Reign - A new world order

Reign - A new world order

By:  janita  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rose Miller, a 20-year-old, traveling to find a place to live away from everyone she ever knew after her parents died during a global pandemic. She stumbled upon an unknown place full of mystery and dark secrets. Her blackout episodes grew after she meets a stranger named David. The mystery starts to unravel as she becomes acquainted with David and his friends. She needs to listen to the voice in her head to save herself from the danger that awaits her.

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10 chapters
chapter 1
Gravity keeps pulling me into the depths of the ground. As I was falling, the fire was all around me, everything fades… I was in a dark place with only one small window illuminating the room. It was plenty to see the blood that was smeared all over the walls, it was cold and lonely. I was stiffened by ropes that were of ungodly power. Then the voice echoed, "Rosa, don't be scared, the destiny awaits you." I screamed and struggled to get out of the grip. I felt my voice diminishing, and my soul sinking into the darkness.I woke up with a gasp as the bus stops and banged my head on the front seat. These blackouts are getting vicious and way too real. It puzzles me as no one has ever called me anything but Rose miller and the voice in my head keeps calling me Rosa it feels spiritual as if I have a strong bond with it, it soothes me, gives me a peculiar longing, I just don't know how to describe it, maybe it's my guardian angel or my mind made it up, I use to have them sin
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Chapter 2
There was a big window on the right side of my bed that opened in the stairway of the motel. I draw those off-white velvet curtains for privacy before going to the shower. I was so relieved to finally have a room for myself and a nice hot shower after traveling for days, barely sleeping on public transport.I got out of the shower and put on my skinny ripped denim jeans and choker-necked black tee and sat there on the soft bed lined with smooth white sheets and cozy comforter and just observed the calming atmosphere. I was in love with the dark aesthetics of this place. I got up to tie my hair up in a ponytail and stood in front of the dressing table which looked so expensive, antique, and stunning, I opened up the first drawer and the aroma of luxurious wood and polish filled my nostrils. The drawer was empty except there was a beautiful silver necklace I took it out and angled it in front of the light bulb; it was a delicate silver chain with a rainbow moonstone pendant whi
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Chapter 3
"Rose… you're here" the voice echoed.I was standing still looking up the zigzag staircase that leads to the top floor where the voice came from, my eyes opened wide in shock and my mouth went dry with fear, I saw the most demonic distorted faces with long shadowy bodies. They were emerging out of the walls of each floor down towards me. I couldn't move and felt the grip of someone's arms around my waist. I was pulled back from behind and went into the pitch-black darkness.With a gasp I woke up out of breath and saw a shadow on my wall reflecting from the opposite side of the room from the window that opened towards the staircase, someone was going upstairs. He was looking towards me, and then he went upstairs. I couldn't make out his face in the darknessI didn't move a muscle for quite some minutes, trying to make sense of what just happened. I am now thinking of what that receptionist said about the place being haunted. But honestly, I am not scared o
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Chapter 4
As I watch them leave I saw that the hall was empty and there was no one outside too, so I went outside and look for the vehicles behind the motel but there was none.  So I assume that everyone is out. I thought to myself that I will explore the place and look for the signs as the voice in my head had told me. It suddenly occurred to me that I never went upstairs where I saw that figure staring at me and I decided to go up and check there first. I should look around because I am going to be staying here I have to be safe, this place is bad news.It was the best time to investigate the place as it was raining and everyone was inside, I don't know for sure but there were no vehicles outside, so maybe they were gone?. I took the chance as it was given to me and I went upstairs to my floor. I checked every room; only two rooms looked like were in use and every other room was locked I never knew who live there.  I was trying to search for pieces of evidence. I was even t
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Chapter 5
I search on the Internet about the blood moon it stated that the blood moon is in two days from now. Besides that, I couldn't find anything except for the basic facts about the lunar eclipse that I already know. I put down my phone, paced back and forth thinking about what I'm missing. I need to solve this puzzle before it's too late. The blood moon is in 2 days and someone is going to come here. Who will that be and what will the thing that will be claimed. Is this some kind of ritual that is going to be performed on the night of the blood moon? I am going to wait until it's dark then I will go to the mansion, 'maybe my answer lives in there' I thought. So I sat down on the bed again and started to plot the scheme that how will I enter the mansion. Someone already lives up there and, there are people here who work for him. What if they catch me breaking in?I was so terrified of doing that, then I thought if there will be the threat of someone watching me then I won't go in,
