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Twenty men hide in a knightly façade.Devilishly gorgeous gods trapped in human bodies.They are ruthless.They fear no one.But just like the other cliché stories, will love be their weakness?• Alpha Sigma Omicron •---Reign Sy is the epitome of success. At the age twenty-six, she already established a name in the fashion industry. Kilala s'ya bilang isang wedding gown designer. She has her own boutique and it is growing nationwide. But her name and business become at stake when she met the Greek god named Sioux Kyros Centauri. Simple lang, bukod sa fuckboy ang lalaki, gago rin ito.

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106 Chapters
PROLOGUE Reign Promethia Sy I woke up disoriented and with my body aching. I opened my eyes and looked around the room I was in. Everything is unfamiliar. It was all white, hindi naman ganoon ang kulay ng kwarto ko, it was definitely not my room. Where the hell I am? Sinapo ko ang ulo ko, it was throbbing hard. How many liquor did I take last night? Unti-unti akong naupo sa kama. The memories I had last night was blur. I had no idea what I did. “Damn, Reign Promethia Sy, what did you do?” inis na pagkausap ko sa sarili ko. I gaped when the duvet fell exposing my naked soul. I am fucking naked under the bed sheet. And top most, my pussy feels sore. Bigla akong nakaraamdam ng takot. I am not dumb not to know this shit. I was fucked last night, but whom? Napapikit ako at mahigpit na sinabunutan ang buhok ko. May boyfriend ako
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1. The Bitch in Giuseppe Zanotti's Heels
CHAPTER ONE I’m a queen and people who will say the opposite may face my Giuseppe Zanotti’s heels. “I said no sugar,” I looked at my assistant, well, my new assistant since the last one resigned after a week of working with me. Hawak n’ya ang tasa ng kape ko. She made me my coffee that morning, possibly the last coffee she’ll ever make for me. Namutla s’ya. “For a fresh graduate with bragging credentials, you’re dumb. How can you not follow a simple instruction?” Itinapon ko ang kape sa harapan n’ya. She has to clean it. I told specifically to my previous assistants that I liked my coffee with no sugar. No questions asked, they just have to obey. Pakialam ba ng ibang tao if I prefer my coffee like that. I shook my head, one thing I hate is to repeat everything I say. Dapat hindi slow ang nakapaligid sa’kin. In th
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2. Kiss in Broad Daylight
CHAPTER TWO “Hello, my name is Minerva Hermione Mendeleev, I am eight years old. I am named after two great witches who ever lived. My mom says, no weapon can match my ability of thinking and wits. And that one,” itinuro n’ya iyong batang babaeng nakakipag-agawan sa isang batang lalaki, hindi kalayuan. “is my sister. Her name is Katniss Arrow Mendeleev, because mom tells us she can make a difference. She’s five years old by the way. And that guy is Perseus Grover Mendeleev and he’ll takeover the world and the underworld and the galaxy. He’s four years old. This one with me is Khaleesi Dracarys Mendeleev, she’s two years old and our little queen. My mom told me, Daenerys Targaryen’s, I mean Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regen
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3. Manhattan is Wild
CHAPTER THREE Manhattan, New York. I want everything to be perfect. It’s the only thing that fulfills my being unless I will include my bitchiness to people and see the fear in their eyes. Tomorrow is the day of the fashion show. I was a bit nervous. Pakiramdam ko dito lang ako nagiging tao. Somewhat, I still fear failure because it’s the only thing I can call my own, the thing that belongs to me --- my passion and I consider this my life. Kung ito pa ang kukuhanin sa’kin, I don’t know what I would become. Maybe the worst of the worst. I shook my head. “You’ve come a long way. You’re here.” I reminded myself. Technical problems lang ang pwede kong ma-encounter and even that, ayoko pa rin. Walang makakasira ng ilang buwan kong pinaghirapan. Everything’s gonna be okay.&
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4. Hints of the Past
CHAPTER FOUR I thought I would enjoy my stay in Manhattan but I didn’t, even the New York Fashion Week. I flew to the Philippines as soon as my work was done. Hindi ko na tinapos ang NYFW. There are more designers that will showcase their creations pero hindi ko na nagawang pumunta sa shows nila. Ariska and Phoebe Imelda were nowhere to be found after our last confrontation but their walk of shame was all over the news and cheap tabloids. They were facing several issues all at once. Hindi magkamayaw ang mga tao kung anong tsismis ang uunahin. Pathetic. On the other hand, I still see Centauri, he’s almost everywhere I go, flirting and kissing different lips. Like yuck? I wonder if he already got HIV or sexual diseases. I hope he has. Kung sinu-sinong dinadali n’ya. And I remember how of a manwhore he was, he almost fucked two girls. He enjoyed watching them. I hate him more. He has the g
