Girlfriend For Hire

Girlfriend For Hire

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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Harry Payne, a sexy and enigmatic CEO. Harry comes from one of the most important and richest families in the entire UK. He is responsible and organised, he is a businessman without time for nonsense or romance. His last girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend because of his unavailability. Now he is facing a big problem. His cousin's wedding is in three days and he needs to find a suitable girlfriend to attend with him. Harry pays a lot of money to stay out of the headlines, so his family has no idea what he has been up to. As he doesn’t have time for relationships he decides to hire a girlfriend for two weeks. Will he be able to keep it professional or will he lose his calm with the beautiful escort Alice?

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79 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Harry Payne
Harry Payne  Age: 34 Job: CEO of Payne Enterprise  Status: painfully single  Physical description: Short black hair, 6’4 ft tall, athletic body, chiselled face, with prominent dark green eyes, with a stubble beard, full lips and Roman shaped nose.  Personality Description: Arrogant, organised, determined, reliable, seductive Family: Grace Payne (mother) Joseph Payne (father) Harold Payne (older brother) Helena Payne (younger sister)  Friends: Devin Hardy, Karen Davies

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Chapter 2 - Alice Turner
Alice Turner  Age: 29 Job: Escort/ student (nurse)  Status: single Physical description: long wavy light brown hair, almond-shaped blue eyes, heart-shaped face, fine nose and plump lips. Short 5’4 ft curvy body, tanned skin.  Personality description: Calm, caring, determined, seductive, funny.  Family: Tommy Turner (twin brother), Laura Turner (auntie) Friends: Karen Davies, Juliana Abel   Read more
Chapter 3 - Meeting Alice
Harry POV I wake up with my alarm on my phone. I turn it off and I get up stretching my back. I had a horrible and uncomfortable night sleep. I walk into the bathroom and get myself ready for the gym. I have a private gym inside my flat. I live in a three-bedroom flat in front of Hyde Park in London. I love it here. I can see the park from the Gym window while I do my exercises. After doing my cardio and lifting some weights I decide to go out for a run. It’s seven in the morning and not a lot of people are out. It’s is a lovely spring day and it is already getting hot. I run down and when I get to the park I put my EarPods on. Music blasting that’s all I need. I start running and to my surprise, I bump
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Chapter 4 - Flying to Italy
Alice POV I get up at seven with my alarm playing some random song. I turn it off and I get up to make a cup of coffee. The day doesn’t start before I have coffee. I sit near my window looking out. Today is a lovely day. I open the window a little and I put some food in a bowl for Maria. Not long after Karen would be here to pick her up and take her home. I walk to the bathroom and I have a quick shower doing my skin routine and moisturising my skin after. As an escort, I need to take care of myself. After all my appearance is everything in my job. Once I get out Karen walks into my flat. She has a spare key.“In ringed” - she saysRead more
Chapter 5 - Walking in Rome
Harry POV  I keep looking at Alice through my shades pretending I am looking at my phone. She’s looking out of the window not paying any attention to me. Her face lits up as she sees the monuments we pass by. I’ve never really paid attention to my surroundings when I’m being driven to hotels. I stop looking at my phone and look out of the window. Rome is not a foreign place to me. It’s my second home. I’ve lived here for two years after my break up with my ex. I needed some time away and I came to Rome. I obviously worked here but I never did the touristy thing. Maybe I should. I think Alice would enjoy it. Maybe I can take her to the Pantheon. And to the Vatican. “We’re here sir” - I hear the driver calling me from my daydream. I open the door and Alice hol
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Chapter 6 - Meeting the parents
Alice POVI was in shock when I saw Harry appear in front of me wearing ripped jeans. Adidas trainers and a white t-shirt. His t-shirt hugged his muscles showing of the perfection under the fabric. He put a baseball cap on and we walked out of the bedroom. We walked past the press unnoticed which made me happy. I don’t know how to react in front of them. The day has been absolutely amazing. We walked and talked a lot. I got to know the real Harry. Sometimes he can be arrogant but then he stops and corrects himself. I think he is used to people wanting something from him, but this time it’s the other way around. He wants something from someone else. He wants me to help him. Today helped me to get into my character of a loving girlfriend. We had lunch and dinner out. All in small restaurants that he knew from the
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Chapter 7 - Meeting the parents part 2
Alice POV I Have a quick shower and do my skin routine. Once I come out of the bathroom wrapped in the fluffy bathrobe I see Harry sitting in the front room reading the newspaper with another mug of coffee. He looks so sexy with his wet hair brushed back. I close the bedroom door and I get dressed.The blush pink dress hugs my curves. The dress has a pencil skirt that goes to my knees. I put on the black high heels and black thin belt on top of the dress.I do a very neutral and soft makeup. My hair tied perfectly into a low ponytail. I spray my perfume and I walk out just holding my clutch. Harry’s eyes meet mine and I see his eyes
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Chapter 8 - Contract
Harry POV After the Pantheon, we walk back to the hotel. It takes us around thirty minutes but I enjoy Alice’s company. She is grounded and she has some culture. I’ve apologised to her a thousand times about my mother and my family but all she says is that she is okay and she’s just doing her job.That gets to me. That she only sees this as a job. I am hoping to become her friend. She is different from the girls I’ve met before.As we are walking one of the journalists spots us and starts following us. I hate when they do that. If you want a photo just ask for it and get it done. Don’t follow me around. It drives me insane. I stop walking and I turn around to face the guy.

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Chapter 9 - Dinner
Harry POV Once we get to the hotel restaurant we are taken to the table where my parents and Harold are sitting.“Sorry we’re late” - I say shaking my brother’s hand and kissing my sister in law’s faceI see them eyeing Alice from head to toe. I put my arm around her waist. And pull her close to me.“Mother, father” - I say as I kiss her face and shake my father’s hand.“You’re late” - mother says“I know. I’m sorry, I had some work I had to take care of” - I say “It is extremely disrespectful” - mother says and I can feel Alice shifting her weigh
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Chapter 10 - Wedding
Harry POV Today is the rehearsal dinner. I don’t get why they do this. Why rehearsal something like a wedding? I don’t even know what to expect and honestly, I am not bothered. I might come up with an important business meeting and not attend. Since Alice got annoyed with me I struggled to attend all the functions for this wedding. I just want this to be over so I can go back to my life and forget about her. I know it will be hard considering I have been spending twenty-four hours with her constantly. She can make me smile even when I don’t want to. Just looking at her makes me want to drop everything and wrap my arms around her. “What time are we going?” - Alice asks bringing me back from my thoughts Read more Protection Status