Love Bites

Love Bites

By:  Icy Bany  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alex is a normal high school student who expected to live an average life, but that all changes when a group of transfer students makes their appearance in his life. He is, for the most part, intrigued by the group and even takes a liking to the leader of the said group. But weird occurrences continuously arise until one night, Alex's life is completely changed.

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49 chapters
chapter 1
DISCLAIMERThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. The opinions expressed are those of the characters and should not be confused with the authors. Neither does the author promote any heinous behavior present within the book’s content. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.~“Retrieve the twins and kill that witch.”Her hair wildly danced in the crisp midnight air, an army hot on her tails. In her grasp two crying babies that refused to cease their outburst. There wasn't much she could do as she sprinted through the open lands, nothing but the moon guiding her steps. Tightly clenched in her fist a piece of paper.“My babies, don’t worry. Mummy is going to get us out of here,” she said.Before she could utter any more wo
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Chapter 2
The next day, Alex was walking down the school hallway when he noticed the new guys, not that he would miss them. All seven of them were standing together looking like something that belonged in some magazine that would have an article titled ‘how to get the perfect skin routine with just 7 easy steps.’At that moment he wished his locker wasn’t right next to them, he really wanted to avoid the sore thumb that stuck out so prominently. No Alex, you can do this. It's not like they’ll notice you. Sucking in a breath, Alex made his way to his locker trying his best to conceal his presence. Math book, that’s all he needed yet for some reason, as soon as he got remotely close to them, they ended whatever their discussion was and directed their gazes to him.Now he was under the spotlight. If it was just the three then maybe he’d have the ability to ignore them but there were seven of them. Seven! Not to mention they all s
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chapter 3
“Bunny!” Jamie beamed, running out the school building and into Alex’s arms.“How was my little chipmunks first day at school?” Alex asked, seating her at the back of his car."It was amazing, I drew a picture, look it's me, you, and our two mummies."Alex had already taken his seat when his smile slightly faltered. He turned to look a Jamie, reestablishing his smile. “No way, can I see?”Excitedly digging through her bag, Jamie fished out her self-drawn artwork and passed it to Alex. On it were two stick figures that had yellow hair that Jamie pointed out to be them.“They didn’t have any brown crayons so I couldn’t draw mama,” Jamie said, slightly pouting. She then pointed to the tallest person in the picture.“That’s mummy Cindy.” Jamie’s voice faltered a bit, her bright blue eyes looking up at Alex. “When is she gonna come back, I miss her.&rd
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chapter 4
"Hey what's wrong with you, your face is enough to give a child nightmares, Josh said as they were walked down the hallway. "Gym," Alex answered. "I don't see why you're complaining, you're so good at sports but never participate in them, plus who wouldn't want to see hot girls all sweaty." Alex didn’t hesitate to smack Josh. It was times like those he wished the other was all talk no show but it was all talk and proof to show. As unbelievable as it was, Josh was quite the lady’s man. Unbelievable really. What did they see in such a pervert? Sure, the cooking was good but was that enough to attract girls the way he did? "Well, there's nothing I can do for ya, you'll just have to grow balls, "Josh said right before he entered his classroom, escaping another smack directed his way. Just a bit and he could’ve got him. He really was one lucky bastard. The bringer of hell and worse, rang, piercing Alex’s ear drums. He just had to be right under the
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chapter 5
Alex stood under the shower head, making sure there was enough distance was covered between the two because, boundaries. Again, that awkward stretch of silence. The pattering of the water drops against the tiled floor and the rumbling of thunder outside was thankfully there to fill the atmosphere with something but that something just wasn’t enough.Alex was adamant on keeping his gaze anywhere but to his side where Xavier stood. With all these weird fuzzy feelings, he wasn’t ready to risk his sexuality not to mention how self-conscious he’d grow of his own body. T was no secret Xavier looked to be built like a god, as unrealistic as it was for someone in high school, but that fact was only made much clear when he stood there. Completely bare.Its not like he was a little twink, far from it really. He was just the right balance of height and muscle and made an effort to maintain a good enough body. Standing beside Xavier, however, made him feel like h
