Boyfriend for Sale

Boyfriend for Sale

By:  Angel_of_Death  Ongoing
Language: English
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BOYFRIEND FOR SALE! Book yours now. Due to the overwhelming number of failed marriages and cheating partners, the present generation eventually developed a certain degree of aversion towards the notion of having a romantic partner. It was for that reason why Alpha Technology Inc. pioneered the first robot in the market that was capable of 'Love'. Now, people no longer felt any shame claiming that they bought their boyfriend online; because it was part of the fad But what would happen if one of their robots was swapped on the day of delivery? This is the story of a shopaholic queen named, Shantal, who thought that they bought a robotic boyfriend online. For all she thought, Alex was as a robot. That was why she tried her best not to fall in love with him. Little did she know that the other party was only a substitute.

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577 chapters
This story took place in Utopian Future, during the year 3024...The Internet made a lot of things way much easier; even shopping could be done online and buying whatever you like was just one click away.This was the age of consumerism. People could buy anything, anywhere. Endless consumption makes the world go round.But who would have thought that a day would come when even ideal partners would be available for purchase?!!!This story took place in an alternate reality where buying AI robots was a thing.Failed marriage due to incompatible interests and countless tales of cheating partners, made mos of the younger generation developed a certain aversion towards the idea of entering a romantic relationship.After all, who would want to invest in love and give their everything to someone, only to get betrayed in the end?It was for that reason why Alpha Technology Inc created the 'Android Partner'; an AI robot that could potentially
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"Have you heard about the 01.01 SALE???"Squealed a girl, sitting next to her best friend when she saw that the other party was busy checking the page of an online store."Hell yeah! Of course, I do, and I'm super excited to check out my items."The other party replied with the same level of enthusiasm."I see. You already marked the date and purposely delayed buying your goods so you could avail the big discount."Another one commented with the same level of energy as the two other girls."Hey guys, I heard that there is actually far more important than the new year's sale this time..."Another girl from the next table waded into the conversation when she heard what her colleagues from the other table were talking about.They were actually at their work's cafeteria having their lunch and almost everyone present in the place at that moment was talking about the same thing."Oh, c'mon spill the bean!"The first gir
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 "Son of a dinosaur!"Butler John was taken aback when he caught sight of Shantal's state. He almost spilled the tea that he was carrying on the tray due to his shockThe other party almost looked no different from a panda, with the presence of heavy dark circles around her eyes. Perhaps due to her excitement, sleep eluded her last night. As a result, her eyes looked like they were sunken."I can't sleep."She mumbled as she took the cup of green tea from Butler John."I could guess as much as that."He seconded the girl right away and then added,"Careful, it's hot---"But his warning was a second late because Shantal already scalded the tip of her tongue."This is hot!"Shantal squeaked as she put the cup down in a hurry. Some of its content spilled on the glass tabletop, but she could not care less."Just as how a tea should be."Meanwhile, Butler John retorted as softly as he could.
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 "What did you order this time?"Jodi asked as soon as Shantal was back in her seat."It's the limited edition Astro Sneaker that was recently released by Alpha Tech."Shantal answered back.Truth be told, Shantal did not exactly hate her cousin. It was just that she could hardly enjoy her company because of the constant comparison between them.After all, who would enjoy being compared to someone?She often gave Jodi the cold shoulder, but the other party did not seem to mind. She would always stick around regardless of how indifferent Shantal was towards her."You are really trying to live up with your name as the Shopaholic Queen, are you not?"Jodi could not help but leave a comment as she watched Shantal unboxed the item.Shantal, on the other hand only smiled back at her cousin and no longer say a word after that. She continued what she was doing and excitedly ripped the packaging apart as though a chi
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 "Come on, cous. What is there to be shy for?"The other party insinuated as she took the book from Shantal's hand."Fine, you're right."Shantal relented but not before letting out an exasperated sigh.Jodi was relatively more liberated than her when it came down to things like that. That was why it was no surprise to them when Jodi turned up to be one of those who gave in to the recent fad of buying robotic boyfriend online.She named it Arvin, and since then Jodi had been very open with her romantic affair of shacking it up with tin cans."For crying out loud, Shantal. We're adults now! This is the perfect time for us to explore new things. You love buying stuff anyway so might as well put it into good use."Jodi insisted as she deliberately browsed the catalogue beside Shantal."And when you said putting it into good use, do you mean buying an Android Partner? Nah... Not my thing."Shantal was quick to d
