Twisted Games

Twisted Games

By:  Kerry Kerry  Ongoing
Language: English
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Prologue : •"Im sorry, put the gun down" I say afraid, looking pleadingly into his eyes. " This gun?" He asks. "What if I don't want to?" he continues to ask as he cocks the gun. At this point I can feel tears start to form in my eyes. " st-st-stop" I shakingly beg him "Stop what baby?" "Tell me what I should stop" he asks feigning confusion as he begins to slide the gun along my cheek, dragging it slowly from my temple all the way down to my lips. I'm so scared by what he's doing that I just start sobbing unable to hold my tears back any longer "Shh-shh-shh don't cry" he mockingly coos into my ear his breath fanning my skin. "What will you do for me if I stop?" "Any-anything, just just st-stop,ok" I hurriedly reply "Anything! Lucky me" he exclaims "hmm, I've got to think about this one" "Hmm? Oh I've got it" he continues as I nervously swallow wondering what he will ask of me.• □ This book is set in two timelines, the present day and 3 years ago. □ meet: Adriano Valencia Accused of Arms dealing, Drug distribution, Murder and possible mafia ties. 3 years ago the girl he loved betrayed him and almost destroyed him but, now he's hunting for her. Meet: Klara Davis She was just an innocent highschool student until Adriano showed up and ruined her life. And now almost 3 years later the he's back and more dangerous than ever, but what he doesn't know is that Klara's changed to. By Kerry Kerry **WARNING: THIS BOOK IS FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE 18+ **contains explicit language, profanity, extreme violence and sexual situations as well as some dark romance themes that sensitive readers may find disturbing! Reader discretion is advised.

