Black’s Mate

Black’s Mate

By:  Mcheidi J. Aniston  Completed
Language: English
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Susan Parrish is a very beautiful young lady in her late twenties from a wealthy family, who decides to leave her family business to work in a hospital with the intentions to fulfill her dreams and aspirations. One thing she did not know was, she was not going to fulfill her dreams alone but also, she was going to fulfill her destiny when she encounters her boss, Jones Black. And what happens when she discovers her boss is a devil in disguise and she is the devil’s mate? Through their ups and downs, through the storms and temptations, it is only fate who has the answers whether or not there is ever going to be an ever after!

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31 Chapters
chapter 1.1
Third Person's POV ‘You are mine and will always be mine, no matter how far you run from me.’ A mysterious man says in Susan’s dream. These dreams of hers are like a different world, created intentionally by some force. ’No! No! I am not yours! I am for no one and I will never be yours or anyone’s property!’ Susan screams the words at the unknown man. Susan has been having these mysterious dreams since she turned twenty and she is now twenty-two years. Literally, she has been enduring these absurd dreams and its associated sleepless nights for two tormenting years. In her dreams, she always encounters a strange man who’s face is all the time blurry. She had been normal all through her adolescent years but it is like immediately she stepped into her twenties, the spirit of
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chapter 2.2
Susan’s POV ’ugh!’ I groan loudly as the most annoying sound on earth hit my ears.I furiously smack down the devilish object sitting comfortably at my bedside. And I very well know that I will have to get another alarm clock very soon. ’so, super Susan has once again destroyed another brand new clock. Eh?’ I say to myself, chuckling at my own actions. Not only have I been having strange dreams since I entered my twenties. I have also acquired some sort of supernatural strength I never had. For example, I have been changing alarm clocks each and every day and not to talk of the dozen door handles I have managed to spoil. ‘I think I definitely need an award for the most strongest woman alive.’ I say to myself as I share another quite laugh at my own joke. My mum has
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chapter 3.3
Jones’ POV ’Come in’ I say just as I here a knock on my office door. There is no need to ask whom it is since I already know the one behind the door. ’sir..’ She says awkwardly as she steps inside the office, keeping as much space as she can possibly keep between us. And I am really happy she has done that because the fucking mate bond is now even stronger.Now that she is close to me, I can’t seem to have keen focus on anything except her intoxicating scent and the up and down of her chest area. Even though I hate her and wish she was never even born, the bond which has gained so much strength now is making me feel so attracted to her.It is making me so unfocused and restless at the moment. The damn mate bond is making things more difficult for me.It wants us to be together
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chapter 4.4
Susan's pov 'Who is he to even try to suspect and accuse me?' I murmur angrily to myself. The guts of this man! I mean, who in this world can be so arrogant? Of course, the all knowing mr.handsome face, no manners Jones black!  'Ouch.. Fuck it!' I say, touching my nose from the pain I am feeling due to the hard wall I have just bumped into. Ugh! Are people on a mission to make my morning a disaster today?  These bloody beings cannot seem to be able to control themselves from infuriating me.   No one is blind in this hospital! so why does someone have to stand there for me to bump into him that way? Am I in any way invisible? 'What the hell? Are your eyes unable to see clearly?' I exclaim angrily, venting all my pent up anger on the blind stranger. 'Whoa calm down
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chapter 5.5
Jone's POV 'Fuck!' I mutter under my breath as I punch my office wall angrily and aggressively. My own brother wants to fight over my soul mate with me? Even though we are not the best of brothers, I would never wish this on him. He wants to do this as a way to eliminate me but I will not give him that chance. Not at all! He will never have the chance to execute his evil plans as long as I have my mate under my watch. I do not even know why he wants to do this.After all, I am not the one who caused that curse on him.  But who am I kidding? It is not like Asmodeus has ever liked me anyways.  I do not really give a damn whether he likes me or not but one thing I am certain of is that, I am not allowing him any where near my mate. Never! And the problem of whether I want her or not sho
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chapter 6.6
Jone’s POV 'Noooo stop! Leave me alone.' I hear the screams so loud in my ears that it immediately wakes me from my sleep. I look around my room, already on alert for any threats. I go on to survey my room to know where the sound came from or who exactly screamed but I do not see anyone which surprises me because I am more than certain that I heard a person scream. 'Please..' I hear a voice whisper again and this time, I remember that I am not alone in the room, I remember that I brought my mate home yesterday. I look at her face, studying her to see what is really wrong with her. She is all soaked in sweat, it seems like she just had a long swim in a pool. 'Aaaaaaah.' My mate screams so loud at my face and I have to move back a bit to prevent her from throwing any unwelcomed liquid on my face. I would not want any thing nasty on my face in th
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chapter 7.7
Third Person's POV ‘Hey, wakeup. Hey!’ Jones exclaims helplessly. He is not one to take care of girls more often. ‘What did you do to my friend? Oh poor Susan, aah God what have you done with her? screams Marigold, who had come with her mate, James to check up on her best-friend but she came to find her unconscious. Marigold has been shouting at Jones, accusing him of scaring her friend to have made her passed out like that. ‘Woman, shut up alright?’ Jones roars at her but she continues to rain accusations on him which infuriates him to the highest level. ‘James do not just stand there. Can you not train your toy well? These stupid humans are so worthless.’ Jones says angrily, already seeing red. ‘Hey! Who do you think you are? You are calling us worthless? We may be worthless but it is way bet
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chapter 8.8
Susan’s POV Jones leaves the room to go and get me some human food to eat and when he leaves the room, I find myself enveloped deeply with the strong desire to return home. With the little space I get, I find all sense of cautions leave me as I walk to the massive window. I know it is not safe out there, I know it will be more sensible for me to stay indoors but I can’t seem to find the strength to shut out the strong part of my brain that is telling me to find every ways and means to get out this realm Finally, I succumb to the desires and without thinking about anything, without thinking about my best-friend, I just jump out through the window, throwing myself to the abyss, the nothingness. I am welcomed with complete silence and eerie voices surrounds me as I wait to reach the bottom. However, my fall does not happen as I hear the fla
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chapter 9.9
Susan's POV  My life is so fucked up right now and all credits for it goes to my annoying demon of a mate. I have lost my mother and friends in the human world and now, I am on the verge of loosing also the only person whom I had left. I break out in sobs, I scream and cry to relieve all the pains in my heart. I cry more louder and painfully, putting all my frustrations and the pent up overwhelming feelings into the tears. 'Hey, why are you crying? Look I brought you some food, the food I could not give to you earlier since you decided to jump through the window and pay Lucifer a visit.' As I continue to cry, I hear the annoying voice of Jones in my ears. I did not even notice the door open or maybe, he did not even come through the door, he is a damn demon and I would not be surprised if he even teleported here. 'Take your stupid food away you demo
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chapter 10.10
Susan’s POV  I stare at the clothes Abbadon selected for me and I must admit for a demon, he sure has a great taste in clothes. One particular dress catches my attention. It is a white cocktail dress with thin straps and a pretty long slit that will no doubt show off my long legs. I see he has also placed a set of jewelry to compliment it and a pair of silver colored high heels too is placed beside the bed. I also find that a grand dressing mirror and table which was not previously in the room has now been placed in the far left corner of the room. I move to the mirror and find various women beauty materials, crisp powder, mascara, foundation which is surprisingly one for my skin tone and other things, some of them that I do not even know what they are used for. ‘Wow’ I exclaim quietly to myself as I slip on th
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