The CEO And ME

The CEO And ME

By:  Bayu Hidayat  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sagara is the second son of the most powerful family in the country. He pretends to be disabled to trick his brother, Awan. But his brother doesn't fully believe him. What if Viola, his fiancé who was supposed to be married to him, suddenly disappeared? Sagara was forced to marry Viola's sister named Viona. The girl who is known for being ugly and stupid in town A. Can Sagara endure all of Viona's ridiculous behavior and lewdness? Read more to find out!

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8 chapters
The CEO And MeAuthor : Bayu HidayatTranslator : Yuriko  *** Sagara's POV Today is my wedding day with Viola, the daughter of the owner of the Adem Anyes Group company. The owner of the company volunteered to give his beloved daughter to me because I helped his company when it was on the verge of bankruptcy However, this marriage happened on the arrangement of my older brother named Awan, who is my competitor in Samudra Group. You could say my brother and I are actually enemies. "Young Master, the doctor in charge of checking your health this morning has arrived." said my personal secretary whose full name is Kenzo Adiatama.  "Ask him to come in!" I ordered.  "But, sir, that doctor ...," "What's wrong with the doctor, Ken?" I frowned. 
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The CEO And MeAuthor : Bayu HidayatTranslator : Yuriko***Author's POVThe clock showed seven in the morning and it was time for Sagara to clean himself in the bathroom.The handsome young man must ready at eight o'clock because the relatives and peoples At eight o'clock in the morning, the handsome young man must be ready because the relatives and people who will accompany his wedding car have started arriving to this house.Now Sagara's footsteps he directed to the bathroom in his room.The very refreshing cold water began to soak the young man's burly body and made all the dirt that stuck to his skin shed.A few moments later, Sagara, who had finished cleaning herself, began to come out of the bathroom wearing a blue kimono wrapped around his tall body."Ken," Sagara greeted when he found out that his personal secretary had returned to his room and was currently sit
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The CEO And MeAuthor : Bayu HidayatTranslator : Yuriko***The car that is driven by Secretary Diana began to separate from the group of bridesmaids.Some people who saw this frowned slightly in surprise."Why is Mr. Awan going the other way?'  they all wondered inside."Ah, there may be a sudden problem or matter" Those who doesn't want to be bothered thought.A few moments later, the car that carries Secretary Diana and Mr. Awan was entered the gate of a motel which was quite close to the route they were currently taking.The parking lot of this motel is quite large, but it is rather deserted since it's a Monday, not a Friday or Saturday night ."Di, go order a room first! After you finish booking one, I'll propose to you." said Awan."I don't want to." Secretary Diana said, folding her hands around her chest."Come on, Di!" Awan coaxed."I want Mr. Awan to come with me into the mot
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The CEO And MeAuthor : Bayu HidayatTranslator : Yuriko***"Sir," called Secretary Diana to her boss who is resting."Hm," Awan responded."Don't sleep! Let's hurry up and take a shower!""Later.""Don't be crazy, sir. We must immediately return to Young Master Saga's wedding reception hall." Secretary Diana said, reminding him."Take it easy! Sagara's wedding ceremony will be postponed for a few hours because his bride has been kidnapped by my men.""Huh!" Diana got shocked after hearing what Awan said."Why are you so shocked?""If the bride is kidnapped by you, sir. Then what about Young Master Saga's marriage? Didn't you deliberately match Young Master Saga with Viola so that he wont have a strong supporter in Samudra Group?""Sagara's marriage will continue. But the bride will be replaced by Viona's sister, Viona. Actually, from the beginning I had wanted Viona to become Saga's
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The CEO And MeAuthor : Bayu HidayatTranslator : Yuriko"Sir, please help me to put on my dress!"  asked Secretary Diana who is having a hard time pulling the zipper of her dress. "Turn around!" Awan turned the woman's body back to him. Awan zipped up Diana's zipper. "Done."  He told her. "Thanks," "Hm," Awan nodded A few moments later, those two humans have neatly dressed themselves. "Come on, sir! We have to quickly join the others at building B. I can't wait to see Young Master Saga's pale face when he sees that he got a dumb and ugly wife." "Haha, let's go." Awan raises his right arm towards the woman, and Secretary Diana puts her arm around the man's arm. They both started to walk out of the room that had been a silent witness to their hot struggle on the bed. *** In Building B, the wedding ceremony between S
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Part 6
The CEO And MeAuthor : Bayu HidayatTranslator : Yuriko***Even though in reality Sagara's legs were not paralyzed, there was still a sense of annoyance when he heard people ridicule and gossip about him from their limp mouths.Secretary Ken walked towards a table with some dishes on it. His Young master wanted something to refresh his mind so that he wont get tired at times like this.He settled on a fruit salad which was placed in a middle-sized plastic container. It was decorated very nicely and has a classy touch. "Eh," said a girl next to Secretary Ken when she found the box she was looking for was also being targeted by the handsome young man."Eh," said the girl beside secretary Ken when she realised that he also wants the salad that she was eyeing At this moment, Secretary Ken's hand was holding the girl's hand which was holding the same fruit salad container as him The girl turned towards Se
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Part 7
Translator : Yuriko*** Awan smiled with satisfaction because his plan worked, just like secretary Diana who is very excited at seeing Sagara's disheveled face. Sagara started to voice his opinion against this marriage. "I don't want to marry Viona." 'Yeah, sir. Don't agree.' Secretary Ken pleaded inside his head. He fully supports his master's decision "Why don't you want to marry Viona? Is it because she's not as beautiful and not as smart as Viola, hm?" Awan asked Sagara, trying to make him look bad. "It's not like that," said Sagara. "I just don't want to ruin Viona's future. She's still in high school, right? It's impossible for her to marry me at her age." "Isn't Viona going to graduate from school soon? So it doesn't really matter if she gets married with you now." "But ..." "If you want to cancel this marriage, it's fine. I won't force you, Ga."
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Part 8
The CEO And MeAuthor Bayu HidayatTranslator Yuriko***After being silent for a few moments, Sagara finally said, "Ken, how is aunt Amanda? Is she doing well?"."Mum Amanda's condition is still like what it was. She cries when she remembers the incident when Arabella went missing." Secretary Ken answered. "Maybe if my little sister can be found, my mum's psychological state can be recovered.""How are the results from the investigations from the detectives you hired? Did they find a clue?""Not yet, Sir. My little sister's existence seems to be covered my a black fog. It's that bad because the peoples I hired can't even find a small clue.""I hope that you're little sister will be found soon, Ken." Sagara patted his secretary."Yeah, I hope so too." Ken nodded."By the way, how old should your little sister be right now?""She should have entered the first semester of college.""Oh, it turns out that she is no
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