Taming The Wild Duke

Taming The Wild Duke

By:  Agatha Rose  Completed
Language: English
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The last thing William "Liam" Windsor, Earl of Clifton and soon to be the Duke of Ashbourne, need was to cross paths with his ex-girlfriend who had broken his heart ten years ago. However, fate dictated otherwise when he accidentally slipped into her bed and was caught red-handed. Driven by his revenge, he made her agree to marry him and planned on using her for his own personal agenda. Perhaps even made her fall for him then broke her heart in the process. Never had he imagined that instead of succeeding, he would be the one to fall head over heels for her for the second time. Disclaimer: 18+ Contains explicit sexual content and use of profanity. Read at your own risk.

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52 Chapters
f o r e w o r d
  DARK DECEPTION Copyright © Agatha Rose All Rights Reserved.   ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ The "TBNB" Series by Agatha Rose Young / New Adult : 1. The Bad Nerd Boy - Season 1, 2, 3 2. Asian Potterhead and the Lovestruck Bad Boy ( Hunter Jones & Mey Wang ) 3. The Blonde That Got Away ( Luke & Shanelle Bernucci ) 4. To Blackmail Flynn Ascott ( Tyler's
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e x c e r p t
W I L L I A M  W I N D S O R  “I should not do this,” William Windsor told himself for the fifth time as he glanced at his Rolex wrapped on his wrist. This was too dangerous. Moreover, he had decided that it was time to act like a Duke and not a rascal. He should adhere to his decision and not let himself be lured back even if it was just for old time sake. Yet as he closed his eyes, he could recall the way her lover, Paris de Bourgh, had stood oh so close that the shape of her unconstrained breasts under the cling of her dress was visible for everyone's eyes. When she whispered saying that it was his for the taking, how could he refuse such temptation? It was almost a sin to turn her down. His body had responded to her enticement with all its former urgency despite common sense telling him that those memories of their entangled bodies between the sheets were best left forgotten.  Sti
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1. The Thing About One’s Ex
C H A P T E R  1  :  T H E  T H I N G  A B O U T  O N E ' S  E X   K A T H E R I N E  B E N N E T The most important thing Katherine Bennet had on her mind that Saturday afternoon was whether or not she wanted to go to the party that she had been invited to that night. Recalling the fact that the host was none other than Patrycia aka Paris de Bourgh's cousin, a grin of remembrance crossed on her face. Paris was her sworn nemesis for life, having tormented her in every chance she had gotten when they had grown up. Yet upon receiving a request from Jaxon, Katherine’s best friend who happened to be Paris's husband, to join the party to keep an eye on Paris, she found herself in such a predicament and not knowing what to do.  "Please, Kay, you know how much I love her. I am so sorry that I am asking you for this but there is n
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2. A Thing or Two About Infidelity
Mandy tilted her head to one side, looking uncertain for a moment. “Don't you know that everyone called him a ‘rake' for a reason? He is the heir of a Duke title. He is an Earl now and his father is a Marquess because his grandfather still holds the Duke title but still, everyone knows sooner or later it will be passed on.”   “I am aware of that but I am not sure I understand what you mean. What does his title have anything to do with the warning you mentioned earlier?”  “Well, obviously every girl wants to be the next Duchess or Marchioness or even Countess. Who would not want to become royalty and marry British royalty? So ultimately everyone tries to date him. But he is not a one-girl-forever type of guy. He is the traveling type, never staying with one girl for long. One could even say that he is such a sailor in a way that he will stop in many docks but he will never stick for a long time. A few weeks at most
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3. The Thing About Bad Breakup And Old Wounds
  C H A P T E R  3  :  T H E  T H I N G  A B O U T  B R E A K U P  A N D  O L D  W O U N D    K A T H E R I N E  B E N N E T It had been around eight when Katherine was ready to leave for the house party. She had packed her clothes in a small leather bag and brought them down with her to her car. In no less than twenty minutes, she had arrived in Patrycia's place and was being led to the living room where some of the attendees were already there including none other than Paris de Bourgh.  On the surface, Paris de Bourgh was brimming with extravagant charm, the very picture of the lovely young wife of a successful man. However having known her throughout university days, Katherine could see that her posture was far too rigid and the hands in her lap were clenched rather than folded. It made her wonder if perhaps Paris was not happy with her m
