Words or phrases spoken in another language (that is not English) will be written in italics and interpreted at the end of each chapter.This story you're about to read is fictional but relatable in so many ways. I hope it teaches you a thing or two.Happy reading!Amberdorn.
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1: Freedom!
I've always dreamt of living alone.This isn't because I don't like my family (they're the best); neither is it because I have something under my sleeves. It's because I love the picture painted on the internet. I like the idea of being the one to make decisions on what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat. I love that I could go out and come home whenever I wanted without being hassled upon my return; the freedom to embrace the cold air with my naked body. I love all the pros that come with living alone because this equals absolute freedom — something I've never really had the chance to experience.Like most Nigerian parents, mine expect me to follow a set of rules without contradictions or refusal. Don't go to your friend's place or go out with them, they might be occult members scheming your initiation. Once you come home from school, it's straight to your homework and no staying out late — 6 pm is the curfew. Your fri
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2: A piece of advice
Mom's piece of advice was short, yet weighty. Those words mean so much but can be easily disregarded if paid little to no attention.“Remember whose daughter you are.”This means to behave as you have been trained to; to let your words and actions tell you come from a good home. In conclusion, don't go over there and fuck up.After she said that, it was as if a weight was put on my shoulder. The freedom I had been craving so much for suddenly felt like an opportunity to go there and lose myself, in the parties, boys, lavish and vague lifestyle and various other distractions.I've never been a straight-A Student, so imagine how disappointing it'll be if I allow myself to get distracted. My life would be over. Finito.I only get restless as I continue pondering on my mom's words, so I sit up and reach for my phone. During times like these — apart from music — there's only one person who can make these kinds of
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3: Stupid NEPA
Federal University of Lagos, F.U.L — not the catchiest of names when pronounced as a word — however, it's one of the biggest Federal University in Nigeria. It's famous for the bright minds it's produced and infamous for the wayward that either dropout or eventually graduate.After we graduated High school, unlike my mates, I wanted to stay back a year to learn to sow clothes. I had an interest in cutting up and sewing clothes to make replicas of various patterns — sometimes with a slight or numerous difference(s) — and I was lucky to have a mom who's a talented seamstress. Aside from my parents liking my idea (since it'll be a means to make money while in school), it was also so much easier for me to stay back because even Eric wanted to learn something before going to school. He was interested in graphic designing, which is totally unrelated to his field of study, Medicine and Surgery. He wante
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4: TDH
My stupid alarm refused to ring.I'd set it to go off by six, so I'd get enough sleep but still wake up early to have time to get ready for school. However, the stupid thing decided to disappoint me. Although my phone shows me I missed the alarm, I can bet it's lying. There was no way.... My sentence trails off as I recollect blocking my ears with my pillow at the sound of the alarm.“Mtcheew. It's a lie. That didn't happen.”On my way to my wardrobe, I stop to glare at my door, flaring my nose. It was the sound of Amanda singing loudly that woke me up. As much as I'm grateful for it, I can't help how angry I feel. It doesn't make any sense: praying loudly. My dad does it all the time. He sings and prays at the top of his voice and there's no stopping him. Because... Well, because I like my life.I finish taking a shower and I'm a
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5: Overprotective much?
Till the end of the day, no lecturer enters the hall — even though it's already the second week of resumption — and I'm grateful that I listened to Eric when he said we shouldn't wait.There were many Ither things we needed to do upon resumption and I didn't know about this until Eric informed me. We still had to print some important documents from the student portal, have them signed, make photocopies and submit. According to Eric, we won't be considered students if in our final years these documents aren't in the administrative office.But all I hear Eric say as he explains all we have to do is work, work, work. I was wishing we'll get to sit one place, gist and laugh. But no! We have to work, work, work.By 4, I'm exhausted and thankfully —  even though we're not finished — the offices are closed and we're told to come back the following day.“Your house isn't that far from school,”  Eric tells me a
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6: Hello, beautiful I
It's during the third week of resumption that the lecturers finally decide to take interest in teaching us, however, we all start to wish they give us a break. There's barely time to relax and regroup before the next lecturer enters.It's only a few minutes past one before our schedule clears temporarily. I'm on my way out of the hall with Eric, when a demanding voice stops me in my tracks. It sounds like it's for me, so I turn and see the lecturer pointing my way. When I put my hand to my chest he nods.“I'm coming,” I tell Eric.Before he can ask where I'm going, I'm on my way to the lecturer, Mr Alabi V. Ogunjimi. He's our CHM 110 (Introduction to Organic Chemistry) lecturer, whose class we finished a few minutes ago and apparently, a prestigious lecturer whose tremendous deeds caused the school to name a hall after him. “Good afternoon, sir," I greet.
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7: Hello, beautiful II
When we walk through the wicket-gate of my hostel, I'm glad to see there's light. The caretaker didn't really lie. This place is a different breed of Lagos.“You guys are enjoying light here o," Eric says as we approach the stairwell.“You guys don't have light like this?"“Have light ke? It's mostly at night and that one doesn't pass two hours before they take it.”“Ah-ah. So how do you guys survive? Where do you charge your phone?”“One of my flatmates brought gen when he resumed, and that's what we're using. He's connected it so everyone in our flat has light when it's on. We all just contribute for fuel.”“Wow. That guy is nice o. If it's some people, they won't care.”“Harry is a cool guy. He's not greedy in any way.”We get to my flat and I'm surprised to see an unfamiliar face coming out of the room next to Amanda's, an older guy behind h
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8: The pant thief
Annie sings at the top of her voice while Amanda prays like she wants to pull the heavens down, when all I want to do is get a minutes sleep before my alarm rings.“Buzzzzzz!” Too late, my phone blares and I sit up, throwing my pillow to the floor.My nose flares as I huff. Clenching my hands into fists, I prepare to give those girls a piece of my mind. But after a while, I calm myself down. As much as I mean no harm, one of them might see it the wrong way — like I'm overreacting. In the end, things will only get worse for me. Clumping over to my phone on the table, I dismiss the alarm. As I'm about to go to my wardrobe, my phone rings, causing my heart to lurch upwards. For the past week, Mr Victor won't stop calling. Every morning and night, he calls and also sends a text — none of which are appropriate. I wish to tell Eric, bu
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9: An unwanted surprise
It's a Sunday morning and although I should be in bed, I'm all over the place trying on clothes upon clothes.I haven't been to Eric's place before, since he's mostly always coming over to mine. So, since he couldn't make it today, I decide to go over instead. The materials for my joint business with Dare have been bought the day before. I ran out of thread last night, and since it's a Sunday, hardly any shops are opened.Once I'm done dressing up, I grab my bag, food flask. On my way out, I meet Amanda in the hallway."Good morning," she says."Good morning.""I see you're also on your way to church."I spot the Bible in her hand. "Oh. No, I'm on my way to a friend's.""So you won't
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