The Escort

The Escort

By:  miss.smilexo  Completed
Language: English
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"Say it!" He ordered "Lucas.." She whimpered at his knowing hand between her thighs. "Good girl" Jessica despised him, for ordering her around, he was almost everything she hated ..but oh his so sweet touch...

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73 chapters
Chapter 01
Chapter one   She came out of the shower and wrapped a white towel around her full breasts.  Jessica walked carelessly towards the door, after having her sculpted body half covered.  She tiptoed to her bedroom, droplets of the hot water from her shower slid on her skin. She looked at the clock, It was half past seven. That meant she still had two hours to get ready. Soon she dried herself and walked to her wardrobe . She chose one of her red lingerie sets . As every evening she carefully wore a pair of  black tights and  a corset  underneath  another one of her knee-length  body molding black dresses .She shove on the tights and the lingerie and  sat to her dresser and blow dried her long auburn straight  hair. Then she carefully moisturized her already  flawless glowing skin , wore one of her brown colored lenses over her emerald green eyes , shaped her look with a perfect black liner and set off
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Chapter 02
" I would like to see if you're not hiding a weapon between your thighs" He said calmly in the most impassible and formal way ever existing.All of this was getting on her nerves. Jessica was furious , she would fire him with thunder if she could. "Does he have a dead wish?," She stormed soundlessly ."Please," He added coolly .Jessica swore that she could kill him  there and burn his remains, but she resigned herself from doing so of course. She didn't like to be ordered around , and  above all she despised being disrespected."Damn him and his  perfume" She screamed inwardly and mentally rolled her eyes at the impossibly arrogant and charming man he was.Mr. Doyle kneeled at her feet and slid his hand  to the inner of her thigh, Jessica trembled  at his touch, as a wave of warmth transpierced  her bodyShe was getting angrier at him, for humiliating her like that. What was he thinking ? that
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Chapter 03
Lucas gave her a once over and added"There are few details we have to go through before we make an appearance," Jessica nodded and he resumed." Your name for the night will still be Rose. We met during a gala in Monte Carlo and you are supposed to be friends with Jack, my step brother, that's your backup story,  no details. You'll  introduce yourself  when I say so, Understood?""Yes," "Don't worry , you won't have to deal with everyone  during  the event, I'll be by your side  the entire evening .  no need to fear the cameras they're not allowed to take pictures unless I agree, is that okay?""Okay""One more thing, " He took out a small box from his inside  pocket  and opened it . It contained a  couple of silver masks"May I?" without further do, Lucas helped Jessica off her black mask, and took off his own black mask as well. He took a minute studying her featu
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Chapter 04
"You just did," she replied calmly, she but knew all too well that a man like Mr. Doyle would make sure to know the identity of his escort to a masquerade ball. That was fair enough. And on the other side she trusted Elijah for protecting her true identity."Or do you prefer Jessie ?" Lucas brushed his nose against her ear once more. Swaying her to the side."Rose, is perfectly fine," she replied , starting to feel nervous. Lucas slowly moved his hand and rested it on the small of her back  causing her to shiver to the heat of his hand, he guided her hand  that he wasn't holding up and placed it to his neck  as he stepped closer to her, And then swayed  her to the left and then swayed her to the right,  and she gave  in to the rhythm of the waltz  that was playing.Jessica followed  Lucas' steps carefully , trying not to trip over her own shoes since her dress was longer than what she'd normally wear. But deep down she kne
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Chapter 05
flashes blinded her whilst a dozen of cameras surrounded them. Both Lucas and Jessica were caught inside the crowd of journalists. The reporters kept asking questions and holding microphones. Jessica was on the verge of crying right now, she wanted to scream at them and tell them to leave , she opened her mouth to say something but Lucas  was faster to react."No comment!" he declared  sternly, in a blink he held Jessica closer to his chest, and hugged her tight, wrapping his hand around her head, Jessica closed her eyes and fell into his embrace. her small figure  quickly took refuge in his wide shielding arms.  Soon security guards came in and interfered , Jessica took grip in his vest while Lucas walked securing his hand around her  and went straight towards the elevator. A guard opened the door for them and they hopped inside without delay.The elevator's doors closed behind them and Jessica stood inert  in Lucas' arms ,strangely  
