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"Please Xavier, let me go" "How can you say that my Rosebud when you know you're only mine, YOUR FUCKING MINE" What happens when Rosaline Browns comes to know on her wedding day that the love of her life, Xavier Knight, is none other than the most wanted criminal, a dangerous mafia of a fearsome gang and not to forget is a sick psycho......

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Copyright ©️2021 by Mylovelyreaders  All rights reserved.  ⚠️DARK ROMANCE⚠️ If you’re looking for some action thriller romantic drama then I would love to welcome you all to my first ever book on this platform ”Psycho Mafia”. Guys this is my first book. This story is entirely my imagination and the characters are fictious. Any resemblance from the resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locals is entirely coincidental. The copyright of this book solely belongs to the author and shouldn't be distributed or transmitted in any other form without the consent of the author. The book contains mature language, abuse and some triggering scenes. It is 18+, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! I won't tolerate any hateful comments so please refrain yourself from doing so.I am strongly against Plagiarism SO DON'T COPY MY WORK⚠️I would love if you shower my books with votes and leave interesting f
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Chapter 1: TRUTH
  At Knight's Palace  Rosaline's P.O.V.Today is the colossal and grand day of my life. Why? Because today I am going to marry "My Prince Charming". Let me introduce myself. My name is Rosaline Browns and I am 21 years old. My boyfriend is none other than Xavier Knight, my childhood crush. He is 23 years old. He is a billionaire and the most lucrative and renowned business tycoon of America. Xavier proposed me last year. And guess what? Isn't it obvious? I happily accepted it. Who wouldn't accept if their childhood crush asked them to get married? Funny isn't it?I've been in love with him when I didn't even knew the meaning of love. I don't care if he is rich or not. For me Love means Xavier. He also told me that I am the only girl in his life and he loves me from the depth of his heart.Right now there are a bunch of makeup artists who are dolling me up. After getting read
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Chapter 2: Escape?
Rosaline's P.O.V.Xavier and me cut the wedding cake and damn that was so extravagant. We fed each other and everyone clapped for us. Suddenly a guard came and whispered something in his ear. He glared him and immediately walked away leaving me alone.Finally!!!I did a little victory dance in my mind as finally I got freedom. I instantly held my Mom's hand tightly and dragged her to a corner."What's wron-", I didn't let her complete. "Mom, I am in danger, please help me", I said quickly holding my tears. She looked at me puzzled. "Why? What happened?", she asked holding my shoulders tightly. I looked at her and tried to tell her the truth."Mom, Xavier is a ma-""What happened Babe?" Suddenly a deep voice startled me.Oh God no!!!I stayed rooted on my spot not daring to turn back. Xavier then back hugged me and placed his chin on my left shoulder. "What happened Mom?", he asked my mother i
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Chapter 3: Beast
(Warning:18+)Rosaline’s P.O.V.“Looking for this, love?“, Xavier said, his voice was strangely calm. I gulped in fear.‘No Rosaline stay strong’, my conscience encouraged me.I inhaled a sharp breath and turned around. I looked in his eyes and spoke sternly, “How did you have my phone?” Xavier raised an eyebrow and stared me back intensely. I won’t get scared of him no matter what. I can’t spend the rest of my life with a murderer.He opened his mouth to say something but I immediately snatched my phone from his hand and practically ran out of the room.I went back to our shared bedroom. Xavier just followed me behind quietly. I headed to the closet and took out my night gown. I went inside the washroom while clutching my phone tightly in my hand.Xavier was just watching me silently the whole time with his hawk-like eyes. I frowned.‘Why is he so
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Chapter 4: Forgiveness
~Next day8:30 a.m.Rosaline's P.O.V I woke up with a severe headache. I squinted my eyes a bit trying to adjust to the bright light. Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my hair softly. I looked up only to be met with two black orbs staring me worriedly.He was none other than my dear husband... Xavier Knights He flashed me a soft smile while he kept caressing my head."My Rosebud, are you feeling good now?", he said softly. I stared at him blankly when all of a sudden yesterday's dreadful events flashed in my mind making me scream in fear. I jolted up and pushed him away making Xavier land on the floor. I got up from the bed and immediately rushed to the door when the world around me started spinning. I closed my eyes and clutched my head but before I could comprehend, I blacked out.End of Rosaline's's P.O.V.Xavier's P.O.V
