The Devil Wore A Brown Suit Series

The Devil Wore A Brown Suit Series

By:  Lillith Mykals Kennedy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Perdition and her brother are the children of Lucifer and Venus. They are born with an obligation to oversee Eden. However, their parents have no intention of allowing that to happen. The siblings are hidden in the underworld but lead completely different existences in that world, all the while believing their mother had perished. When a priest finds his way into the underworld, he sets into motion events that change everything. Perdition's brother escapes the underworld, leaving Perdition in a hell of of her own and seeks out his mother on the topside. Perdition eventually escapes and the ultimate journey begins.

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41 Chapters
Part One Perdition Chapter One
Part one Perdition Chapter one   The fires burned black as Bowen and Labith struggled out of the black smoldering pit to find Daniel. He was gone. He escaped through a small opening between the underworld and the topside. Bowen and Labith have been the caretakers of Daniel and Izzy since they were relocated to the underworld by their father. They were in hiding from Gabriel. The underworld was the only place Gabriel could not come. Bowen’s greatest fear was that Gabriel would find Daniel and force him into the garden. Bowen knew he had to find him quickly. Bowen and Labith could only be out of the underworld for a short period of time before the underworld would start calling to them. KoKo was left behind to locate Izzy. She was nowhere to be found. Lucifer put him in charge of finding his only daughter. He could not lose her. Not now. He needed her with him in
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Part One Perdition Chapter Two
Chapter Two Topside was a huge tropical land. It was beautiful. There were fruit trees, beautiful lakes, and amazing shorelines. Topside was a wonderland for humanity. They designed it to give them everything they could want.The garden was full of fruits and vegetables. The garden is where they found Venus.After the battle, she found her way to the gates of the garden. It was no longer protected by angels. They left it abandoned.She had to find a place to hide. She knew they marked her for death. She wanted to survive for her children. The garden would provide her sanctuary until she could find a way into the underworld to rejoin Lucifer and the children. The garden was still just as majestic as the day they created it. Venus had been there when the garden was formed. She watched as they put each tree in its place. She knew every rock in the garden. This was not her first or second trip to the garden. She
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Part one Perdition Chapter Three
Chapter three Daniel and Izzy were two children that escaped from a life of service. They have been hidden for so long. Izzy loved her life here in the underworld. She wanted nothing more.Daniel had missing puzzle pieces his entire life. He wanted to find the answers. He just did not know where to look. Until the priest showed up to corrupt Daniel and destroy the nice life they had built in the underworld. He had all the answers. He knew everything or was he lying?The day everything went wrong was the day a young priest landed in the underworld. They marked him for Bowen. He must’ve been bad to land on Bowen’s table. No one knew what. He was well known, well-loved, and well respected. Why would a priest be marked for Bowen? What could he possibly have done?Bowen decided this would be an easy one. There was some mistake that would be fixed. This would not be his usual punishment. He decided this wo
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Part One Perdition Chapter Four
Chapter four He knew his sister visited lost souls and tried to help them. He decided he would tag along and see if he could find out where Isaac was. If he could free him he could see his mother and find out what is going on and why he needs to be hidden from the Angels. Daniel walked to his sister’s room. When he arrived at her door he leaned on it and gave her a smirk. “Hey sis what’s on the agenda for the day? Are you going to save the souls or some other charity work?” He was hoping to tag along but did not want her to know that he needed her right now.He walked toward her. “You know it’s really dangerous for you to go alone. Maybe I should go with you today? Everyone is in some sort of an uproar over a guest in the chamber.”She could see he was up to something. She loved him and was happy for him to go but she knew it was not for her well-being. “Come on Damna
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Part One Perdition Chapter Five
Perdition POV I am out of the void. I escaped from the underworld my brother left me to endure. He left me!  He left me to die. He had no concern for me only the priest.He found his way to the priest and escaped the underworld. Bowen searched for him and me for years. No one could release me from the underworld. No one could get me out. I was the only one who could get me out. They could not locate Daniel. Isaac cloaked him. My mother was protecting him from the underworld and the golden city. I do not understand why she protected him. She left me to die.She was only concerned with the stronger twin. I was nothing to her. I am going to kill her and my brother. I will end this torment.As I was lying in my hell, I could hear my brother. I could hear Isaac. I know he is with my mother and I know they have terrible plans for the topside humans. I heard all the plans they were making but I could do nothing but li