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Chapter 6
I woke up heavy-headed; my face was covered with a black cloth and my mouth with duct tape. I was furious with them and I am ready to do some damage. I tried to move and realized that I was tied down, my head was bursting with severe pain and I was unable to focus on anything, I felt two chains that were tied to my hands. A rush of anger and terror filled my mind, what are they going to do to me? I thought. I heard footsteps approaching me. It was Courtney and David."What did you do? I told you, you can't hit her. You always put me into trouble because of your stupidity." he said in frustration."She hit me first. It was just a reflex" she said in a low voice"Have fun explaining him". He said then Courtney said something which I was unable to hear as I drifted back into the darkness and found myself on the ground, dust was all around the place, I couldn't see anything beyond the ground, as the dust was too thick. It was the morning time but the sun was covered
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Chapter 7
I was paralyzed with fear and fretfulness. I am up against someone whom I don't know, why do I have to fight him? What is my place in this situation? I have to save myself I can't just give up. I thought of running away in the morning when they will arrive to take me wherever they are going to take me, but how can I escape a place that is protected by magic and these people have power over me they are stronger and more than me. They are some kind of Superhuman I don't know for sure what they are. I bow down my head and tears went down my face I was so tired and exasperated with everything. I don't know what I am going to do. I'm alone in this. I went back into the darkness and found myself in a garden. I was lying on the damp grass under the beautiful night sky. Flickering stars danced exquisitely as the moon gleams gracefully. The woody oaken smell wrapped around me like a warm hug in cold chilly weather. The owl is hooting in a distance, it felt like the calm before the stor
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Chapter 8
He was wearing a dark cloak and underneath it a well-embellished tunic. The fog started to clear as I moved towards him. The same feeling rushed over me which I feel during my blackouts."You're, you're the king aren't you?" I stuttered when I realized that I have been led on. The whole ground was illuminated by the moonlight as the clouds moved away from it. All the people that I saw in my blackout were standing there; some were European, Nordic, and many other ethnicities. A loud howl came from the people that were standing there and some of them started to turn just like how Britney did when I saw her outside the motel. Their entire body started to shift and became a lot taller and broader than a human, it started to slouch and the bones were popping and lengthening through the skin, they were transforming into a Werewolf. "You tricked me, how did you do that?" I screamed in frustration and disappointment as the howling and bone snapping keeps scaring me from a distanc
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Chapter 9
I ran to the kitchen looking for my mum. "Mum look, I drew a picture," I said and inhaled the lovely smell of cookies that were baking in the oven. "Honey, that's lovely you are such an artist. Yes you are" she said as she cuddles me and we giggled like little girls."Oh, who is that is it your friend?" "Yes, he is my best friend. We play together and I am scared at night, he always tells me that there is no Monster under the bed and I always seem to believe him. He keeps me safe." She looked worried, she asked me "Oh! So, he is like your imaginary friend." "No mum. He is not imaginary, he is my best friend. My mum looked at my dad and they exchanged a concerned look."Dad... Look, dad?" My voice echoed and then diminishes as everything faded away. I tossed and turn until I saw pale-skinned people walking towards me. Their decaying flesh gleamed under the red moonlight. I could smell the toxic fragrance that was in the air. I heard a Roar that
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chapter 10
I wished that he was okay because I knew that I wanted to see him again and there was a lot on my mind that I needed to ask him. I reached for my pillow, as I pulled it there was that same book from which I have read in my blackout, it held all the secrets of what is about to happen, it already helped me enough before. I hoped that I will find something in it as I quickly reached for it. Then it crossed my mind, maybe he left it here on purpose. Maybe he wants me to search for the answers that are troubling me. I opened the rusty old book and a cold wind came in through the small caged window that was high up on the wall and, it blew one of the torches that were lit on the wall. The shadows grew darker and the light got dimmer, just enough left so I could read off of the book.I turn the pages and my eyes caught a figure of a woman that looked like me, with exact features and everything. It seemed like someone drew the portrait and stick it in the book similar to a bookmark. I
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