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20 Chapters
DISCLAIMER!!! All characters in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ! !!!WARNING!!! !Reader discretion is advised as this book contains scenes that may be triggering to sensitive readers and portrays some Dark Romance themes.This also book contains some sexual scenes with dubious consent, that sensitive readers may find upsetting!* this book is a work of fiction and the relationships portrayed should not be idealised and does not portray the real life views of the Author.☆Thanks so much for Choosing to read my book :) I really appreciate your support as this is my first book, please give it a chance if you decide to read it as it gets more interesting as the chapters progress♡And add it to your library if you enjoy it.. ;)Lots of Love Kerry Kerry.
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Chapter 1 - Found You!
PRESENT DAY ( after worldwide lockdown )Adriano (PoV)I can finally see her, the object of my obsession. I've waited so long for this moment, hunted for her all over the world. She thought she could escape me, runaway from what we have, thought that I would eventually get tired of chasing her. Well, she thought wrong. And now the chase is finally coming to an end. I'm almost too excited to wait! One more day I tell myself, one more day and then she'll be all mine.THE NEXT DAY I wake up with the sun and admire the soft orange-yellow hue as it rises. My full length windows give me the perfect view of this scenic country and all from the comfort of my own bed. I can't help but smile thinking to myself that this will be the last time I'll be sleeping in it alone.Walking through the streets of Marseille I finally see why she chose to hide in the south of France. I spend most of my walk admiring my beautiful surroundings
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Chapter 2 - Running from him
PRESENT DAY Klara(Point of View)I look up from my book to see exactly who dared to disturb me on my day off and my whole body freezes in shock and disbelief. As I stare into the greenish blue eyes of the man I tried to kill a wave offear begins to wash over me. "Ad-adriano, y-you, your..." I stutter unable to finish."Yes, Baby I'm here" ” he assures, his accented voice dripping with the remnants of his Columbian heritage. Adriano smiles as he grabs my hand bringing my fingers to his lips.  His action jerks me back to reality and slowly my shock starts to turn into panic.No, no, no, he can't be here I think to myself, he's a week early! He wasn't supposed to find me, not yet! I'm not ready for this, I'm not ready to face him. No, I just need to get away from him.I stand up knocking my chair back and start to back away from him all the while watching for when he will try to stop me, but he just
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Chapter 3 - Villain or Hero
PRESENT DAYKlara (PoV)"F*ck my life" I mutter as a particularly nasty Russian kicks in the back of my legs. Once on my knees they use hand cuffs to restrain me. Oh god, how am I going to out of here I think to myself, but my thoughts are abandoned when a huge explosion occurs at the back of my " safe " house.Most of the men go outside to investigate the cause of the loud bang leaving only two men to guard me. Outside I can hear gunfire and then another explosion, this one is larger than the first and I can actually feel the vibrations through the wood panel flooring.I use the temporary distraction to attack the legs of one of the guards causing him to lose his balance and fall.He hits his head really hard losing consciousness and dropping his gun.I try to grab it, but his partner kicks me in the abdomen before I can get it. I wince in pain, coughing as he drags me back into a kneeling position and c*cks his gu
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Chapter 4 - How I met you
PRESENT DAY Klara (PoV) After over an hour of driving he makes me turn into what seems like the entrance of some winery and we start making our way through a narrow gravel road. A large house starts to come into view, wait no, did I say house? Sorry, what I meant to say was a large Ass mansion. I park infront of it and turn to look at Adriano. "Get out" he says rudely, jumping off himself. Once outside he starts texting for a couple of minutes before noticing I'm still in the car. "I.....said....get....out" he says slowly accentuating each word as if I'm a child. Annoyed at his antics I flip my hair and face the opposite direction, crossing my arms. "Hello? Are you deaf, I said Get Out!" He says, obviously irritated at me. "No"  I reply not saying anything more. There is no way I would ever let a guy treat me that way! "You know I can make you come out, right?" He sighs rolling his eyes. "You know I don't care, 'right?' "
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Chapter 5 - Don't you Trust Me?
3 YEARS AGO Adriano (PoV)   NIGHT OF MARDI GRAS19:00PM"What's with this f*cking City and parades?" My younger half brother asks, making me laugh."What's wrong with parades?" I ask back. "They block the whole bl**dy street! How the hell do they expect people to drive?" He complains, looking out his window. "You realise I'm the one driving, right?" I say, shaking my head."Don't remind me, you control freak" he retorts."If I had left you to drive you'd run over all the people." I pointed out "Damn right I would. Someone has to teach them to get out of the f*cking streets!" I laughed, knowing he was being completely serious. He's a heartless son of a b**ch, my half brother.Even as a child he lacked empathy, not being able to feel sh*t like a normal person. And whatever feelings he did have was beaten out of him by his father Stefano, my mother's second husband."Matteo answer the
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Chapter 6 - Bad guys come in three's
*' In a minute !Someone's hate can be turned into love,And someone's love can be turned into hate,Always be aware of that ' - vaibhav *3 YEARS AGOKlara ( PoV )NIGHT OF MARDI GRAS19:10PMOnce across the across the street I spent the next 10 minutes being ignored. Eventually I tried to make conversation."Hey Igor" I said awkwardly, looking at my shoes."Oh, hey Klara...I didn't even see you there" he replied, turning towards me. "well, I just got here a couple of minutes""Hey dude, check out that girl, f**k....did you see that ASS?!!" One of Igor's friends cuts in, completely ignoring my presense. "Damn mann, I would totally F**k that!" Igor says, making my heart sink.. but for some reason my mouth keeps on talking, not wanting to shut up."So, did you see how awesome the parades were this year?" I say to no one in particular.I wait a coup
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Chapter 7 - He is really being bad
[The Beginning....]3 YEARS AGO  Klara (PoV)NIGHT OF MARDI GRAS20:30PM"Get away from me!" "NO!" "I don't want to dance with you!" I keep saying to these really annoying drunk guys who won't leave.  "Hey Foxy Mama, You smell kinda pretty. Wanna smell me? Hoo-hah!" Says one of the guys, pretending to be Johnny Bravo. "No! Leave me alone" I say pushing him off"No need to be so mean, we just want to talk to you " says the guys friend, walking towards me.I start backing up, trying to get away from them when someone from behind me wraps an arm around my waist "where do you ththink yourrrr gooingg" the culprit slurrs into my ear causing me to cringe from his foul breath."Get off of me!" I say trying to wriggle my way out of his disgusting grasp."Don't worry baby the three of us are going to take care of you real good" says ' ' Johnny Bravo's ' ' friend as he continues to approa
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Chapter 8 - Enemies break you, Allies destroy you!
PRESENT DAY Klara (PoV)"Klara just tell me what I want to know about the Bratva and this can all be over""F-F**k 'cough' Y-you" I splutter out inbetween my fits of coughing and choking."Ok, Klara bear" he says grinning evilly "if waterboarding isn't to your taste, perhaps a little electro therapy will get you talking" he continues winking at me."Adriano's going to kill you when he finds out about this" I quickly say before he connects the equipment."True, but Adriano is not here is he sweetheart?" He replies looking around "so, it looks like it's just you and me" I watch in horror as he touches two metal rods together creating a charge of electricity."Matteo p-pl-ease, don't do this" I say fake crying, "please Matteo I-I don't ...please" I sob exaggerating my vulnerability. "Klara, Klara, Klara" Matteo says shakingly his head as he clicks his tongue. "This, this whole act of yours may work on my
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Chapter 9 - Bribe or Blackmail? Dealers choice.
PRESENT DAY Matteo (PoV)This b*tch f*cking stabbed me I think stumbling back while trying to pull the blade out of my shoulder. And how the f*ck did she get out of that chair? I wonder, lunging at her. She lands on her back hitting her head hard as she falls, obviously suprised by my quick recovery and attack.We viciously struggle with each other on the floor. Her quick reflexes and military grade attacks telling me that she's definitely been trained, probably by the same b*st*rd she works for. Sorry Adriano I think as I bash her head to the floor repeatedly causing a trickle of blood to roll down her forehead. Trying to stop the continuous damage to her head, she grabs the blade from me and proceeds to stab me in my stomach. Her eyes widen in shock when I don't react. "Sorry sweetheart, but your going to have to do better than that" I say, grabbing her by the throat and throwing her against the wall. I sigh, removing the blade from my
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