My Princessa

My Princessa

By:  Ncube  Ongoing
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Alexandra De Luca the princess and only daughter of the De Luca Mafia has it all the money, the looks but above all a loving family ,spoit by her brothers and cousins Rosabella Rossi the last born of the Rossi family has neither family nor love shunned by her family from the day she was born insulted and beaten everyday by her so called family Both their lives changes forever when they both find out they were switched at birth How will the spoilt princess react when she learns the truth?? How will the abused girl adjust to a family that cares??

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40 Chapters
Chapter 1
Rosabella's PovNo one deserves pain but as for me it's all l've ever been given by my family but what did l do that's so bad to the point that all they've ever done is insult and beat me everyday except the fact that l've done everything to try and impress them ,everything to show them that l am enough , everything to get them to like me but the truth is that l will always be a bastard child to them"Bastard child" now that's their favourite insult in order to show me that they will never love me and l will never be enoughAll l've ever wanted is to be acknowledged as my parents daughter but all they see is a disgraceful bastard child who has brought shame to their family but what could l have possibly done to disgrace my family did l ask to be bornI've always been different from my family especially my strikingly blue ocean eyes which are the biggest reason why my father hates me and part of me doesn't blame him because when me and my father are put togeth
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Chapter 2
Alexandra's PovAll my life l've been treated like a princess after all l am the only daughter of the De Luca family but the only person whose love l craved could never look me the eye or let alone spend even a minute with me without being coaxed to but somehow l've always convinced myself that maybe one day he will look at me like he looks at my brothers and cousins but no ,l was never enough for my fatherMy mother always tells me how excited dad was when he heard that mom was expecting a baby girl but all that changed the day l was born ,the day l opened my hazel brown eyes from that day my father barely looked at me My dad provided me with the best of everything the best clothes, best of school ,an unlimited allowance but never his love but it's okay l found solance in his money and my 4 brothers who would even die for me Actually all in all I have 12 brothers including my cousins who used to be close to us a few years back but when l noti
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Chapter 3
Matteo De Luca's PovHave you ever been in a house full of people but still be lonely because that's how l've felt in the last 13 years ever since Alexandra was bornBeing a father of 4 boys l was so excited on finally having a girl my little princessa and l was so sure she was going to be a daddy's girl by the way she would react when she was still in her mother's womb everytime l touched jrh mother's stomach she would kick so bad that Selena would complain everytimeSelena and l met at a small restaurant were she used to work while l was there for a business meeting and of course it was love at first sight ,l proposed 5 months after we met and we had our first born Elonzo who is currently 22 at the moment after him came the twins Leone and Leonard who are both 20 ,then came Alexander 16 and 3 years after Alex my wife was pregnant again and we found out it was a girl we had decided to name her AlexandraMy brothers and l were pretty excited about having
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Chapter 4
Matteo De Luca's PovLooking at the girl on the other side of the door through the glass l had so many unanswered questions , how could they have exchanged them at birth and why couldn't me and Selena notice that the child we had wasn't ours ,l was so caught up in thinking that Selena cheated that l didn't think to notice that Alexandra wasn't anything like Selena eitherI was so blind this whole time and my daughter was somewhere out there being raised by someone else and l couldn't even bear the thought of her calling someone other than me dadI feel like l am dreaming and this isn't real because l had given up all hopes of ever being a father to a baby girl and today l finally got my wish and l just feels like a dream come true and if am really dreaming then l don't ever want to wake up"Feels pretty unreal right, we finally have our tesoro Matteo and it's not a dream" my youngest brother Lorenzo said as he patted my shoulder"Is it so wrong tha
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Chapter 5
Matteo De Luca's PovI was in my room getting all my things so that l could leave for the hospital when l heard a knock and my 4 sons entered"Dad can we talk" Elonzo said"Is everything okay guys" l said motioning for them to continue"Yesterday before the doctor spoke about the girls being exchanged at birth you said that you knew Alexa wasn't your daughter"Leo said and that's one of the things l love about my sons they always come to me when they have questions or when they are confused "Yes l've known for a couple of years now"l told them honestly"Why didn't you tell us dad we also had a right to know" Leone said"At that time l thought your mother had cheated on me so l thought she was your half sister and l didn't want to ruin your relationship with your sister" "You know us dad ,we wouldn't have treated her differently because at the end of the day she was going to still be our sister you hid such a big isais from u
