The Heir Mafia Boss

The Heir Mafia Boss

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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My name is Gabriel Lockwood, I am the sole heir of the Italian mafia in New York. You might know my father. The shark. Raphael Lockwood. He is getting old and soft, so I am taking over. I don’t pretend to be a businessman. I am The Heir and people respect me knowing exactly who I am and what I do. I can say I control most of my surroundings. But no King should rule without a Queen. My father’s reign became a lot more successful when he found his wife and partner in crime. I have been looking for my Queen, but what can I say? I am a player. And I haven’t found the right woman, the woman that will make me realise I only need her in my bed, and in my life... until now. She is the most enigmatic woman I’ve ever met. Even her name... She’s not afraid of me. And she dares to talk back. Intriguing. Does she even know who I am? If she doesn’t I will show her soon. Once I get her in my bed. This is Book three of The Shark Mafia boss. You don’t have to read the previous two to understand this book but it would give you a better perspective on the characters lives. This book contains violence and sexual content. Read at your own risk.

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55 Chapters
Meet Gabriel Lockwood
Gabriel Lockwood Age: 32Nationality: Italian AmericanJob: Leader or the Italian mafia in New YorkPhysical description: 6’3 foot, tanned, muscular body. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, chiselled face with a scruffy beard. Full lips. Personality description: cold, courageous, determined, unforgiving, conceited and arrogant, persistent, reliable, adventurous, seductive. Family: Raphael Lockwood (father) Alex (mother deceased) , Michael Lockwood (younger half brother), Amelia Wood (younger sister)Friends: Jason Moore (best friend) ******* Meet Gabriel Lockwood *******Read more
Meet River Wilson
River Wilson Age: 28Nationality: American Job: Waitress / University student (social worker)Physical description: 5’5 ft, curvy, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tanned, full lips, straight nose. Personality description: tough, trustworthy, responsible, resourceful, observant, intelligent, suspicious, responsible, caring. Family: River doesn’t know who her family is. She was in the foster system and never got adopted. Friends: Alicia Steel, Jonah Green, Pedro Rodriguez   ***** Meet River Wilson ****** Read more
Chapter 1 - I hate this
Gabriel POVI walk into Mike’s office in the hotel and I sit behind his desk. I hate doing this. Why didn’t he leave his assistant to do this?I take a deep breath and I start reading the contracts. Why did he have to go on holidays and leave me here? I know he doesn’t trust anyone. He’s kind of like me that way. But he’s more serious than me. I guess it comes with the territory of being a big fancy CEO. I pass my hands through my hair and I keep doing his fucking job. I know I was the one that told him to go on a vacation somewhere but he didn’t have to leave me dealing with this. I wasn’t made for the business world. My kind of business is ruled by fear. I prefer weapons to people. “Mr Lockwood” - I hear his secretary say as sh
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Chapter 2 - The club
River POVAs we arrive at the club Pedro shakes hands with the security outside and he allows us inside without waiting in line. We hear a lot of people protesting but we ignore it and we smile at the security. Once inside I am hit by the smell of alcohol and sweat. I scrunch my nose but I try and ignore it. We walk to the bar and Alicia lifts herself up at the bar and hugs the barman from the counter. They giggle for a bit and then she looks at me. The music is loud and I can barely hear anything. I approach her“What do you want to drink?” - she asks “Vodka and coke please” - I reply and she places the order. I keep looking around and moving my body slightly to the rhythm of the music.
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Chapter 3 - Dinner
River POVI finished class and as I am walking to the subway I bump into Jonah. “Hey” - I say half hugging him“Just the girl I was looking for” - he says “What’s up?” - I ask him as we both walk together. “Isn’t this the guy from the club?” - he asks showing me his phone. “Yeah” - I say grabbing it from him and scrolling to see what it says about him.I read the article and it’s basically nonsense. It’s just saying he is still single and available. Although he took this supermodel to the premiere of some movie. Is he famous or something? When I see his name my mouth goes dry. Read more
Chapter 4 - Dinner part 2
River POVAfter spilling the wine on top of Gabriel because he touched my leg without my permission I start to freak out. I will get fired for this. Shit shit.What was I thinking? I could’ve said something. This can get me fired. He is the owner’s brother. Shit. “Are you insane?” - I hear Alicia say as she walks into the kitchen after me.“I know, I know” - I say pacing around.“What was that all about?” - she asks shaking her head“Was an accident” - I repeat his words.“An accident my ass, what happened?” - Alicia asks“He to
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Chapter 5 - Going Home
River POVMy shift is over and I can’t wait any longer. I have to get out of here. I don’t understand what I am feeling. I don’t want anything to do with that jerk. But I don’t like the idea of Alicia with him either. I think it’s because I always try to protect her. She’s younger than me. That has to be why. I walk into the locker room and I take my uniform off grabbing my towel and my body wash. Once I’m in the shower I hear Alicia walking in singing. She only sings when she’s really happy. “River?” - She calls meI don’t really want to talk to her right now as I feel betrayed. But she doesn’t know that the flowers were from him. Or that he went after me into the bathroom. I don’t want anything to do with him. I hope.I take a d
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Chapter 6 - Sex
Gabriel POV“Stand up” - I tell her and she stands up and I take her top off leaving her breasts out for me. Turn her around and she supports her hands on the table as I lift her skirt and push her underwear to the side. She is soaking wet. I can see her dripping already and her thong is wet. I put my hand on her back making her breasts touch the cold desk and I open her legs with mine. I slide one finger inside of her and I groan. She’s not as tight as I would like, but she will have to do. I finger fuck her for a couple of seconds and then I put a condom on that I grabbed earlier from my desk and I smash into her pussy. Fast and deep. Alicia moans as I keep fucking her fast. My hands h
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Chapter 7 - Sex part 2
Gabriel POVI had a difficult night. And I was the club drowning my sorrows when I see Alicia dancing in the middle of the club.I pass my hands through my hair. River must be here. I start looking around and I can’t find her. Shit. I walk around the club greeting people that I know but no sign of River. I walk to the door and show a photo of River from my phone to the security.“Have you seen this girl?” - I ask“River didn’t come today boss” - he says. How the fuck does he know her name?“How do you know her name?” - I ask him“I know her housemates, they always come here and they bring her with them sometimes” - he replies and I accept that answer.
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Chapter 8 - The first kiss
River POVI put both my hands against his chest and I can feel his heartbeat. It’s beating as fast as mine. My head is completely clouded by his scent and by his touch. His hands moving around my body. I can feel his cock against my pussy. How I wish I was a little more irresponsible so I could just give in. But I can’t. I’m not that kind of person. I break the kiss and I take deep breaths looking into his mesmerising eyes.He steadies his breathing as well and looks down at me with a smirk on his face.“We can’t” - I say“Why?” - he asks me“You’re with Alicia” - I say and he chuckles “I’m not with her or anyone, I don’t date” - he lets out and then
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