Forever Mine

Forever Mine

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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R 18 + trigger warning. This is the sequel to the book. 'His Reluctant Luna' please read the mentioned book first to understand the back story. The updates will be slow. So, please have patience. Lucian and Alice are the Alpha and Luna of the Crimson Shadow pack. After defeating the evil witch Regina they are living a blissful life and on the verge of starting a family. When a stray wolf arrives with new complications. Old secrets are revealed which could jeopardise Lucian and Alice's relationship.

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46 chapters
This is the sequel to the book.'His reluctant Luna'It's better to read the first part to understand the back story. However, it can still be read as a stand-alone book. I am still in the process of developing the plot and the characters. The updates might be slow, please bear with me.This book is for 18+ with several triggers of violence and sex. So, those below 18 and sensitive to these things please stay away.For those who have not read the first part here is the plot.Alice is the Alpha's daughter of Jade moon pack. When she was 9  her father was killed in the werewolf war. Her mother died of the grief of losing her mate. Her brother Rick who was 17 took over the pack as an Alpha.Due to her trauma and Rick being too young to protect her and manage the pack, she was sent away with her eccentric aunt who is a keeper. A human who can see supernatural beings and they are aware of the werewolves. Alice lived in different parts of the
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Chapter 1 - Bliss
Alice - Being a Luna was never part of my plan but it was my destiny and now I was loving it. I am Alice Anderson a hybrid wolf with a werewolf father and a mother who was a witch. Apparently, that makes me special. Not always in a good way. After going through several trials and tribulations I was finally at ease with Lucian. I am Luna of the Crimson Shadow pack and Lucian Blake is my mate.Generally, life was good. I loved living in the pack and there weren't any more death threats.“Please put the couch here,” I instructed the betas and omegas who were hauling the furniture into our newly renovated home.I had designed the interiors myself. It had been a tedious and tiring process especially when Lucian was barely interested. He had given me the free rein to do whatever I wanted, with the house. It was a good thing, but I was expecting him to be a bit m
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Chapter 2 - Housewarming
The weather was fine, although the sky was cloudy. The worst time of winter had passed, and the wonderful spring was coming. Birds from the south had returned and sang their beautiful symphony. The wicked snow was gone, replaced by a vast carpet of grass. Flowers of many kinds had blossomed and filled the air with their fragrance. This was the best time of the year to have a housewarming. It was an intimate party with Rick and Lenora's family. We had also invited Emma, Damon, the pack Betas and some close friends. Aunt Flora was away on one of her impromptu trips. We already had a pack run and the barbecue party with the whole pack the previous evening. Kids played in the garden while I relaxed with Emma and other ladies on the patio overlooking the river. I gazed at Emma and other girl fussing over their babies and older kids. Even Katherine had Namara to look after. I knew what I had to do. Have Lucian's babies. I picked up my pina colada
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Chapter 3 - Meeting the Rossi
One good thing which had ensued during those troublesome days, when Regina threatened us was the regular training.Lucian made me get up early every morning to train with him and his betas in the gym. That habit had remained. Compulsory training was part of the pack rule now, irrespective of gender. Whenever I trained with Lucian I would usually limp out of the gym, sore from all the times that I got pinned down by him. Me being his mate did not prevent me from getting as rigorous training as the rest of the pack. Wolves, respect strength and are instinctively inclined to submit to someone stronger than themselves. Hence, Alphas need to maintain their strength. Lucian was such an exacting taskmaster, he sparred with me himself. And he never held his punches. I loved the challenge and enjoyed it. The sex between Lucian and me was hotter after our training sessions. We would shower together and squeeze in a wild a
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Chapter 4 - Picnic
Alice - After meeting Rossi girls and convincing them to join the training, I returned with Katherine. Lucian and I needed to talk. If Gregory's brother had escaped, he could be a potential threat."You seem upset," Katherine said while I drove back to the packhouse."I am feeling bad about the humiliation and fear those girls went through. I haven't tried reaching out to the new pack members. Things were so busy in the last six months that they slipped off my mind. I feel like a failure." I lamented."Don't say that, Alice. You have been the perfect Luna. There has always been, and will always be such packs. When the Alphas turn out to be crazy the pack suffers. My parents belonged to such a pack. ""I thought you always lived here!" I exclaimed, turning to face Katherine."I was born here, but my parents were from now decimated Blue-star pack. Their Alpha was weird. They had a lot of r