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Chapter 6
Rosabella's PovMeeting the nice man and his family was fun l really enjoyed their company but the elder ones had to leave so the younger ones stayed behind with me The ones that man introduced as his children seemed to talk less and they stayed away from me but l didn't know why they were all here in the first placeThe other one Xavier also kept his distance from me but the others were so good to me and even if l knew it was only for a while l enjoyed my time with them I wonder where my so called parents are ,they didn't even bother to visit me and check if l am fine or not l guess they were probably praying that l died but l didn't expect anything less from them anyway "Did you hear anything about the girl l was with" l asked the nurse who had come to check on me suddenly remembering the rude girl who was dragging me with her"Yes she's actually doing good" the nurse said and left but the boys remained"Did you kn
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Chapter 7
Matteo De Luca's PovI couldn't wait to tell Rosabella the truth and take her home with me ,l finally had her here with me and l would never let her goWe went to the hospital canteen after our talk with Ronan l was furious and l didn't want Rosabella to see me like this when l told her for the first time that l was her father ,l could barely contain my excitement about telling her and that quickly melted my anger"It's now or never fratello " Bernardo said seeing my anxious state"She will love you and accept you figlio " Padre said agreeing with my brother"Jeez l never thought l would ever see the die Matteo De Luca was worried of how a 13 year old girl will think of him "Arabella said as the ladies broke into a fit of laughter but l was just going to let them tease me today l had a lot of things to worry about other than their ends teasing"I'll let you have your fun today ladies" l told them shaking my head"But l don't get why y
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Chapter 8
Alexandra's PovEveryone was acting really strange since l woke up from the hospital and you know what's weirder is that dad visited me in and he looked happy and all his actions seemed totally not like himMy brothers barely look at me the eye and they always find an excuse to leave just as soon as they come in and that is not like them eitherMom on the other hand rarely leaves my said it's like she's become obsessed with me because she's always there wherever l go I've also had strange visitors whom mom introduced as her old friends and l like their daughters Valerie and Valencia are so cool to be around they are just like me from the coolest clothes, to the coolest shoes ,the newest trend and not to forget the celebrity scoop and gossip l love those girls no one would really think they are older than me The girls may not come from a rich family like mine but they totally get me and l them but mom is not very fond them but l really don't
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Chapter 9
Alexandra's Pov I've always planned everything in my life to avoid suprises but for the first time in my life l have received the biggest shock in my lifeI have so many unanswered questions about about this girl that is rumoured about being the De Luca princess and mostly who she is and why didn't anyone tell me about herCould she be the reason why dad is constantly in the hospital or why my brothers are barely looking me in the eye and mom's strange behaviourI can't let this happen l was born to be the only girl in the De Luca family and whose daughter could she be dad's ,uncle Massimo ,uncle Lorenzo or uncle Bernado's but the last time l checked none of my aunt's were pregnant and my uncles wouldn't cheat on their wives  and that would mean that dad cheated I cannot lose this name that l've worked so hard to keep and no girl will ever be able to replace me , l've always had what l wanted except my father's love and l won't let some
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Chapter 10
Rosabella's PovI woke up in a car and l was on the back seat while in the front seemed to be a man and l woman initially l was confused of how l got here but now l understandMy mother did this to me ,my biological mother gave me away without any second thought, she chose her other daughter over me but why did l expect anything less who would ever choose a broken , skinny and ugly girl like me over anyoneI was a fool to think that maybe if l found my biological father then he love me after all if the woman who gave birth to me didn't want me then how could my father want me The good thing about all this is that l know that the man and woman who abused me all my life are not related to me ,the people who ruined me and destroyed my whole life are just strangers who were paid to keep me and l don't blame them for not liking me ,they probably didn't know what their real daughter was going through then how could they treat me fairlyI silently cried
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