Stalked By My Alpha

Stalked By My Alpha

By:  ktish7  Ongoing
Language: English
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Living a life as a wolfless werewolf was a nightmare for Bella. Being ignored by everyone as not a part of the pack, being the reason for bringing her entire pack to the very bottom line of poverty, and then getting rejected by her mate, Damon, at very first sight, Bella's life was on a rollercoaster of hell. She had thought it will end now. This should be the end of her miseries. But when Damon basically kidnappers her out of her pack, and keeps her under his constant watch right before she gets exposed to the secrets... terrifying secrets that her mate hides from her makes her question everything that happened in her life. Now when her parents are murdered in cold blood, her pack is slaughtered, and she is forced to run like hell to save her own life, what would she do when the reason for it all is... her own love, Damon?

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184 Chapters
1- The Worst Part
Bella I got off the bus and looked in front me. My eyes started searching for the place that I needed to go to. But of course everything was blurry. I was not wearing my glasses. I hated wearing them out in the open. As my eyesight was not much worse, I only wore them when needed. Like when I was studying or when I could not see the far away things. And right now was the same situation. I dug my hand into my bag and pulled out my glasses. After they were over my nose, I looked up and searched for my college building while walking a few steps forward. Across the road, a big building that had 'St. Edmunds college' embedded into it in letters made of metal came into my sight. This was my first day as a college student. I had come here for admissions and other necessary procedures earlier, but today was my official first day as a student. I crossed the road as fast as I could without getting run over by a vehicle a
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2- Tit for Tat
I crossed the threshold of college and was immediately hit with numerous scents. Most of them werewolves. I actually wanted to go to an all human college but unfortunately there was none. The best one with least werewolves I could find was this one. I started walking forward on the sidewalk. There were not many students outside as most of them were inside their classes by now. Which meant I was late as hell. It was my first day, and I was already late! My gaze went to look at my watch which showed Nine- fifteen in the morning. Fifteen minutes late. Fuck. I groaned loudly in frustration and started digging through my bag for my schedule. My hand was in my bag, my head was hovering above the opening while my feet took large, hurried steps forward, when suddenly I heard an ear splitting screeches of a car from behind me. I turned around, terror was clear as day on my face. My body trembled in fear when I saw it approaching me at a
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3- Chocolatey Darkness
I ran and ran and ran, crossing the threshold of the college and entering inside the hallways. Classes were going on but my head was filled with madness. I was heaving. My breaths were coming out quick and heavy. My hands and feets and body were hurting but nothing in the world could stop me. I reached the end of the hallway where not even the souls of ghosts would dare to be present. Darkness was surrounding me, making it impossible for me to see anything. I lifted my hands up in front of me to watch them shake terribly. How the fuck was it possible? Why? Why now? I was afraid. Fear was in every cell of my body and I was not ready to let it burst out of me, making me fall unconscious and helpless. I fell down on my knees. 'It is okay,' I told myself, 'Do not be afraid. It is all okay!' I was not afraid because I was in love with someone else or I did not need a mate like him or I did not like his stupid attitude or temper or e
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4- My Worth
My eyes opened with a start hearing the sound of flesh hitting flesh. As I tried to sit upright, instantly pain shot up in my whole body. My eyes opened and the sight in front of me had me shot up from my seat. "What the fuck?" No other words could make my feeling more apparent. In front of my eyes, the guy who had hit me with his car.. my mate, and the guy I hated most in the world, Jax, were hitting each other brutally. Jax had gotten overpowered by him and was getting unabashedly punched. Oh boy. Even though the sight pleased me, 'cause let's see, I am not any cruelty freak or violence suppo
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5- Breakdown
I decided to go with the later. He must be worried. I was his mate after all. But I was also stubborn. "Your name." I asked. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration and then said, "Damon Black. Alpha of Golden Lining Pack." Breath left out of my body so fast I thought I was going to die of shock. He was the alpha of Golden Lining Pack? I had heard about him. As the tales and talks travelled through pack to pack, about who was getting stronger and which pack was breaking down, it was very important for us to keep track of the things happening inside our world. And boy, was he famous? Actually he was the strongest of them all. And I am not saying this just to brag or anything but I had heard that he was the True Alpha. Now see, normally alphas were descendent of previous alphas, like their son or daughter. But a True alpha was one who had broken down his boundaries as a lower ranked werewolf and rose to Alpha posi