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Chapter 5 - Car ride
Lucian -It was early morning when Alice and I headed out to Azure beach, our chosen destination. It was the latter portion of March. I could sense her feeling a bit guilty about taking me away from the pack. I smiled."Don't worry they can live without us for a few days, they are in good hands," I assured her hearing her thoughts."That's good to know, have you been away from the pack before?" She asked while leaning back in her seat arching her back a little. She looked a bit odd."Several times, I keep taking business trips. Daniel and my friend Garrett even went backpacking through Europe right after college. So it's not like the pack has never been on its own before. Alice, what the fuck are you doing?" I asked as Alice moved her hands seductively on my jeans.My muscles bunched and jumped as she lovingly rubbed my thigh. Up and down she went, sometimes just
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Chapter 6 - Making future plans
By afternoon we had made it to the spot he wanted us to be in. It was a typical shack on a beach just on the edge of a forest."What is this place?" I asked, staring at the crashing waves."Do you like it?" He grinned at me. The wind swept against his hair messing it up. He looked cute.I didn't see anyone else around. "Is this a private beach?" "Kind of. This is the former pack land on the Black Stone pack. I was going to sell it off as the pack has already shifted to our area, then I came across this! Now, I don't know what to do? Its beautiful," he said, enthralled. The beach was indeed beautiful.The sand was softly golden with just the right comforting warmth, like a cosy hug, one only matched by the sunshine-filled sky. Lucian stretched out both arms an
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Chapter 7 - Murders
Alice -Our time ended much too quickly. I loved every minute of it. We hunted, explored, and fucked to our heart's content. I was sad when it was time to leave.I realized that this was the most amount of time Lucian and I had ever spent together, alone. We blended so well it surprised me. We didnt have anything like a honeymoon or even much of a real date. Our relationship just materialized into existence out of thin air, but it did feel solid.As we drive back towards home. I contemplated our relationship and life. Lucian seemed lost in his thoughts. It was a comfortable silence between us.We reached the pack land in the late evening. I yawned and stretched my body, I badly needed some rest."Go in and get some rest? I have some work to catch up on." Lucian spoke while taking out our luggage."I am not tired. Let's meet the pack. Katherine and I need to talk." I pressed my lips in a grimace.Lucian chuckled."Come on! I am
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Chapter 8 - Olivia
Olivia - I was woken by the agonizing screams. Panic and terror momentarily paralyzed me as the memories of rape and brutal beatings overwhelmed me. I tried to move my arms, but a sharp pain shot through my body. One of my eyes was swollen shut so I had to make do with one eye. Peering in the dark I made of those monstrous shapes moving.I Shivered in a cold cell and pulled myself into a sitting position on the damp earthen floor.I was locked in a nightmare, and there was no escape. Fear had been my constant companion in the last week. I craned my neck to hear the dull slap of flesh against flesh, accompanied by the shrieks that echoed in the murky darkness of the prison. They were doing it again.The smell of blood and death overlaying the dank smell of decay. The shrieks had now reduced to a whimper. I wished to die, it was preferable to the monster I had turned into. I had become a monster just like them.I was on my way home from my waitre
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Chapter 9 - Visiting friends
I felt Lucian sink into the bed next to me. I was already in bed and turned to face him. "Hey," I said placing my hand on his cheek. "Sorry, I was delayed." He replied, smiling. "It's ok, I heard about those bodies being found. Is it something to worry about?" He seemed to be contemplating something. "Nothing to worry, they were unfortunate human victims. They will be handed over to the cops.  Probably, murdered by someone crazy. They were dumped in our shipyard." "That's so terrible, poor humans."  "Evil exists! You know it. Don't ponder on it." He said while tracing my face with his knuckles. Lucian scented my neck deeply and once he calmed down he leaned back to look deep into my eyes which were fluttering open and shut as I struggled to stay awake. His hand gently tucked stray strands of hair before movi
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