Chasing Dylan

Chasing Dylan

By:  Hannah S  Completed
Language: English
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Dylan Gold was only six years old when her mother died. Soon after, her father remarried a woman that despised her. At school, her step-siblings pretend not to know her. With her father constantly away for work, Dylan is left alone with people that don't like or care about her. Having no friends or real family around her, Dylan spends majority of her time reading and working at the local diner. Her life is completely turned around when transfer student and alleged 'bad boy' Callum Gage blows into town. Taken by her captivating beauty and timid nature, Callum is determined to know her.

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57 Chapters
Chapter One
I could vaguely hear the alarm I set last night ringing, but I refused to get up. I had gone to bed around 4am and it was already 7 in the morning. This is what I get for staying up all night to read. Begrudgingly, I finally lifted my head from my pillow and turned off my alarm. Being the prepared person that I am, I had already taken out my outfit the night before. Today was the first day of my senior year, and I decided to make an effort.I headed to my bathroom, which was attached to my room. I stepped into the tub preparing to take a nice hot shower, and to my surprise, the water was ice cold. There were only three other people at home, there was no way they finished all the hot water before 8 am. I quick scrubbed my skin with my milk and honey body wash, washed my hair in record time, and quickly rinsed off.I stared in the mirror for a few minutes before grabbing my towel, and analyzed myself in the mirror.<
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Chapter Two
I could feel my heart beating faster and faster as Callum and I approached the cafeteria. The past three years that I have gone to this school, no one has ever asked me to eat lunch with them. After two years of eating alone, I'd decided that I was better off skipping lunch and reading in the library."Is something wrong?" Callum asked, with a concerned look on his face."No, it's nothing, I just haven't eaten here in a long time." I said quietly."I'm sorry, we don't have to if you don't want to, I can go with you to the library if you like?" He suggested."No, it's fine, lets go in." I said, my voice picking up. Before I could even process it, Callum grabbed my hand and pulled me into the cafeteria with him. Almost immediately, all eyes were on us and the whisper began. Great."What's up with these people, I've never been to a school like this before." Callum whispered in my ear, so close th
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Chapter Three
The moment I arrived home, I could sense the tense atmosphere. "Dylan, get in here now!" I heard Eliza yell from the living room. Her shrill voice making me cringe.Of course, as if my day couldn't get more difficult I now had to deal with my hormonal, lunatic step mother. I dragged my feet across the foyer, taking my time to get to the living room. Once I got there, I saw her sitting on the sofa, and beat up Justin sitting across from her."How can I help you Eliza?" I asked sweetly, preparing for the worst."You can help me by explaining yourself Dylan. Explain to me why you had my son beat up, and why did I have to take time out of my busy schedule to pick him up from school today." She said sternly, her blue eyes filled with anger.I laughed internally at the "busy schedule" bit, this woman did not have a job. She lived off of my father so I'm not exactly sure what this busy schedule could possib
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Chapter Four
The next morning, I woke up before my alarm had even rang. I raced to the shower, praying that there would be hot water and that Eliza hadn't switched it off again. I turned the water on, running it over my hand. Thankfully it was hot and I could actually enjoy my shower.When I was done, I quickly got dressed for school, feeling excited about it for the first time in a long time. I hurriedly packed my bag, filling it with note books and an assortment of pens. The book that I'd been reading, noticeably missing. Eliza taking my book away from me may have affected me in that moment, but by the time I got home I was over it. The minute I got off from work, I bought an ebook version of the The Testaments, and finished it that very night. Suck it Eliza.After I had all of my things, I bolted down the stairs, and ran straight out the door that way no one could attempt to ruin my morning.Once I got to school, I easily found a parking spot, and headed in. I made my way
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Chapter Five
Callum's POVI walked into detention with a huge grin on my face, excited to spend some time with Dylan outside of school. I scanned the room, and saw a girl with light purple hair, and the three football players I'd fought yesterday. The guys stared daggers at me as I made my way to the back of the classroom. A short older man with glasses walked in, I assumed he was a teacher in charge of detention."Listen up, I'm not sure how this many of you managed to get detention on the second day of school, but I have some rules. Rule number one, no talking. Two, no using cellphones, but you may read a book or do homework to pass the time. My third and final rule is that only one bathroom break is permitted, if you go and don't come back, another three days of detention will be added on. Do you all understand?" He asked, sternly.There were mumbles of "yes" and "sure" from the group.I pulled out my anatomy homework, and began working on it. I briefly look
