The Pride (English Version of Tentang Harga Diri)

The Pride (English Version of Tentang Harga Diri)

By:  Rindu Rinjani  Updated just now
Language: English
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The Pride Nicko is an unexpected son in law in Windsor Family, who is rich and famous in Westcoast Town. Earlier, his Wedding with the beautiful Josephine is only a reciprocate to Mr.Gilbert Windsor, Josephine's grandpa. The one who always kind to him since he was a child. Even though Josephine always treat him nicely as a man and husband, but not her big family. Nicko is nothing but a trash for Windsor family. "So, you came here with an empty hand? How silly you are," Armando, his brother in law is mocking him as always. "Armando, dont you remember the fact that he is depending his life to Josephine and his parent in law? He just a poor unemployement," Damian, Josephine's cousin try to make him feel worse. That's Nicko's daily life, always being mocked and insulted anytime, anywhere. This also make Josephine's pride is getting lower among her conservative family. One day, a surprising day came to him unexpectedly. He met his biogical father, Phillip Lloyd, a man from the top social pyramid. Everything has change. Money is not a problem for him anymore. However, he prefer to hide his true identity. What is the reason behind? Find out and see Nicholas Lloyd's journey.

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    1.Unwanted Son In Law
    The sound of music is played soft and gently by the pianist in this room. There is a hansome man with a good body, standing and lay his back on the pillar, right at the corner. Alone, and lonely as always. His name is Nicholas,  or Nicko, yes just Nicko, a young man without family name,  a husband of Josephine Windsor. She is the youngest daughter of one of rich and famous family in Westcoast Town, Edmund and Daisy Windsor.                          ***Today is a birthday of Howard,  an elder brother of Edmund Windsor. It's a tradition for Windsor family gathering to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary. Everyone who came on gathering has to bring any present, of course. Honestly, present giving is a moment for showing off who is the richest, who glive the most expensive gift. "Daddy, i hope you like this priceless painting
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    2.Lloyd's DNA
    Nicko walks faster as he drops from the bus. He will not let The Watts mad at him. He remebers exactly, how he is punished by a cane on his calf when he got ten,  just because he sets up the tea little bit late. Also Mrs Emily's anger, the one who always told him that he is abandoned by his real father. Feels like a boiling water on his heart everytime he remebered those things. All of them are horrible. Eventhough its horrific, but those give him much strengt to face the life, all the slurs by Windsor Family is not a big deal at all. "Where have you been,  so you came here by now. Do you want to see my wife die? Jamie Watts snaps at him then slap Nicko's cheek. "I am in uncle Howard birthday party," Nicko says honestly. "Huh! How could you have fun in a party meanwhile my wife is dying by her illness!" Jamie snaps at him once again.The fat and chubby man is pointing his finger on Ni
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    3.Hospital Incident
    Nicko is standing in silence while squinting his eyes to see the desperate Jamie. Questioning what happend with this fat man, how could he loose his courage. His shown power and snobbery are disappeared directly."Russel, do you know what you have to do to a cheater?" Mr. Lloyd is asking to one of the black suit men, who is standing in a first row. Russell got a flat expression, no smile or laugh, seems never. Everything must be straight on him. May be Russell is a leader for them.Russel took a gun from her left waist. Wipe that black gun slowly right in front of Jamie's family. Flat expression is shown by Russell seems give him more strength and power. This makes The Watts feel more desperate. Jamie, the one who really fear of his death gives signal to his children. Ask them to go on their knee and begging for mercy. "Please forgive us Mr.Lloyd, we have made a mistake. We are thirsty by your wealth
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    4.A New Billionaire
    It's hard to believe for Nicko for what he sees in ATM' screen few minutes ago. This tall guy is waving his card next to the machine and confuse. Thirty billion dollar is a fantastic amount, especially for someone who never had much money as him. He is wondering about The Lloyd' wealth by seeing the ammount of his saving account. It could be one or five trillion dollar or may be more. The Lloyd prosperity is a common thing in Westcoast Town. Their various industry are well known, not only in the Westcoast Town but also around nation. The total of the Blanc's wealth is just little bit more than Nicko's money, and of course it could not be compared to the Windsor. Nicko's ATM card is a special edition. It's only created for those who has minimum a trillion dollars for wealth. At least that's what Nicko have seen on magazine. "I will be able to gag them by this money," Nicko is thinking on his mind. What's on his
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    5.Don't Touch My Wife