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Chapter 5: Deceived
Three weeks laterRosaline’s P.O.V.I was sitting on the couch and was watching Flash, my favorite series. I have fully recovered by now. Xavier took a lot of care of me for the past three weeks. He didn’t allowed me to do any work. He himself fed me food and medicines and always stayed by my side till I got well. I was very happy since I got my old Xavier back whom I love with all my heart.Little did I know girl that my good days were just going to be over soon...The door creaked open and Xavier came inside.“Rose! Didn’t I told you to rest?“, he scolded me angrily. I huffed and got up from the couch. I then walked towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck.“Baby, I am bored. Let’s go somewhere. We haven’t left the house since our marriage”, I whined while burying my face in his chest. He chuckled after hearing my reply. He then hugged me gently and asked softly, “Sure, where d
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Chapter 6: MONSTER
(Caution: Triggering scenes and mature content 18+)"Who’s V, Rose?", Xavier rasped, his voice was deadly calm. Rosaline was tongue-tied. She didn’t had the courage to look in his eyes anymore. She dropped her gaze down and stared at the floor. Suddenly she heard a throaty chuckle."Another hide and seek? Hmm?", Xavier spoke calmly but he kept tightening his grip on her wrists with his every word. Rosaline looked up at him while hissing in pain."Bad student...Didn’t you learnt from your previous mistake?", he spoke in a mocking tone.Now she lost it.Rosaline pushed Xavier away with all force. He stumbled back and glared her fiercely."SHUT UP YOU CRIMINAL!! YOU BLOODY LIAR!!", she screamed while glaring him in disgust.Xavier’s gaze darkened as soon as he heard her venomous words. He then marched towards her and grabbed her hair making her wince in pain."Mind your tongue ROS
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Chapter 7: The Devil in Disguise
At Knight's Palace8:00 a.m.Rosaline's P.O.V.The sparkling rays of sun burned my skin waking me up from my deep slumber. I squinted my eyes and slowly got up. I looked down and checked myself. I was wearing a plain turquoise shirt. It was covering me up to mid thighs. I looked around and didn't found Xavier. I slowly got up and went inside the bathroom.I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were puffy and swollen, my cheeks had big red fingerprint marks. I slowly unbuttoned the shirt revealing my neck and collarbone which were covered up with dark purple bruises. My lips were swollen and had bite marks.Tears started escaping my eyes as I kept staring at my reflection. My knees became jolly and I crashed down on the floor."I h-hate y-you Xavier", I started crying my heart out. I clutched my chest tightly resting my head on the wall."Someone please save me...."
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Chapter 8: You Can't Leave Me
At Knight’s palace10:00.a.m.Rosaline’s P.O.V.I was sitting on the bed staring at the window aimlessly when the door creaked open revealing the MONSTER. He was dressed well in black suit. His hair perfectly coiffed, his jaw shining with a little dark stubble on it and his three piece suit perfectly hugging his body accentuating his prominent muscles. Overall he was looking too handsome and hot. But what’s the use of this outer beauty when you got a black heart and a selfish, egostic soul.Xavier walked towards the bed and then sat beside me. He raised his hands to touch my cheeks but I immediately turned my face to the side. He then exhaled sharply before speaking in his deep voice, “I came here to take you for breakfast. Let’s go Rosebud”. He tried to grab my hands but I immediately moved back.Xavier again moved forward and tried to touch me but I immediately got up from the bed and started walki
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Chapter 9: Judas Kiss
At Knight's Empire "YOU REVEALED YOURSELF!!"Noah snarled as he threw the newspaper angrily on the table. Sebastian sighed."Calm do-""HOW CAN I? NOW EVERYONE WILL COME TO KNOW ABOUT US. AREN'T YOU SCARED SEBASTIAN?", Noah shouted at him, furious at his impassive behavior."We aren't scared of anything, Noah. What's wrong with-", before Elijah could completely Noah grabbed his collar immediately."ARE YOU ALL OUT OF YOUR MIND? THIS FOOl LITERALLY REVEALED HIMS-", he shouted in pure rage but Xavier cut him off."Calm down dude""HOW CAN I CALM THE FUCK DOWN WHEN YOU SHOT AGENT 001 JUST TO PROTECT THAT STUPID GIR-" "ENOUGH!!!"A loud thunderous growl echoed in the room making everyone flinched. Noah looked at Xavier with wide-eyes as this was the first time he had raised his voice at him. Xavier marched towards him angrily and grabbed his collar choking him."I.WARN.Y
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