A Dark Touch

A Dark Touch

By:  Meli2009  Ongoing
Language: English
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On Harlow Gage's first day at the Crescent school, her attention is captured by the strangely familiar Michael Collins. She soon discovers he isn't an ordinary guy; he was far from it. Actually, he was the impeded of destruction- everywhere he went, death follow. Michael collins was a monster and everyone knew it. Meeting him, it was their own personal nightmare. He was cruel, heartless and just...evil. He murders like it was an everyday chore and never did he show an emotion other than hatred. Especially, for her. Harlow Gage, an impetuous seventeen year old werewolf who dreamt of finding her mate just like any other. But, fate couldn't help but pair them together. Will she be able to get her happy ending she had dreamt about? Or will her dreams be her downfall?

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68 chapters
A Safe Place
ON THIS MOONLESS NIGHT, even the silhouettes are gone. The usual friendly smattering of stars is obscured utterly by dense cloud. Ordinarily, she would stay in underneath her old blankets on a night like this, but today it was different. These few hours that withered away so fast were her last.   So, she took every advantage she had, taking it all in basking in the sheer freedom of the quietness of the world at this time.   The coldness of the slate tiles and its dampness seeped through the thin polyester trousers Harlow had stolen from her mum. With knees pulled tight to my pronounced rib cage, she shivered at the late-night chill. In this poor light, the roof-tops spread in every direction like a great grey serpent with rectangles scales.   Only the red bricks chimneys ruined the illusion, but in this light, they were just as monochromatic as everything else, the slate, the swirling smog, the streets that were never de
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New Place, New You
THE HOUSE TO HER NAN'S PLACE STOOD BOLD. Those bricks were laid one at a time, perhaps on a fine spring day. She let Her eyes wander the roughness and how each is very straight. Her Grandparents made this house with love, that's for sure.   "Harlow!" Her Nan came rushing out, ill or not. She was always excited to see her only grandchild, just as Harlow was happy to see her too.    "Nan," Harlow felt no reluctance to run and meet her Nan halfway. She was embracing her tight.   There is no gem, no diamond, more significant than her Nan. Though life crushed her, though she suffered, she shone brightly for her and her mother. She showed them that one could survive and learn to thrive, find the good stuff, and have genuine gratitude.   She was a lady of admiration, and for sure, Harlow looked up to her.    "Look at you." She says, pulling slightly away. "You've grown since t
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All These Voices...
THE BUS ROCKS HER FROM SIDE TO SIDE. As she travels these not so familiar roads, her brains afforded the time to daydream or rest. She hadn't slept well last night, something about this place that had her hairs crawling.   Everything seemed so normal, yet something felt so very off. It could've just been that she didn't particularly want to permanently live here, as horrible as the people were there...at least she was familiar with everything there. Here, she didn't even know where to go besides her nan's house.   Some chatter, their voices rising and blending in the sweet ritual of friends. Some absorb themselves in music; others drift into worries that will erase themselves on arrival when their body rejoins the world of moving and speaking to others. And so it goes on that way, all of us together and separate, feeling all the same turns and bumps.   The bus ride is her meditation. The same chill music in her earbuds,
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The Ball
"I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOU WERE LINDA'S GRAND-DAUGHTER," Mia mumbled, "I didn't even know she had any kids in the first place...she very private."   Harlow couldn't agree more; Mia didn't know her nan to be very sociable, especially since her husband had died. Maybe her nan and she weren't so different after all. Both hated socialising, yet both were sort of forced into dealing with it.   If she could escape the world, she would. But how could you escape something so big? It's easy; you just can't. Especially the world.   "Yeah...She is." Harlow agreed, not knowing what else she could say to her. She closed her locker and turned towards Mia, who stood in front of her, next to her locker, bored. Her back and her head leaned against the blue lockers, her arms across her chest.   She has been so nice all day, showing her around the school and keeping her company during lunch, the most intimate part of the
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Do I Know You?
