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Two different worlds, two separate lives are fused together in this surreal tale of the supernatural. A world unknown to her and a world he runs from. An unending war between their worlds leads them down the same path with their destinies aligned. What will happen when the fate of their worlds hang in the balance and they have to make a choice?

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Raisel had planned to have a normal uneventful day when she stepped out that morning. However she highly doubted that being strapped to a pillory while some certain deranged Prince alongside his arrogant friends threw spoilt fruits and vegetables at you was normal. Even if normal was very subjective and to each his own distinctive definition. This was very far from normal, She sighed audibly, it had started off like every normal day would.    She had eaten a quiet breakfast with her mother as it was their habit these days and she had set out headed for the castle. She was a welcome visitor as a result of her father’s affinity with the Royal family. She chatted a little with the maids at the courtyard, on her way out, the Queen mother of Avalon, Queen Solandis had sent for her.    Apparently she needed help with getting ready and Raisel was happy to help.      “Thank you very much Raisel”,
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Raisel woke up early the next morning and grabbed her sword. It was the first her father made for her, they had used it for practice with him countless times. She grabbed some necessary supplies into a sling bag. She tied her ebony black hair into a ponytail. She put on a flannel top and leather pants and tucked her sword into it’s sheath on her waist.   She made a quick stop at her mother’s room, she was sound asleep. She stared at her, pain overwhelmed her. She wanted to call out to her and run to her and snuggle her. She couldn’t bear the thought of her mother in any kind of pain or distress. More than anything she couldn’t bear the thought that she was the cause of the pain.   However something else called out to her, a stronger purpose, it was very potent. It clawed at her insides. It wanted to be found. It was like a beacon of light, that she needed to get to so bad and fast.   There was more to her life than atten
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Raisel could not find any inn that had space for her and her horse for a few coins. So she slept in an old farmers stable with Fury and a couple of other horses. She slowly opened her eyes to see Fury and the other horses peering down at her, she fluttered her eyes for a while before she looked down at her hand to see she was snuggling the strangers cloak, she threw it away quickly.   Fury neighed loudly.   “Don’t judge me Fury…”.   She got up and washed off from a pail of water. She thanked the owner and gave him a few coins before she left. He thanked her and asked her to stop by when next she wanted.   She travelled through the city on fury, Molvania was the kingdom that had the largest library and if she needed any clues as to what she was looking for then she needed to visit the library.   She got down from her horse and tied him to a post, she patted him one the side, “Do t
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Marcella picked up one of Raisel's dress and sniffed it before bursting into a fresh bout of uncontrollable tears. It had become her habit since she woke up that morning to find out Raisel wasn’t in bed, not only that, that she had also left Avalon. She couldn’t say she hadn’t seen it coming. Raisel had always been stubborn and done as she pleased.   This one time however, Marcella had hoped she would listen and forgotten all about the heart of magic but once again she was wrong. It was all her husband Ryker talked about. He had wanted to find it so badly. Sometimes he would be out for days before he returned, empty handed. At that time she had played it down as nothing. One faithful day he had given Raisel the ruby he wore on his neck and she too had grown curious over night.   They would both stay all night talking about the heart of magic, like it was all that mattered. Afterwards he went in search one more time and that was the last
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    “You know it still surprises me that we are going together on this trip or adventure or search or whatever this is”, Dragomir said, he unsheathed his sword and swiftly cut down a branch in their path.     Raisel turned to look at him, “Beats me too”     “I’ve never really understood your desire to go in search for the heart of magic, it’s been lost for a years now. Even the most skilled warriors have returned fruitless. What makes you think you can find it”     Raisel rolled her eyes, “I could ask you the exact same question”     Dragomir raised his hands, “Oh come on!. Let’s communicate, if we are going to work together we need to talk about everything”     Raisel thought about it for a while, “Honestly I do not know, I’ve always felt drawn to it after my dad returned from his search..
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“If we are in search of something that is missing, no one has knowledge of what it looks like, where it was found. It’s origin…”, Dragomir trailed off, “What is the first step we have to take?”     “There has to be someone that knows something, someone still alive you know?”, Raisel asked.     “Not just anyone. A wise man who knows something that is not written in the book”     “Yea”     Dragomir smiled, “Of course, lucky for us we are in Mercia. The wisest man to ever live happens to live in this quiet city”     “That’s great to know”, Raisel smiled, “When do we go to meet him?”     “Immediately. He is a very busy person. We can’t stay in this city any longer, we can be caught out any time soon”, Dragomir answered.     Soon they set out. Dragomir g
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Raisel watched as his chest heaved as he deeply slept. One of his hands behind his head. His hair was overgrown and few locks was drooping just over his eyes. She carefully pushed it backward. It fell forward, she moved it again. This continued for a while. He stirred in his sleep but he did not wake up. She loved watching him sleep but they had a long journey ahead of them and they needed to leave immediately.   She pushed him slightly then shouted into his ears, “How do we find a dragon?”   He got up abruptly with a start, “What?, What do you mean”   She rested her chin on her arm and peered closely at him, for some reasons she didn’t understand he seemed pretty haunted, “There’s a lot of questions that needs to be asked. Where do we find a dragon?, How do we know it’s a dragon?, What if they don’t even want to be found at all?”   He sat up and relaxed, “Someone seems to be very excited this mornin
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“Trent you'll gather a few soldiers and get ready to leave at first daylight”, Aldrich barked out orders, he walked the length of the large castle, his hands behind his back. His red robe trailing behind him.   He stopped at one of the large castle windows and looked out, he didn’t want to be a part of any of this as much as possible he wanted to steer clear but Nikolas was right, if the heart of magic fell into the wrong hands it would be trouble for everyone.   He studied his reflection in the mirror, his greying hair and saggy eyes were just a few of the indications that he had not slept in a while. He turned around, “I need you to find the heart of magic and bring it back to me before anyone gets to it”   “That’s impossible my king”, Trent replied a look of incredulity on his face, “It has been missing for…”   “Blah blah blah and all the unnecessary bullshit”, King Aldrich interrupted, he walked
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Allerick stormed into Marcella’s house, Mart trying to keep up with him but failing at it, “Marcella?”, he called out repeatedly for a while. When he realized no one was inside, he waved his hand inviting the guards in.   “You know what to look for right?”   “Yes sire”, they chorused.   “Get to work then”, he waved them off. He stood hands akimbo supervising the activity.   After a short while the door was pushed open and Marcella’s head popped in, a shocked expression on her face.   Allerick was sitting on a chair and going through Ryker's diary.   “What in heaven’s name is going on here?”   Allerick stood up and slowly walked up to her, “I have the king’s authorization”, he showed her a document with a seal.   “The king would never do this to Ryker’s family, he would never breach our rights to privacy”, she reto
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Raisel couldn’t figure out what exactly Dragomir had told the lady but they were inside her little cottage and she had served them bread.   Raisel slowly pulled off Dragomir’s shirt, she soaked a clean wash cloth in water and wiped his wounds. She flinched any time she touched the bruises, however he didn’t react.   “I’m really sorry for hurting you”, the lady apologized over and over again.   “It is fine, I understand you were only protecting your son. You have been victimized for years now”, Dragomir replied her for the umpteenth time.   Raisel reached for his injury and applied an ointment on it. The ointment had the tendency to burn a little, so she cringed when she rubbed it on…   He took her hand in his, which caused her to look up to him, “I am fine Raisel it doesn’t hurt that much”   She nodded in response.   The lady set a bowl o
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