Butterfly and the CEO

Butterfly and the CEO

By:  Helen Stephens  Completed
Language: English
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Ellie Simms is a woman on the run. She had just escaped from an abusive ex-boyfriend who left his mark on her skin. A talented design artist, she finds solace in a new job with Harris Corp Designs, owned by the enigmatic Zac Harris. Upon meeting Ellie during her job interview, Zac immediately recognises deep pain within her beautiful, albeit withdrawn shell, rousing his protective instincts. When she finally opens up, Zac discovers that she is broken in more ways than one. After seeing the travesty carved into her skin, Zac takes her to his sister's tattoo parlour to cover it up, and Ellie chooses a butterfly, a creature as beautiful and delicate as herself... Ellie may think she's broken, but Zac sees the beautiful, brave woman she is as she fights for justice for herself and others.

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53 Chapters
Butterfly and the CeoEllie’s point of viewChapter oneI sigh as I look around the cheap and most definitely not cheerful hotel room, muttering to myself as I swing my legs to the cold threadbare floor.“Come on, Ellie, time to get this lazy ass moving.”I laugh out loud as I realise I’m talking to myself. I can't help but smile. I may be in this cheap shitty hotel room, but it's my first glimpse of freedom in a very long time and boy, does it feel good. Read more
Butterfly and the CeoChapter twoEllie’s point of viewIt's Monday morning, and I'm starting my day with a latte in the cafe before I head into work for very my first day at Harris Corps designs. Connor smiles when he sees me walk into the cafe. He looks at me as he says.“Good morning Ellie, what can I get you?”“I'll have a latte, please, Connor.”Read more
Butterfly and the CEO Chapter three Ellie’s point of viewThe rest of the week runs smoothly, and before I know it, it's Friday morning James and I have made good progress on our design for the new generation project, and I've got to admit that I'm pretty pleased with the plans. James has been really great to work with; his understanding of the building's structural work is impressive, and I can't wait to reveal our designs to the rest of the team at this morning's planning meeting. I make my way down to the meeting room and take my seat at the table; everyone is already there except for Rachel. It's now ten minutes past ten, and Mr Harris does not look happy as he checks his watch once again.
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Butterfly and the CEO Chapter four Ellie’s point of viewIt's, Saturday morning and I wake up to someone knocking on the door; I groan as I pull the quilt cover over my head, it's far too early for this shit. It's probably a drunken guest trying to get into the wrong room. A few seconds later and the banging starts again, accompanied by some rather loud shouting. “Ellie, get your ass up and out of that bed.” Erin shouts through the door. Mumbling, I climb out of bed. “Gees girl, I'm coming; wait a minute.”  Read more
Butterfly and the CEO Ellie's point of view Chapter 5So It's my first night out, in a very long time alongside my crazy new friend, and I'm actually having fun….. Erin drags me into yet another nightclub, ordering us shots before she pulls me onto the crowded dance floor. I'm swaying to the beat of the music and feeling free; my hands in the air as we're moving to the music, that's when I can sense him feeling that now-familiar tingle down my body; I know he's here, looking up, I can see he's looking at me as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, he's looking right at me his intense blue eyes sending an electric current through my body, I
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Butterfly And The CEOChapter 6Zac's point of view.It's Thursday morning, and I'm heading into work. As usual, I am the first one there, well apart from one of the security team, I like to be here before the rest of the staff. I grab a coffee from the machine before I make my way into my office, opening up my laptop as I check my schedule for the day.I have a couple of interviews today, as I am looking for a new designer to join my very talented design team. The first name on the list is a Miss Ellie Simms; this woman's designs blew me away. She is a very gifted young woman. I was very impressed with the de
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Butterfly and the CEO Chapter 7 Zac's point of view It's Saturday night, and I still can't get the alluring redhead out of my thoughts. I've decided that come Monday morning I’m going to ask her out on a date. Yeah, me, Mr CEO Harris, who doesn't do dates. Don't get me wrong; now I like a bit of female company, same as any other red-blooded man, but actual dates, that’s a big no. I’m a love 'em and leave kind of guy less hassle that way, but Ellie, there's just something about that woman that pulls me in. Fuck the no dating staff rule. This is my company, and I make the rules. So I guess it's time to change them. I call m
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Butterfly and the CEOChapter 8Zac's point of view.I'm sat at the bar waiting for Ellie to return, looking at my watch I realise she's been gone for twenty minutes, I can see the ladies toilets, from where I'm sitting, and I haven't taken my eyes off the door, so I know she's still in there. Knowing how drunk she was, I'm starting to feel a little worried as I shout my head waitress over."Tess, can you do me a favour and check the ladies for a redhead."Sh
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Butterfly and the CEOChapter 9Ellie's point of view.I wake up the following morning, with a banging head as I vaguely remember some parts of the previous night; I know Zac was sitting on the floor with me in the ladies toilets, his gentle voice calming me as he stroked my hair, as he told me everything was going to be okay.He called me baby! He told me he was here for me.I don't remember much after that.Read more
Butterfly and the CEOChapter 10Ellie's point of viewThe rest of Sunday passes by as I nurse my almighty hangover. I did have a shower and put my Winnie the pooh pyjamas on, which did make me feel somewhat better. I currently lay on my bed watching Netflix when Erin knocks on the door before peeping her head around it. She's grinning when she says to me.“Ellie, you have a visitor, hunni.”I frown as she walks over to the bed. I don't have any friends. No one would
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