Hello Love Sign

Hello Love Sign

By:  Bi Lafianna  Ongoing
Language: English
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This is an Urban Adult-Sweet Romance story. If you were sick with the typically CEO's stories out there, then this one could be your cup of tea. Phoebe Amaya Breslin hates her boss so much until the bone. Frankly, she hated anyone related to the Levanchois family. She was forced to do other tasks unrelated to her contract. Meanwhile, her colleagues in the office try to bully her into the office political games. Well, enough is enough! She decided to take revenge on all of them before leaving that "hellish" company. Until fate brought her to meet one of the most powerful men in the Levanchois clan, he is even more powerful than her evil former boss. Oh, Nooo!! Could she free herself from the Levanchois? You guys should be in a hurry to help her find a way out before she is trapped furthermore in their silly games and endless attempts to dominate each other. "You must sign this contract, or else your company name will be threatened again by a bunch of evidence in my hands." —Phoebe Amaya Breslin "Well, then. You have to sign a contract with me too. We should be fair in this business. You get what you want, so do I." —Samuel Clark Levanchois —Sign Your Love Contract With Me, and I'm definitely going to get you in a way you never imagined before!—

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7 chapters
1. Prologue
Watch out! Adult content trap. ✧✧✧ “What charms do you have? There are so many men tryingRead more
2. Sleep With You
“I’ve prepared something special for our trip. I’ll pick you up the day after tomorrow in the morning, okay?” A guy still babbling on the other line of the phone, “You will not be working overtime again, right?”  “Something special? Where are we going?” “We will go for a vacation, don’t tell me you forgot again, Baby. We already talked about this a couple of months ago.” He is snorted in a slightly displeased tone. “Ah, sorry. Our team has a big project lately. I even have dark circles under my eye bags. I’m turned into a cute panda now,” Phoebe whined cutely. She tries to explain her situation to him and hopes he will understand. “Huft, we should go this time!“ This guy is someone who has attracted Phoebe’s attention lately. There is something between them, and he always wants to be Phoebe’s priority before her busy schedules. “I promise we’ll still go no matter what happens this time, okay? Come on, don’t be m
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3. The Precious One
Without letting go of their passionate and dominating kisses. Key gently pushed Phoebe’s body to lie on the bed. Now his lips were busy with Phoebe’s smooth neck while his hand drag Phoebe’s long legs and put his body right between her thighs. First is her left leg to her right leg, then his hand roaming around seductively on her exposed thighs because her midi dress lifted, making Phoebe turn on and make a hissing sound. Her body was trembling, and her right hand was looking for something to hold. Until her hand fell on his phone, and she accidentally slid the green button, then touched the speaker mode on his smartphone when that phone suddenly rang again. “Dude, what took you so long? Sorry if I have to disturb you two, but you have to go back now. We can’t handle our meeting with that big boss and need you here right now.” A man’s voice echoed from the other side of the phone. His tone sounded rushed and could bring
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4. The Most Handsome Man
“Y-YOU!” “Yes, My Bee. This is me, your most handsome man?” That handsome man winked at
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5. A Broken Wings
“Why do you look frightened and half trembling like this? Did last night you are reacting exactly like this too?” “Stop fooling around! Last night was a total flop because their meeting wasn’t going smooth again this time. He left me when I'm started itchy, and 'till now I can’t contact him at all.” “Really?! Poor thing, no wonder you became this sensitive. Do you wanna finish it with me?”—Franz caught Phoebe’s hand when it's almost whacked his head—“I’ll let you use your hands on me when you’re about to come. If not, don't dare to dream, Mrs. Franz Hanssen to-be.” “Dang, your perverted mind!” Phoebe’s cursing him, while Franz only grinned widely like a silly guy. “Anyway, that’s not bad. Because soon you'll cut him out of your life. So, you don’t need to spend much time with him.” Franz stood up and held out his hand. “What does this mean? Why are you suddenly acting like this?” “Why are you looking upset? Do you want me to help you?
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6. Hell On Earth
‘Crap! Why he kept whispering in my ear?!’ Phoebe's feel uncomfortable. What is he doing behind her back? This man is ridiculous. After make sure where are those men had gone and disappeared from her sight, she twisted her heels and immediately kicked the shin of the man behind her using her black stilettos with fiery red soles on her long, sexy legs. But suddenly, she shut that man’s mouth who almost bowing in pain before he squealing, then pushed that firm body with all of her might simply because he is standing unbalanced due to the heartless kick of this Badass Queen in front of him until that big body bumped hard enough against the marble wall behind him, "Heuummpp!" Her blue eyes are watching every corner of the entrance hall. But, it seemed useless because she had not found any single trace of any creature after a flash of shadow had caught in her eyes for a few seconds when she has turned around earlier, "Shut up, stalker! There’s someone who is watch
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7. I'll Make Sure You'll Regret It!
Sshh, haaahh, more! Shhh, haahh!" Not only her face but from Phoebe’s head to toe felt like she was already drenched in sweat. The tears that had been dripping with beads of sweat since earlier were no longer visible now. "This is the last one. You need to stop or I had to take you to the hospital before you passed out," said the burly man who was currently accompanying Phoebe. He was kept busy because she has to obey Phoebe's request. "This is your punishment, sshhh. You have to be responsible, haaah, because you make me like this. Ouh shit! I feel burning in flame! Haaah." Phoebe looked up and shook her head, wagging a strand of her hair to keep it from sticking to her face and neck. Or else it would disturb what she was doing. "What did I do? Of course, it burns from your tongue to your stomach. See! How many hellish level currywurst did you order?! I think you're eating layers of hellish chilli sauce with sausage topping, not the other way around!" Franz
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