Billionaire's Shadow Wife (English)

Billionaire's Shadow Wife (English)

By:  Tatiana H  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amara had fallen in love at first sight of that man. The sharp gaze from that man seemed to make Amara trapped in the sense of comfort that Amara did not understand. However? When Amara realized that the marriage had happened because of her mother's insistence. It was a subtle way for her mother to kick Amara out of the house. However, is Amara happy? What is this marriage for? I got You are well-known as a young CEO who is rich in wealth, but you are not rich at heart. I am now pregnant with your child. Why don't you admit that? "Amara protested. The man opened his jacket, dragged his long sleeves up to the elbows "what are you saying? You are my wife, but not necessarily the child you contain is my son," the man grinned. "I swear by my life, I will make you love me, and after you fall in love with me, I will leave you without pity. Thats my promise with my life," said Amara firmly.

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13 chapters
Author Note
Please read it, Just a secondHi Guys, Call me Anna. I was excited when I found out that there was a CEO Romance competition. Honestly, I like writing this genre. It's like I write my diary, but of course, I write the results of my thoughts.Guys, can I ask for a bit of help. I think this is also a small wish. Can you vote and comment when you read my book ?. I am an introvert. Personally, I don't have too many friends. It would be nice to give me input Or support me, even if it's just a little word. I will also be happy if we greet each other in the comments column.For this story, Amara is the main character. A woman who has no friends other than her younger sister Deliana. Amara grew up without a mother's affection, even though she received abundant love from her father. Why does the mother hate her? Why is Amara a lonely person? Of course, you have to read this book to know the answer, right?.For a male character, shhh, this
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I'm Amara Cristal. It's my birthday; I'm 22 years old. I took a deep breath looking at my reflection in the mirror. My hair is straight black. No matter how much I tie my hair, it remains straight and never tangles. This is the confusion I had from the day I was born. My skin is white porcelain because I rarely come out of the house. The blue iris of my eyes is similar to my dad's. My chin is pointed because my face is oval, and I have a lip line like Selena Gomez. "Happy birthday to me" I welcomed the morning without any beautiful surprises, I just blew out the scented candles I burned, and my birthday celebrations ended. "Amara, Amara," shouted a very familiar voice. She banged on my door roughly as usual. "Yeah, Mom," ​​I answered, opening the room door. My mom immediately doused me with water. "Are you Insane? You just woke up at this time. I told you there is an important guest and you are not doing your job? Tidy up yourself and go to the living room. Now," sna
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The Wedding
I trembled when the wedding ring was attached to my ring finger. The sound of loud applause was heard, some of them cheered happily watching my wedding, without them knowing that I was married because I had to. My eyes were glazing at the diamond ring on my finger, and a whispering voice from the man was heard in my ear. "This ring, only a tie for you. Become my slave, "said the spokesperson. I raised my head, glared at the man, who is now legally my husband."I should have disapproved of this marriage," I replied, feeling insulted by the look in my husband's eyes. I have only known a man named Raka Albert for one month, a man who is for some reason I like him even though I only hear his breath. He grabbed my arm roughly. "You see your parents? They smiled happily to see me marrying you, without them knowing that you will only be my shadow wife," said Raka firmly.Read more
My Husband Lover
"I do not accept this marriage. I should be your wife, why is that damn woman in your apartment huh ?. Raka, don't you realize I'm the only woman who always stays in your apartment," snapped the woman emotionally.I sat in the chair near the window and lowered my head, luckily Jane came and helped me escape the woman's slap. I stole a glance at the woman who was now sitting on the sofa with Raka. "I seem to know that woman," I thought. but I didn't dare to look at her for too long."Come on Amber, you're making a fuss here. do you want your career as an artist to be destroyed?" said Raka calmly, as if Raka was used to facing such a temperamental woman. I'm stunned." Is she Amber Wilson? The artist who is on the rise because of that horror film? why did she change her hair color? "I thought to myself. I only know a little who Amber is. Last I saw, she had long black hair. Now she cuts her hair, curly and blonde."I do not care about my career, I am your lover, ju
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What was in The Box?
"Have you finished dress up My Lady?" Jane asked over to me after she put all my stuff into the car. I looked closely at my reflection in front of the mirror. Suddenly Raka wanted to take me to his home. More precisely, Raka brought me into his tower house. I don't know what Raka thought.Everyone in the city knows that Raka's extended family occupies every single floor of Raka's house. they say, the competition is so fierce among the Raka family, they somehow live their life." Huh, Jane. You can just call me my name. Amara my name. That's more than enough, don't be so formal," I asked Jane. I'm not comfortable with being called My Lady because I want to have a friendly relationship with Jane."Okay, when it's ready, Mr. Raka told you to go to the car," said Jane. I nodded, and with one deep sigh, I stepped my feet. Even though I want to argue, I'm not that important to Raka until he wants to grant my request. If possible, I don't want to go to that tower. There was no
