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The domineering young master Hero Sanches conquer the heart and soul of Sharyn Rosario, making her slave of his obsessive love. Because of his disorder, he was so attached to her that he can not live normally without her. When one day she disappeared and was arranged to marry another woman, he became sick. When he started working in the family company, he doesn't want women around him so he ordered that all staff under him will be men. When Young master Hero met again his only love, his only cure of his so-called unique disease, he had to take hold of the very important person in Sharyn's life to make her stay. Find out who was the very important person in Sharyn's life. Did they have a happy ending even his rich father against the relationship?

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GROWING UP IN ONE PLACE"Ouch!" Sharyn loudlly bursted out.  She was pushed hard by Tierra Sanches, who was standing tall and smirking at her."You poor servant kid!  Don't ever touch me again!" Tierra Sanches blurted out, she was the daughter of Master Henry.  Master Henry was the boss of Sharyn's father, Uncle Ben.Sharyn was the daughter of Ben and Lela, who were servants in the mansion, the Sanches Family.  They have been serving the Sanches family for many years since Uncle Ben was still single and young.Sharyn grew up in the servant's quarter since she was born.  She grew up with the Sanches kids, Hero and Tierra Sanches, but they were never been good to her as they looked down on her as the daughter of their family driver.Tierra Sanches and Sharyn Rosario were both at same age and Hero was four years older than them. The Sanches childrens, were beautifully good looking and highly famous because Master
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PUBERTY Shasha did Tierra's homework immediately, then after she was done with the assigments, she immediately went to the mansion to give the notebook."Auntie Bing, where is Tierra's room?  I need to give her notebook immediately," Shasha asked politely to the lady servant who was in the living room."Shasha just go upstair, on your left side, you turn and walk then on your right, the second one, which is the last," Auntie Bing instruction."Thank you Auntie," Shasha politely said.Shasha walked toward the stairs, went up slowly as her eyes was mesmerized of the beautiful interior of the inside of the mansion.  As she walked through upstairs and still her eyes were busy scanning the decorations, she was not aware of the person looking at her."Ahh!" Shasha's bursted out a soft scream that made her heart beating faster."Master Hero?" Shasha blurted out so surprised as she saw the face of the person who abrupt
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"YOU THINK YOU CAN ALWAYS HIDE FROM ME?" Auntie Lela, Shasha's mother died with weak heart.  Uncle Ben continued working with the Sanches family.  Shasha now in high school was supported by Master Henry, the reason she was also enrolled in the prestigious high school with Hero and Tierra Sanches.After the incident in Young Master Hero's bedroom, Shasha tried her best avoiding Young Master Hero in the school and especially in the mansion vicinity.  In her second year in high school, Shasha was put in a different section from Tierra.  For Shasha, was happiness being separated from Tierra as there's no one would bully here again in the classroom.Shasha avoided going near the mansion house, only go there when called by Master Henry to show her report car.  Living with domineering people in same land and who owned the land and the house you lived in was not always successful to avoid the spoiled brat rich kids of the boss.
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"HE WANTED ME TO HELP HIM COURT SHASHA" Shasha grew up with a very beautiful face, kind-hearted, not very modern in clothes as she was taught to be simple and live simply.  She has an amazing proportional body built, not petite nor chubby, almost perfect with a perfect body curves but people can not see because she dressed a little conservative.  Every girl in the school made their school uniforms miniskirt but Shasha has it below her knees but still her beauty could captivate handsome rich boys.Shasha was always shy, and a little aloof that challenged the rich boys to court her.  She was not rich but she was a bright student, top in her class.One of Young Master Hero's group friend had a crush on Shasha and wanted Hero to help him court Shasha."Hero, help me with Shasha.  I really like her very much," Victor exclaimed.Young Master Hero felt irritated, " You're good courting others, why would you need my help?&
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THE WASHROOM INCIDENT  YOUNG MASTER HERO POV:The person who went in the washroom was now out and Shasha started to struggle again."I need to pee, please get out!" Shasha angrily blurted out, red eyes."I told you I'm not gonna go out!" I stubbornly said still tightly embraced her as I thought her bladder really need to be emptied now."I'll pee," she shoved me to the closed door of the stall, quickly pulled down her panties and quickly sat on the toilet bowl.  I could hear the rushing of lot of urine coming out that sounds liked angry because she had hold her pee in a long time.I was immensely looking at her, shy to looked at me. She finished doing her necessity, grabbed a tissue and wipe from the back."Please go, You are already late and so am I. Go first please, Master," She softly said.  I squated infront of her, "I don't care being absent.  We will stay here as long as I want to."