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Part One Perdition Chapter Six
Chapter six “What are you thinking P? Are you ok?” Camilla asks. “What happened to me?” I asked her.I must’ve fainted. My heart is beating out of my chest.  I cannot catch air; I cannot… I need air, my lungs and my chest hurt. I am not sure what is going on. Am I OK? I am a celestial. This is not supposed to happen. 1 2 3 I continue counting in my head.Sam picks me up and places me on the couch. I am cradled in his arms. I need to rest.“Can I sleep here awhile Sam?” I drift off. I can hear their voices. “It's a lot for her to take in at once. She loves her brother Sam.” I hear Camilla’s sweet voice. I concentrate on the music I hear playing. I sleep. I am a child in the underworld.I see Labith. I see my mother figure, my protector. “Labith what have you done?” I scream myself awake.I am still cradled in Sam’s
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Part One Perdition Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven  Day two I am awake I am still here. This is not a dream. I am out of the void. I am surrounded by witches and I am sleeping above a frog green bar. Strange how everything has happened, one day I am rotting in the void and then I am here seeking something so familiar to me. I am here and I will do my job. I will find my brother. Every person here has so much faith in me. I have no faith in myself. Yes, I know I am perdition. I am the one to stop it all. I am trying to wrap my head around all this and I can’t seem to focus.For now, I will focus on getting out of bed and meeting this Ryan person. He knows how to find Damnation. He is the one they need to be thanking not me. They all seem to think I am the savior of their world. I am just a girl with daddy issues and a crazy brother and evidently a psycho mother. I am not sure if I can focus beyond the day. I am just going to get through the day. I will meet Rya
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Part One Perdition Chapter Eight
Chapter eight    Day threeI am still at the farm. I do not want to leave. Why can I not just stay here? I know I cannot stay here. There is so much to be done and as quickly as possible. I feel so connected here. This place feels like home. “This is your home Perdition.” I hear a voice speaking to me but I am not sure who it is. I am losing my mind. The void was hard on me. My mind keeps going back to it. I have spent my life not belonging anywhere. I do not belong in the underworld, I do not belong in the void, and I do not belong here. I feel lost. I am hurting. I want to talk to my father. I have so many questions for him. I want him to know I am okay and that I love him. I want him to know I understand why he killed Koko. I may not agree but I understand. Celestials deal with their problems so differently than normal people. I wonder if he is capable of for
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Part One Perdition Chapter Nine
Chapter nine   “There are no children in the void,” I say as I open my eyes.Mayhem places his hand on mine. “There were two, a set of twins. They were with you there. You cared for them.” He says, I feel like I am losing my mind. I feel like I am falling. What else are they going to tell me?“Maybe we should stop and tell you before we get there?” Mayhem says to me. “No, let’s just get Ryan and go from there. Okay.” I respond.“It’s the next road up here on the left Mayhem. Turn off your lights. I am not sure if he is alone or if Damnation is with him. We think Damnation is in the garden. I am not sure. Let’s just be careful.” Sunnie says.“I thought Damnation had him,” I ask. “His followers took him. He got word to me where he was. I contacted Mayhem to help me get him back. No worr
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Part One Perdition Chapter Ten
Day Four We arrive at the bar just after midnight. Day four on topside I guess, let’s see what today holds.I help Mayhem with the twins. JJ and Camilla Dawn meet us at the door.“Get in here. Everything is going crazy.” She tells me. She is so dramatic. I am already aware that everything went sideways. I was there. I will let her fret over me; it is what she does best. This girl worries way too much. “P do you know what is going on honey?” She asks me.“Well my bubbly friend I know Sunnie tried to kill me, my brother is more psychotic than I originally thought, and I also know I was trapped for 900 years in hell. Oh and before I forget there are two children caught up in all of this. Did I leave anything out?” I say to her a little too dramatic. Camilla is staring at me like I am crazy. “I am going to get you a drink of Heaven's nectar. Is that okay?&rdqu
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