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A few hours ago | Damon's Side of StoryThe dimly lit room was filled with silence. Shivers ran down in everyone's spine as the dangerous aura radiating from the monster striding inside filled the room.His every footstep was like a predator stalking its prey. Arrogance was oozing out of him while a dangerous smirk was covering his lips. His eyes went to the person sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, sweating and shivering profusely.He smirked upon realising his effect on the people present in the room. This is what he craved.Fear.After all, he was Damon Black.He came closer to the person who was sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by at least ten other men. He grabbed the chair placed in front of his prey and sat down. While staring rudely at the man in front of him, his captivatingly dangerous gaze made the man gulp his saliva in fear."Alpha, the trace of leaked informa
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She ran away without answering him. But he did not need an answer. He stood dumbstruck at the exact same spot for a few more minutes. The thought, the feeling of finding a mate was completely different from what he had planned.This was never what he had expected to feel. This is not what he wanted to feel.Because he had already decided, he was never going to mate. He was never going to end up like his parents. But the sudden blast of uncontrollable feelings and emotions had rendered him speechless.A couple of minutes later he forced himself to shrug off everything that had gripped his throat in a choking hold and came back to reality.Why had she run?And God, she was bleeding.He walked to his car and could not help himself from slamming his fist down on the hood in frustration and regret. He was not able to push back the thought of her running away from him. He was not able to gulp down his anger at him
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I did not think, I did not wait, I did not even care about what she would think about me. I stormed forward, grabbed the collar of the motherfucker by the neck from behind, and snatched him away from her. The idiot instantly stumbled back, but I did not give him a chance to process what was happening. I lifted my hand and slammed my fist in the fucker's face with just enough force to not kill a human. The man in front of me was stronger than I had thought because he turned around instantly to land a punch. But he was overpowered by me. My fist landed again and again on him, hitting him with a stronger force than the last one. The man getting pummeled by me tried to dodge my attack and land his own fist but there was no chance in hell I was going to let him. Suddenly the girl that I had hit with my car, my mate, came between us. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO?" She shouted while managing to squeeze in between me and the human idiot. And t
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Bella's POVI returned home. I did not have enough power left inside my body to bear anymore situations today. My body, my heart, my mind, everything was in pain and suffering. And my first day of college had also gotten ruined.When I entered inside, thankfully my parents were not present. To my luck, Kaylie, my older sister was also not at home. Probably out learning another new thing, duh.My parents were doctors. They treated humans and werewolves both. Well, actually in werewolf world, werewolf doctors were not allowed to treat human patients.But because of my 'condition' nobody outside our pack was ready to get treated from us, because they feared my 'disease' will infect them as well and they will become non-werewolf like me.Well, it was okay. It did not matter much since my parents were happy with day to day earnings. Though we were not super rich. We were also not begging on the roads for each penny. And Kaylie, she was
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"He... he.. " I hiccoughed between the tears, "He said he can not accept me as his mate."My mother's hand stilled in my hairs for a second, but it was just for that one second. Her hand resumed caressing my hairs once again.She did not assure me, she did not accuse me, she did not ask for any elaboration or explanation. She just removed her hand and knelt down in front of me on her knees to come face to face with me."So what?" She asked."Mom." I whispered through tears."Honey," my mom replied while her hand lifted up to wipe the tears off my face, "Has there ever been a moment that we taught you to be weak?""I know!" I insisted with choked throat, "It just... it just does not feel right in my heart.. you know."I dropped my head to hide my tears away from her."It will get better." She touched the side of my face and caressed softly, "If he is not the one. Then he was never meant to be the one. Everything hap
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