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 Due to her current preoccupation, Shantal failed to notice that her cousin was already eyeing her.Shantal was flipping through the booklet but always managed to end up landing on the same page, so Jodi decided to take a look as well.It turned out that Shantal's eyes were subconsciously drawn to one figure and one figure only. As such. Jodi thought that her cousin took a liking at that specific robot. Little did she knew that Shantal was only staring blankly at it, but not exactly looking.It was only when someone entered her room once again, did Shantal came back to present."Arvin, you're here."Jodi rose to her feet and walked towards Arvin. Arvin welcomed her with an open arm and Jodi happily snuggled next to him.With the way how Arvin used to stare at Jodi with those very convincing, affectionate eyes, Shantal almost forgot that Arvin was not as human as he seemed."Shantal, this is Arvin, and Arvin, meet my cousi
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 Shantal slowly unwrapped the box and when she noticed that Butler John was still hanging around with no intention of leaving, she deliberately told him to get out of the room."You can leave now. I want to be alone."She said without tearing her eyes away from the package.After spending the better part of two hours trying to get the box to open, the lid finally popped open with a loud gush of air.Shantal was caught off guard by this sudden movement and she fell back. She did not expect the lid to suddenly come alive on its own.The girl watched as a very tall man slowly stood up in a box. She stared at him with a dumbfounded expression and a mix of amusement.For a moment, Shantal thought that part of her brain frizzled and died because from her angle below, she was getting very intimately acquainted with her doll and that was not the purpose of it.Apparently, her face was placed directly across where the robot's groi
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Right after rebooting her robot, Shantal left it and disappeared behind one of the doors. When she came back, she was already carrying a pair of jeans and a shirt."Change to this."She threw the clothes over the robot and instructed it to clothe itself because the thing was only wearing nothing but a boxer and a white tank top.The robot on the other hand did so easily. He took the clothes from Shantal while sporting a bright smile."By the way, my name is----""You have a name??!"Before Shantal could even stop herself, she already interrupted the robot from speaking and asked him back instead. However, her question sounded stupid even on her own ears."Of course,"The robot grin when it heard her asked that question."Don't you?"He added and smiled again but his eyes almost disappeared when he smiled widely. "My name is---"Shantal was just about to introduce herself but all words t
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Alex was just about to step out of his box when he suddenly tripped and lost his footing and seeing this unfold before her eyes, Shantal act according to her reflex.She was worried that the robot would end up injuring itself way before she could even have enough time to interact with it so she flailed her hands in an attempt to get a hold of Alex and prevent him from losing his footing.After that small mishap, Shantal let the robot seat on the sofa for a while.Regardless of how 'defective' it might be, there was no doubt that the thing still cost a fortune and she did not want anything bad to happen to it, or at least not until she signed robot insurance for it, if there was any of that sort, to begin with.At the same time, Shantal also could not help but notice that her Android Partner was relatively lighter compared to what she initially expected from a mass of walking metal that he was.Alex was simply so human-like that everything
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"Please bear for it in the meantime. I will fix the robot as soon as I can and I'll notify you right away once it is done. We will issue a recall, and by then you'd be able to earn your share. The team will pay you nicely, rest assured.""You didn't tell me that I have to pretend as a robot when you asked me to be your character model before.""I know, Alex. That is why I am asking you a favor. Please, just this once. Okay?"The other party sounded static so it was hard to ascertain whether the owner of the voice was a man or a woman."How long do you think it will take before you could fix it?""A month at most but our target is within this week?"The other party replied but the tone used did not sound convincing at all and Alex heard that as well."Are you saying that I have to stay here with her for that long? You must be kidding me!"If it was not for his close friend asking for this favor, Alex would never agree to this ki
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