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Chapter 06
"Uh-oh… "She immediately closed the door ,resting her back against it" That was definitely not the dress room !" naked Jessica thought out loud.  She shut her eyes closed and took in a long and much needed load of air  in order to calm down."When I said you may lock the door I was talking about this one !" Luca's voice from behind the door was audible to her ears  and her body froze .Jessica opened her eyes in panic , Lucas must've been standing behind that door and her breasts were floating in the air.  Jessica's mind processed that she needed to protect herself  and so she reached out to the door knob and pushed the quick lock button at the center.  Jessica slowly put her ear against the door careful not to make a sound or move  by a single  millimeter.She heard Lucas' footsteps moving further away from the door and breathed out in relief. Jessica  moved away from that door and went to chec
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Chapter 07
Once arrived down , Jessica walked by Lucas' side towards the exit of the premium plaza hotel.  Both glad that she was able to visit and also sad to leave the five stars plus building after staying overnight in one of its luxurious suites.Once outside Jessica couldn't help but to look around for any potential paparazzi crowd, and she was relieved when no one showed up  at the door. It was too early  anyway, thank god Lucas woke her up earlier this morning.A luxurious black Lamborghini was parked outside , Lucas clicked the doors open and gestured to Jessica to step inside, and he shut the door and climbed inside as well.Jessica wasn't surprised at all, she knew a man like Lucas was filthy rich and she wouldn't find it strange if he drove a brand new car every day.  A man like Lucas … his name roll off her tongue so easily . Yet,  he was a man  only called  by his last name in the entire  city .---
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Chapter 08
"All right kids, that’s' all for today  !" Jessica announced to the kids and so they all put down their brushes and  got ready  to exit class. Their parents were already waiting for them outside and Rita was at the exit to guide them outside.Jessica's phone rang , she had a look at it and picked it up as soon as she saw Lilly's name on her screen."Hello!""Hi ! Jess, how are you  ?""I'm good thanks ! how are you Lilly ?""well I can feel better if we grabbed ice cream and went to  chat at your place ""Oh, sweetie, what's wrong ?""Nothing that can't wait, I'll tell you everything when you come out the school""Oh ! so you've arrived already, I'm on my way !""I'll be at the entrance, see you!""See you!" Jessica hung up and quickly got rid of her overall and placed it over the desk, checked the class making sure the kids didn't forget anything behind , then grabbed her bag 
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Chapter 09
  "Oh my God! " Jessica couldn’t believe her eyes"I'm taking care of it," Lucas looked at her and back to the road, but Jessica didn't say a word. She was reading the paper still.He looked at her again. ''God Jessie put on your seat belt" Lucas said to her while she stood in chock. Not understanding what was happening."Jessie!" he called her except she didn't move"Jessica ?"  Lucas called her again, but nothing . Jessica was under chock , her picture was on the front page and the press was at her place, mistaking her for someone she wasn't. she was trying to figure out how did all this happenLucas turned to look at her while focusing back on the road."Damn it Jessie! Put your seat belt on! " he cursed as he turned to her and reached for the seat belt with his hand while maintaining  his other hand on the steering wheel.When he did so, Jessica came to her senses and fastened the belt when h
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Chapter 10
Lucas smiled softly before he grabbed Jessica’s hand in his and brought it to his lips ever so lightly, before he rested it back on his lap. The mere gesture was enough to warm up Jessica's face while Lilly observed what had happened from behind, saving her comments for later–meaning when she gets to be alone with her bestie–and so she looked away .Jessica breathed in slowly then turned her focus to the window, busying herself with the view, but for some unknown reason her hand remained on Lucas’s knee. This somehow reminded her that she wasn’t alone this time. She knew she could rely on Lucas to take care of the situation.He drove for a while before entering an out-of-the-way road. At the end of that road was a private white residence. Jessica couldn’t help but admire the surrounding lawn.  There were no doubts about Lucas living in the lap of luxury, hence the private residence.Lucas parked his black Ferrari near the
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