THE FRONT DOOR CLICKED TO A CLOSE. "Harlow is that you hun." Her mom's voice boomed from the kitchen.   "Yeah." She responded instantly, dropping her backpack on the floor. Her mom was sat on the dinning table typing away on her laptop, papers scattered the surface of the table. "What's all of this?" She question, grasping one of the papers between her hands scanning it over.   "My résumé." She swiftly replied, to focus on what was on her laptop than to spend a moment to gain a look at Harlow, not that she minded  anyways.   "Oh." Was all she said, her mom was applying for a job this quickly.   "How was school?" Her mom asked. Still furiously typing away on those keyboards, it was like she was superhuman or something, multitasking. Something Harlow could never do, her attention spam was non-existence. Mostly everything distracted her, and sometimes it was frustrating and sometimes it was not.Read more
Deja VU
HIS BACK EYES, they just never left her mind. They stayed ingrained within her head,  the black the colour of her now comfort for the heart and soul, in his black eyes, she saw home. She saw a glimpse of the eternal, of serene divinity. Yet, at the same time, she couldn't help but feel disappointed at that thought. He had left without a word.   The scene just kept on replaying within her mind, an emotionless expression upon his face and the coldness within his eyes, really it told her everything she needed to know, but... questions still roamed her mind, swarming with theories; of who he could be, who was he? Why didn't he stay? What was his name? Why didn't he speak?   "Harlow, honey, are you okay?" Her nan says, causing her head to instantly wipe around to see her nan in the driver's seat, holding onto the steering wheel as she looked at the road ahead.   Was she okay? In all honesty, she felt far more okay; okay
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Pain And Trouble
HARLOW SLAMMED HER HAND ON HER BEEPING ALARM CLOCK. The alarm clock in platinum chrome sings each morning, signalling the transition from sleepy dreams to wakeful happenings.    After yesterday, she wanted today to be different. Typical, just like the rest of her days were. Throwing her legs over her baed, she sat up, rubbing her eyes for a good five minutes before she ever attempted moving. Early mornings weren't her thing, especially if the school was involved.   Standing up, she walked towards her bathroom. Harlow still felt the uneasy feeling in her gut that someone potentially might've been in her room. She'd even asked her mom and nan if they'd gone in her room to open the window, and they'd said no. Alarm bells went off at that point; it defiantly confirmed that someone had been in there. She was sure of it and knowing that it never eased the feeling she felt inside.   The water fell into her hands, and she s
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Chasing A Ghost
HARLOW COULDN'T HELP BUT PLAY WITH HER FINGERS, scratching at them within her lap, anything to drive away from the nervousness she felt in this moment. "Have I done something?" She asked anxiously.   Everything about this situation was not ideal for her; being called into the headmistress office always meant you did something wrong, but it was only her second day here; she can't recall doing anything out of line. At least she didn't think so?   All she wanted was a normal, stress-free day. That's all she asked for, and it defiantly wasn't a lot.   The headmistress entangles her hands together, laying them on her desk as she leaned into them. Her back straightened in front of her. A composed look emitted, her seriousness ladened behind her eyes, which seemed to hold a secret Harlow didn't know. If it weren't for the hectic whirling anxiety that was like a hurricane inside her, she would have asked her about it. &n
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A Bruised Soul
SCHOOL HAD ENDED AN HOUR AGO; after having to pick herself up from whatever that was, her day went by pretty quickly. The moment she had come home, her feet had made her go into her room. Avoiding the two people she loved so much, but she felt drained.   Her mind raced with theories about where the burning pain came from, but initially, her mind constantly came up black. Maybe she was ill, had food poisoning or stress. Stress was the one number one on her list. For the past two days, that's all she's felt.   Stress and panic, fear consumed her entity. Everything felt so off, she felt off, and now her body was failing her.   What else was there for her to experience? From the unknown suspect of someone breaking into her room to finally finding out the actual name of her mysterious mate.   Her body collapsed on her mattress, her face smudged into the softness of her duvet cover. It constricted her brea
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Under Attack
"MICHAEL COLLINS."  Just hearing his name brought chills running up and down her spine. They had to get out of here. This place, this pack, was going to be a graveyard after everything goes down. Harlow couldn't believe this was happening; obviously, she had a vague idea that it would happen but not this soon. Besides, Harlow thought her new Alpha prepared this pack for this sort of thing, but she guesses he wasn't.   "Harlow, sweetheart, we need to leave." She heard her nan say,  it was then that she realised that her mom was nowhere to be found. Everyone she knew was here; her nan, Mia and Ryan...so where was her mom? When she had gone to sleep, she was in the house, downstairs.   "Where's my mom?" Harlow asked, her voice breaking slightly. Already her brain was thinking the unthinkable, had her true mate obliterated her from existence. She hoped not.   'Oh, God!'   Where was she
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