    Howard Windsor opens the black box  given by Adrian near to Josephine. This middle aged man do this in purpose, showing Adrian's charm in his beautiful niece, Josephine. A miniature horse coved by fine gold is in the box, a gift from the blonde man. In Howard opinion,  that gift must be an extravagant. He guessed it might be million dollar. "Wow, this so beautiful Adrian,  thank you," Howard says with bunch of admiration. "Do you like it?" Adrian asks and showing his pride. "My Dad love it, absolutely, your present is totally awesome. You really care about our family," Damian says satire and see Josephine, because his husband brought nothing. "Yes, you have much respect to my uncle," Armando is understand with Damian's meaning tell it so. "You are so kind Adrian, the one on our family brought nothing, even it a jar of pickle," Catherine is quiping to her sister. Read more
    6.A True Coward
    The room is echoing with people's laughing as they heard about Nicko's challenge. Nicko has been trying to shoot himself, that's in their mind. "Are you sure about your will?" Adrian asks with his bunch of pride. "Do you see I am joking?" Nicko replies. Josephine held her husband's arm so tight, it seems she disagree with his idea. This kind of thing looks childish to her. "Huh, Boys will be boys," she talks in silence. Uncertainty is shown on her beautiful face. Adrian Law is prominent from a reputable family. He is well known as a public figure and upper class society.His popularity cannot be compared to Nicko, though he looks confident for now. His wife was heading down with fear. Nicko tries to rub her finger smoothly while he saw a change on her face. "It's Ok, Baby," He is trying to calm his wife. Josephine nods and tries to get calm. Even though she has m
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    7.Conversation with The Windsor
    Nicko does the domestic work at home as he always be. Luckily,  Edmund's house is not as bigger than Howard's.He has no regrets for doing all this kind of housework. What he is doing for now is an equality for his married life. Josephine, works for her family company to afford the needs include for her parents.It doesn't mean that Nicko has no will to find a job and support his wife. His decision to leave his previous occupation directly makes it difficult in finding a job for now. Whereas His previous job was in a small town with a less prestigious company. He got a job as a courier one day,  but the Windsor disagreed with it. Working as a courier has no prestige at all and going to embarese the reputable Windsor. Thus, Nicko only stays home and does the housework. Even the Windsor don't really like Nicko, but his existence gives them an advantage. By his appearance, they don't need to hire a maid to do the housework.&
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    8.The Result
    Nicko's Van has arrived at the hospital court. After he dropped the woman he loves for work. This 25 year old guy is walking fast with a wide footstep he made. He might be late to see Mr. Brenan. His Van is not considered a fancy car, that's why he has to park away from the lobby area. He was walking in a hurry and breathing faster as he reached the lobby. The people he knew were seen sitting on the sofa which is a bit hidden. A smile is shown in this pretty guy's face after he takes a deep breath. Two elegant men is sitting in front of him,  one of them are holding a glorious cane. Behind him standing some men in a black suit. "Forgive me for coming late, Sir, ". He said with polite."No worry. Have a sit young man, and stop calling me Master!" Mr. Lloyd is commanding him. Nicko sits and thinks about Mr. Lloyd  Spoken in a while, which is. Asking him stop calling Master to Mr.Lloyd.
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    9Windsor's Business
    There was a change in Josephine's expression.  When she heard what her Grandma said. She was excited earlier,  and now she has no spirit at all,  wishes that this meeting be over soon. "Yes right,  Mr. Law will  not hesitate to spend his wealth for our company," Howard says. "Absolutely, Mr.Law is really wealthy, and he seems to be many respect for our family," Now it's Grandma Elizabeth speaks. All the family members talk about how great and prosperous Law's clan is. They seem to be hypnotized  by their clan,  since they are two levels above them. Actually, this conversation is only to quip Josephine and disgrace her husband. They keep on talking and hope that she will do something to help them. "Damian, why don't you try to talk to Adrian Law,  you really get along, don't you?" Howard is asking while glanced at Josephine. Nevertheless, Nicko's wif
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    10.Elizabeth Got a Heart Attack
    Josephine squeezes her fingers once again while her head down. She can't stand all the cynical sights of her. Blaming her for something that happened to her Grandma. She tries to get closer to the door, but Uncle Howard preventing and asks her away. "Why do you come here? You don't care about Grandma at all, don't you?" Mr. Howard says and blame her. "I just want to see how's Grandma now," Josephine answers with fears. "Huh, how dare you call her Grandma, after what you have done?" Damian mocks her."I am sorry ... I wasn't mean that. I just can't go on a date with somebody else while I am married already," Josephine tries to defend herself. "Huh, nonsense. You really don't care about your family." The door is opened after a while. A young woman in a white suit appears. She is doctor Dolores Ryan, a family physician for the Windsor. Doctor Dolores is
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