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chapter 6
“Josh, I don’t think I can do this, lets break up,” The girl said, standing at Josh’s desk, the male lazily looking up at her. “Sure,” He said, raising a brow when the girl started sniffling. He sighed, supporting his head with his hand. He didn’t say anything wrong; she was the one who brought up breaking up yet here she was breaking into tears making him look like some asshole. The girl left in tears now whispers erupting in the classroom, all eyes on him. He sighed, tempted to laugh at how funny life was. He sat back in his chair, waiting for the lesson to begin. “People sure be quick to judge huh?” A guy came, sitting beside him, his hand smacking Josh’s back. “Right?” Josh smiled, knowing this guy had been backbiting him just yesterday yet had the balls to come with his cheap mask and pretend they were friends. Pathetic. This is why he only acknowledged Alex as his only friend even with so many claiming them to be friends. Alex wa
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chapter 7
The sky was dark, not a star to give light to what lay below. With the moon nowhere to be found, candles were the only source of light to illuminate the gold, crystal embedded, coffin. In it, a still body with skin as pale as a diamond and hair as white as snow lay. The coffin took its place in the middle of the room under the opening to reveal the inky sky.Several hooded bodies encircled the golden resting places, all chanting in low unknown tongue with their features shadowed, in their hands carrying goblets filled with crimson liquid.One came forward carrying one bigger than the rest, decored even fancier than the coffin, in it, blood. His chanting grew louder, more crazed at the blood was poured over onto the body.Just as the robed strangers continued the ceremony Xavier suddenly awoke from the dream. Beads of sweat trickled down his body and matted his white locks. He sat up, running a hand through his hair, a sigh escaping his lips. His pulse was quick,
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Chapter 8
"Hey Alex, you need to see this" Josh waved over to Alex who was grabbing his lunch.Alex sat beside him, looking around he noticed that everyone was looking down at their phones. "Dude look at this," Josh said pointing at his phone.'Young girl found dead in woods behind North field High yesterday evening.'-"It's all over the news, they said this girl was found dead in the woods behind the school, they said that she was brutally tortured and had like a billion cuts and bruises," Josh shrieked."Actually these past weeks there's been an increase in murder cases." Alex couldn't wrap his head around it, are these somehow linked with a large number of people suddenly moving into the town."Look there's a picture of the girl.""She kinda looks familiar," Alex commented with furrowed brows"Wait isn't she from the other school across town; she was dating some guy here. How unfortunate. " Alex knew his friend would figure
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chapter 9
Josh knocked at Alex's door, Jamie answering. "Hey look who it is, it's my beautiful princess," Josh said as he went on knee kissing Jamie's hand. "Joshy," she said scruffling his curly brown locks.Josh laughed asking the small blonde where her brother was. She held Josh's hand leading him to Alex's bedroom where Alex was found laying on his bed barely even dressed."Thank you, your highness." Josh said kissing her hand one more time Alex smacking the boy on the head "Don't even think about it, she's my sister." He said as he sat back down on his bed.Josh got up looking at Alex who looked like he just woke up from a nap. "Why aren't you ready? And why are you in your underwear?" Josh asked with an annoyed frown on his freckled features."What do you mean, I am ready." He said grabbing a nearby pair of flip-flops. Josh just smacked the flip-flops out of his hand. "I'm not letting you in my car looking like that." He said pushing the blonde into the bathr
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chapter 10
Alex gulped what was his hundredth cup. He was sitting on the couch, a girl in a witch’s costume was beside him, running a hand on his chest. He was completely consumed by the spell of the alcohol and could barely register what was going on. He ran a hand through his hair before the girl beside him moved from her seat and instead sat on Alex's lap, her arms wrapped around his shoulders.Through hooded eyes, Alex looked at the female, not sure he enjoyed her on his lap, and even with all the alcohol in his system he still didn't feel right doing this. The girls on the other hand were just as intoxicated and didn't wait to smash their lips together. Again Alex could taste alcohol and lipgloss from the person, and again he didn't like it but this time he didn't push away. He let his hands rest on her sides as she continued.After several minutes the girl pushed away and that's when Alex got her off him and stood. He wiped the link streak on his cheek whilst navigati
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