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5. Master of the Game
CHAPTER FIVE “She’s okay. She just needs rest and continue her medication. She should attend her regular check-ups, Miss Sy. No need to confine her.” sabi ng doctor. Magalang s’yang ngumiti sa’kin. Tumango ako. I sighed in relief. “Mommy, mommy!” the little voice caught my attention. The little girl emerged from the door, she was running towards me with a big smile on her face. She has glasses. Naka-pigtail ang buhok n’ya at may hawak s’yang squishy. Dinamba n’ya ako, mabuti na lang mabilis ang reflexes ko. She hugged me. Natigilan ako sa pagkakaupo ko. I froze at the moment. I lokked at her closely, she is a pretty girl. Tinanngal n’ya aang kanyang maliliit na kamay sa pagkakayakap at tiningnan akong mabuti. Kinapa n’ya pa ang mukha ko at marahang tinapik. “Ay, hello!” she was sm
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6. A Visit
CHAPTER SIX Napadalas ang pagdalaw ko sa mansyon dahil kay manang. I was worried sick. Kahit madalas n’yang sinasabi sa’king wala naman s’yang kakaibang nararamdaman. I ended up staying in my dad’s house. She was my favorite person. She knew me more than anyone and stood by me when I needed all the support. She was the mother figure I never really had. Come to think of it, I never knew my mother. Ni walang nasabi si dad. He never mentioned her once. Dad was busy as usual. I haven’t seen him even in dinner time. Minsan lang magtagpo kami sa iisang lugar. We haven’t talked after what happened in El Toro. It seems like he forgot all about that and I don’t want to talk about it. Kahit gusto kong tanungin kung anong ginagawa n’ya kasama ang mga lalaking iyon. And apparently, one of them, give an indecent proposal to me. Like fuck, hindi pa ba sapat ang mga babae
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7. The New Owner
CHAPTER SEVEN Nakatanggap ako ng tawag kay Mrs. Castro the very next day. I canceled my schedule for that meeting. I never required Lolay to come with me. It’s better that she stays in the boutique while I am away. “This way, ma’am,” The guy showed me the way. Sinundan ko lang s’ya hanggang makarating kami sa isang VIP room. I was smirking when I was reminded of what happened last time. It wasn’t the same VIP room. But it was the same restaurant. It was in the middle of the second floor, sakop niyon ang teresa. There’s an access to the outside view. It was a spacious room. Scented candles are everywhere. I love the smell. I always love scented candles. A painting hung in the wall caught my attention. Ibinaba ko ang dala kong pouch sa table, I went near the painting. It was an abstract painting of scorpion and I found it i
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8. Stupid Ex-Boyfriend
CHAPTER EIGHT   Ang dami kong naiwang gawain sa Reign’s Realm. Hindi ako pumasok sa trabaho for almost a week now kaya tambak na ang mga ito. I shouldn’t have listened to Manang. Dapat nagtrabaho na lang ako. Seeing all these pending works and papers makes me want to never work again. Inunat ko ang likod ko at sumandal sa swivel chair. I was playing with my pen, letting myself engulfed with my thinking.   Muling pumasok si Lolay sa opisina ko. May dala s’yang iba pang papeles. I rolled my eyes when she caught my eye. Ngumisi lang ito.   “Sorry Miss Sy. Quits lang tayo, noong absent ka ako ang stressed dito.” she told me nonchalantly. Muli ko s’yang inirapan. “By the way, may samples ng tela dumating mula sa suppliers, tingnan mo na lang kung anong ia-approve mo.”   I nodded.   “One more thing Miss Sy, the new owner of the land was very persistent. Sinisingil n’ya
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9. Kiss Stealer
CHAPTER NINE   “I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen. It’s nice that you’re back, Stephen.”   It was really him.   They are coming this way. He would see me. Fuck, I need to think fast. I don’t want him to see me. Not now.   “Excuse me madame and a gentleman,” his colleague asked.   Instead of facing them, I did the unthinkable. I coiled my arms around his neck and kissed the devil in Armani suit. It wasn’t a simple kiss. It was torrid and he was kissing me back with the same intensity as I am giving him. I was french-kissing him in front of many people inside a restaurant to avoid my ex-boyfriend who sold me to another devil back in the days. It wasn’t a good idea but it’s all I have now.   Someone cleared his throat. “Gents, there’s another way. We don’t want to interrupt romantic people here. Do we?”   Nang mawa
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