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Chapter Six
The week had gone by in a blur, and spent most of my time with Callum, getting to know him better. We found that we had a bunch of things in common. We liked the same kind of music, watched a lot of the same shows, and discovered that our birthdays were a week apart. Mine being October 20th, and his, the 27th. Though I was born a year after him.The attention we were getting was now simmering down, and it seemed like people were finally getting used to us being friends; with the exception of Mel, Justin, and the other "populars". While things at school got better for me, at home things had gotten worst. After the day that Callum met my step mother Eliza, it had been nonstop harassment from her and her daughter. I thought back to when Eliza had first found out about my budding friendship.I was up in my room changing when I heard the doorbell ring. I feared that it was Callum, so I hurriedly g
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Chapter Seven
It took us two hours, but I eventually found an outfit for the party. Callum ended up getting a few things since we had gone into so many stores. After shopping, we went to the food court to eat, which Callum insisted on paying for. We talked for a while, and laughed majority of the time. When I am around Callum, I feel like my real personality actually comes out. A personality that I haven't been able to show in a long time. All the shyness that I felt when we first met had slowly dissipated. I ended up dropping him home around 5. We had decided that since we were drinking tonight, neither of us would take our cars, instead we would take a Lyft to the party. The party started at 9, so Callum would take the Lyft to my house to pick me up, and we'd go from there.When I got home, I read for a little while, but eventually got tired of the book I was reading. So I went
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Chapter Eight
Disclaimer: This chapter mentions suicide/self harm Continuation.."Why don't you ask him why he was kicked out of his last school?" Justin said, as I stared at Callum.This was the most Justin had ever spoken to me in public. Usually he'd act like I didn't exist, especially in front of his friends. Maybe it was because he was drunk, I wasn't sure, but something felt off about this entire situation. Justin never cared for my wellbeing in the past, so why did he care now?The look that Callum was giving me told me not believe a word Justin said. If Justin thought I would turn on my only friend because of something he told me, he was wrong.I took a step away from him, and walked towards Callum."C'mon." I said, grabbing Callum's hand. Sober Dylan would not have grabbed Callum's hand in front of a room full of people, so lets just say I was a little tipsy from the jungle juice."Dylan! What the hell are you doing! Come bac
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Chapter Nine
I kissed him.Callum grabbed the back of my head, bringing  my head closer to his. I gasped, shocked that he was actually kissing me back. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, caressing mine, and instantly we were making out.My whole body felt warm, even though we were outside at night. I could feel his heart beating almost as fast as mine was. He took the lead in the kiss, dominating my mouth, and softly bit my bottom lip. His lips were so soft, I thought I was dreaming; but quickly realizing where we were, and what I had just done I pulled away. I opened my eyes, breathing heavily, and met his confused expression."I can't believe I just did that, especially at such a vulnerable time, I feel horrible." I said, slapping my forehead."Dylan. I've wanted to do that since the moment we met." He said, staring back at me. Callum took both of his hands, placed them on the sides of my face, and brought my lips back to his.Aft
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Chapter Ten
For the next two weeks, Callum and I spent majority of our time together. When I would go to work, he would sometimes stay in the diner for my whole shift just to keep me company. He finally met Hector, and they got along like a house on fire. After my shifts, Callum always insisted on following me home to make sure I got there safely, and my heart melted every time. I couldn't remember the last time I felt so happy.Almost everyday after school I would go over to the Gage's house. Callum's parents treated me like I was apart of their family. Whenever Callum and I found a chance to be alone, Sara would interrupt us, and plead for me to play with her. Callum eventually got fed up with it, and began locking his little sister out of his room, much to her dismay. When we were alone, we talked, watched movies together, and sometimes, we'd kiss, but Callum never took it too far.We were still friends, and hadn't really defined our budding romance. We didn't show each other a
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