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A Notice
Feelings of annoyance, confusion, tension all mixed into one in my heart. The first day I entered Raka's house, I met a terrible thing like this. Inside the box was a dead white bird, covered with blood and placed in the refrigerator. When all of Raka's extended family gathered in the lounge, I knew that this bird was Mrs Mira's favourite bird."Until when will everything be like this? Isn't it enough terror that happened so far? "Mr Jacob protested sternly. I watched one by one Raka's big family. Their faces were like they were tired of this kind of thing.Mrs Linda sat while on her husband's lap, grandmother sat quietly. Mulan and Patricia acted ignorant, while Raka stood in front of the window staring at the scenery outside. "How could that person have the heart to kill my Boly, look at my beloved bird is dead," said Mrs Mira sadly. She had been crying, sobbing all this time."Who cleaned my room today?" asked Raka in his baritone voice. Jane left, and soon s
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I walked back and forth in my room. Sometimes I sat, sometimes I stood up, I was restless waiting for Raka to come home. "Calm down. It's not that bad, right?" Jane asked me. I sighed heavily. "Jane? This is so bad. What are these notes for? why doesn't Raka just talk to me" I protested? I took the note and rocked it in the air in annoyance."Sorry, if I could know what Mr Raka asked of you?" Jane was still talking carefully to me. It made her look stiff. Even though she was a woman who I thought would be very feminist if she dressed up"Okay, listen to this" I looked back at the note "as a wife of the honorable Mr Raka, I must obey all of Raka's orders, do what Raka wants, don't interfere in Raka's personal affairs, prepare everything that Raka needs, play happily in front of Raka's family, Raka's friends or anyone out there, and most importantly Raka won't touch my body, no love, no sex. "I tossed the note across the table, still annoyed even though I had read it ove
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His Touch
It feels like my body is still frozen, even though I was out of the swimming pool two hours ago. Raka asked Jane to get me out of the swimming pool after my body was almost half frozen. I covered myself with a blanket that was thick enough. Jane also brought me warm drinks. "At this damn thing, what's the difference between me here and at home. In here Raka who punished me, at house Mom who punished me. My life may be just for this,"I grumbled, sipping little by little of my warm drink. I circle the room with my eyes, a spacious room with all these luxuries but quiet. Only my status is married, not in the true sense. Where did Raka go? He never told me what he was doing. Maybe even tonight, I will sleep alone. "It's been a long time since I saw them. Could this be the effect of bird carcasses that I found in the fridge at that time, they usually appear suddenly, "I said to myself. I was in shock when my cell phone rang. "Oh Shiit, I'm starting again. Come on Amara, t
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New Girl
This is the first time for me to have breakfast with Raka's family. Before, I was always late to go downstairs, and when I got downstairs, some of the Raka family were already doing their activities. I sat side by side with Raka at the dining table. Who knows what Raka's heart was made of? He was indifferent to what happened that night. Alright, this is a long dining table. Raka's extended family sits at one table. In the main seat was Grandma, beside her is Raka parents, then Mr Jacob and Mrs Mira with their two children Mulan and Patricia, and there is another woman I saw face today. I've never met that woman before. "Look at her, see the illegitimate child with her disgusting eyes," said Mulan looking at me. I can be sure the words were aimed at me. My hands shook, holding a tablespoon, and I was surprised to feel ashamed of being caught staring at the woman sitting beside Raka. "I told you, to maintain etiquette when we are at the dinner table, right?" sa
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Iam Fever
My whole body was wet with water; the clothes I wore stuck to my body because it was wet, and it was enough to print my body to reveal my curves. Raka's eyes looked at my chest, it made me uncomfortable, and I quickly crossed my arms to cover my chest. Raka smiled a line. "You think I'll be tempted by your ugly body !. Every time you do something wrong, you deserve to be punished!" said Raka. I wrinkled my forehead. "What am I doing ?. Is this all about Amber? "I asked for certain. Raka chuckled, annoyed. "For me to breathe, you're already annoying, no need to ask me that far. I know my business, and I don't like to be bothered with trivial matters. If you can't protect yourself from just one slap, then don't you dare provoke other people's emotions." Said Raka as he left. My legs shook away from the shower; I took a towel and wiped the water on my face; my body was shivering, suddenly my body felt bad. I replaced the shower with warm water and chose to take a short
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