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4. Caught Up on The Wrong Bed
  C H A P T E R  4  :  C A U G H T  U P  O N  T H E  W R O N G  B E D   K A T H E R I N E  B E N N E T After dinner, Katherine found a newspaper in a rack beneath one of the side tables and took it to a chair on the other side of the room. It was mainly concerned with the stock market, growing business, and other industries. On page nine, there was some news about William's company. This was naturally accompanied by a photograph of him since he was the CEO. In the photo he seated at his desk, his shirt sleeves rolled back over-tanned forearms, and his tie loose. He looked tough, business-like, and, damn him, sexy as hell. The camera was no doubt being operated by a woman. She took a deep breath and tried to stop herself from admiring him. Her mind brought back how horrible of a player he truly was, how he had once almost broken her heart. Then the recent
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5. To Escape A Scandal And To Keep One’s Reputation
“Okay,” Katherine Bennet started with a sigh. “Obviously this was just an accident. You thought I was Paris so you came here. So the easiest way to fix this would be to tell everyone that you thought I was her.” When he had not said a word, she looked up to meet his eyes.  Finally, he opened his mouth and answered her in his thick British accent, “I can not do it.”  “Why the hell not?”  “Well, for once, she is married.”  She stared at him as if he had just informed her that the planet Earth was round. “So? Did you just find that out now?”  William stared at her with an incredulous look on his face. “No, I knew that but I mean, I can not admit it in the open. That would mess things up.” 
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6. Deal With The Devil
“Marry me, Kate.” When she did not say anything, he reiterated, “Marry me and it will solve our current predicament.” William looked at his ex-girlfriend and tried his best to maintain the serious look on his face. He fully realized how crazy his suggestion was however he also recalled what his grandfather had said to him a few weeks ago. One more misbehavior, one more bad news about him that would affect the Windsor name, the dukedom of Ashbourne, and he would be forced to hand over his title and would not be a part of the family. In all honesty, William could care less about the money or the title but the last thing he ever wanted was to be disowned by his family.  He watched her opening her mouth and then closing it as if she was at loss for words for a few seconds before she finally regained her ability to speak. “Are you crazy? Why would I want to marry you?!" Giving her a mere shrug, he answered, ”Because
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7. A Lover’s Touch
The next morning, as if she was suddenly awoken from a deep slumber, Katherine finally realized what had been said and done. She was going to marry her rakish ex-boyfriend. How cruel life could be! She had been blessed and happy being the one that had gotten away and now she ended up pretty much in the same place — only that instead of being his girlfriend, it seemed that she had found herself being promoted to his fiancé.  For a long moment, dizzy with uncertainty, she stared down at the ceiling. She knew she should wake up and get ready but she simply could not. She dreaded facing reality. She should not have come to this house party and now it was all too late. Forcing herself, she dragged her sleepy legs to the bathroom.  A few minutes later, she walked out of the bathroom and heard a knock on her door. She did not have to check the peephole to know that it was William
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8. He Made Her Smile
Her cell phone rang inside her coat pocket, and without looking at who was calling, Katherine already knew that it was her mother calling again. She had already sent her call to voicemail a few times today, but since it was after five o’clock now, she could no longer use the excuse that she could not pick up the call because she was working. In all honesty, she had no grudge whatsoever against her mother and she actually loved her mother which was why she could not bring herself to tell another lie, knowing fully well that her mother would like to discuss her engagement, or worse, her wedding. She could not tell her mother how much she loved William (which could only explain the rushed engagement) when truly, she had no feelings whatsoever for him. All her feelings were for Jaxon. She could not let her best friend's heart be broken when she could save him from getting hurt.  “Hello, Mom,” she greeted and refrained from sighing.  “Katherine Elizabeth Bennet,
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