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SHE SECRETLY LIKED HIM SHASHA ROSARIO POV:I was so embarrased with what Hero did to me in the restroom.  I felt shameful walking without my underwear.  I did not attended all my afternoon classes anymore because of Hero.I felt so angry with him, doing those shameless things to me.  I kept wondering why he wanted to do those things with me when he has a girlfriend to do that.  "Why? Is he ruining me?" I uttered softly to myself.It hurt me so much that he was  treating me like a toy.  I wanted to tell to my father but I am reluctant because if Hero denied it and the master would not believed it, then my father will be in troubles.  Master Henry was been good to us, they had paid all the hospitalization fees of my mother when she was sick.  Also, supporting me in my school expenses.  How could I go against them? I would be destroying their son's reputation which I should be caring as one of the im
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IN FOR ENTANGLEMENT WITH YOUNG MASTER HERO YOUNG MASTER HERO POV:Shasha's vulnerability, gives me the freedom to do more than what I only should do.  I became greedy for more.  My sexual drive was so high in level that I don't know if its still normal.  I wanted to released many times in a day as I can't be satisfied with just twice mastu***tion.At first, I was all okay just making out with her whenever I got the chance.  I was happy with that as long as I can embrace, kiss, touch her body.  But in the long run, my body suffered controlling the urges that I most wanted to happened.  Necking and petting was not enough to my needs.Ohh, I love her sweet moans.  It brought me to the high level of elation, hard shaft that really, really wanted to enter her.Pulling her at the back of the building for necking and petting, that best described it.I slide my hand inside her shirt, unhooked her bra
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GETTING CLOSER YOUNG MASTER HERO POV:It's Shasha's first time to enter a movie theater.  I know she was nervous not because it's her first time to go in a movie house but her anticipation of what I might do.  I secretly laughed because she was not mistaken at all of the purpose of this spontaneous date."Oh, it's very dark... I can't see!" she panic."Hold on to me, come here," I assisted her as we get in and my eyes immediately get use to the dark, "Blink a little your eyes then focus to the dark so you can see."I picked up seats in the upper level and to the far end on the right arrays of seats as no one in that part.  I looked around and see lovers away from each others.  Some had even started making out. I seldom come to the theater to watch because mostly when we come here with my friend, we only stalked on lovers making out, for fun."Let's go up," I said as I held her hand going up."Isn't it
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ROSABEL IS CHEATING? YOUNG MASTER HERO POV:I feel good after coming out twice today.  I love touching Shasha's body, her skin."Soon, Shasha you will be fully mine" I blurted out smirking, " I'll own you no matter how baby.  I have to be your first and last, and my first and last."I felt ecstatic thinking about her.  Sometimes, I can not understand why I am so drawn to her, when there's so many girls wanting to have me, elite, wealthy, sexy and more beautiful.  Why my body would get a different reaction to other women.  I only get this sexual arousal to Shasha.  Is it because I'm picky? But Shasha was not even the best of best?  Shasha's beauty was not simple, she is really gorgeous if dress well, her face with her charming expressive eyes and sexy lustful lips boys would dare to kiss long.  If she dressed sexy, mini skirt, fitted tops showing her curvaceous curves, I"m very sure 100% boys would be c
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"I DON'T WANT A FILTHY P*SSY" YOUNG MASTER HERO POV:I only see Shasha in the morning going to school.  I can not have a talk with her because we are with his father and Tierra who has a big mouth, gossiper kind.  In the school, she can avoid me because I dont' have much free time.  We use our breaktime, and stayed late after school to practice.I miss her so much.  I'm freaking tired for practicing three sport everyday.  I'm like flat down whenever I got home everyday.  I wanted to sneak in her room but I'm so tired to do.Early morning in the school, I seated leisurely on the bench where Shasha usual route to her first subject which was near my first classroom."Hi babe! Do you have basketball practice today again?" Rosabel asked.  I felt annoyed with her question."Yeah," I said coldly.  Our group friends walked toward us."Hmm, you don't have time for me anymore," Rosabel compl
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