A Night With Mr President

A Night With Mr President

By:  Lauretta  Completed
Language: English
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Adeline Monteiro, An humble, Smart, Beautiful yet extremely broke lady. Living in a worn-out crabby-looking one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan and on the verge of being kicked out, Fed up and tired of her life, She goes to a club and drink her sorrow away. She ends up having too much to drink as she spends the night with The one and only Alexander McGuire. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her one-night stand is her boss? The President of the Ashford group of companies Is she fucked? No, she’s doomed! Alexander wants Adeline by all means and he won’t be giving up so easily.

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103 chapters
Chapter 1
"FUCK MY LIFE" Are you wondering why I am using such a word now? Well, excuse me, but if you have your landlord banging hard at your door in the middle of the night asking for his house rent, then yes! fuck my life.My name is--- cut that crap. Oh no! I don't mean my name is ' cut that crap'; I just wanted to sound badass. "I know you're in there Adeline, come out now and give me my money!" He yelled, and I squinted my eyes. If you wonder what sort of landlord would knock at his tenant's door in the middle of the night asking for his money, then it's Mr. Wendy! I came out from under the bed that I had squeezed myself in and waited to hear something, but I couldn't. I silently hoped that he hadn't passed out at my front door. Well, it wasn't the first time it would be happening. I gently walked towards the door and placed my ear against the door, and yes, he had passed out on my front door. I walked back to my bed and laid on it, still careful not to make any kind of noise.Read more
Chapter 2
I woke up with a banging headache that even opening my eyes felt like hell. I sat up from the bed. Wait, bed? how did I get on the bed? The last I remember was in the club, My head started to hurt like hell when I started to think, I clasped my hand over my head and shut my eyes close but then I noticed something, I was naked! why was I naked? I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at my surroundings, ignoring the buzzing pain in my head where the fuck am I? I heard a low grunt beside me and I turned to check what was making the sound, my eyes widen as soon as I saw what it was, A human being. more specific explanation. Mr hot specimen. oh My fuck! what the fuck did I do? I groaned and the man changed positions and I froze. get out of here now!! that was the only thing on my mind immediately looked around for my clothes and immediately saw them scattered on the floor. My eyes widen slightly and I got off the bed still nak
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3Eva looked at me confused while  I paced around "Adeline, open the door this minute and pay me my money" Mr. Wendy says still banging the door really hard. "What do we do?" Eva asked me and I shook my head, I had no idea what to do right now. "Okay, I have an idea." she whispered, I looked at her expecting her to talk but instead she kept on shoving me to bend "Can't you just talk?"I whispered-yelled and she rolled her eyes. "Get under the bed," She said and I sighed, the man was banging much harder on the door. I squeezed myself under the bed and prayed that whatever Eva wanted to say would actually work. I heard the door open "Where is Adeline, I want to see her this minute" Mr.Wendy snapped and Eva sighed "She is not home, I am the only one here right now but when she does come here then I will ask her to come to see you personally."Eva said the man scoffed "I saw her come in here but all of a sudden she has disappeared? what sort of magic is that?" He
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 I was still pretty surprised about the fact that I had an interview with the Ashford group, they were like the biggest company in Manhattan. I picked up my phone and dialed Eva’s number of which she picked up almost immediately. “Yo, I just left your place and you are missing me already?” She said and I rolled my eyes “I command you to stop feeling important, I didn’t call you because I was missing you.” I said and heard a long pause on the phone “Are you going to talk or are we going to keep doing breathing competition?” She snapped and I rolled my eyes “I have an interview tomorrow with Ashford group of companies, did you apply for me because I can’t remember applying for the job?” I asked, “Nope, I didn’t... you probably applied for the job while you were at the club and didn’t take note of it
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Chapter 5
Alexander’ McGuire ~The loud thunderous noise coming from the sky made me wake up from my sleep, I glanced by the window and saw that it was raining heavily, I got off the bed and walked towards the window that was open, I tried pulling the double shield down but the something caught my eye...I couldn’t make up what it was as it was extremely difficult to see what it was, I strained my eyes to see what was and suddenly paused on seeing what it was. A stray puppy. I ran to my coat stakings and wore my rain coat, No puppy should be caught in this rain. I ran downstairs and opened the front door, “Mr McGuire! Mr McGuire!” I heard my house help Hannah yell and I groan, i ran out and opened the gate even with the rain still banging hard. Well somebody must have offended God.I looked around and saw the puppy shiveri
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Adeline Monteiro~I had slept in the cramped up place of Eva and the rest of her roommates but since I wasn't all that comfortable with it, I woke up early and was able to have my bath, I wrapped the towel around my body and walked back to the room, Selina and Eva were both entangled which only made me chuckle, This isn't the first time I will be sleeping over at Eva's place but then it wasn't like I am a frequent visitor. I pulled my bag and began to dress for the day, I could only hope that I got the job. I wore my clothes and pulled down my hair from the ponytail that it was in. now out of all the features of my body, I loved my hair the most and took care of it like my baby. I have long wavy brown hair that didn't need much work to get it bouncy. I brushed my hair and applied lip gloss to my dry lips. I was done dressing up and looked at Eva who was still sleeping and snoring. I bent over slightly and tapped her so she could wake up but of course, I needed a whole serenad
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Chapter 7
ChapterI couldn’t understand exactly what was happening? Why was he here? “Y-You!? You are him? Him is you?” I shook my head, This couldn’t be possible “Mr hot specimen?” I blurted out and his eyes widen “I see, Is that my name?” He asked and I shut my eyes closed. Now there was no way in hell I would be getting this job. “See, I’m really sorry about that night.” I rushed out “You are sorry that we spent the night together?” He asked and I shook my head “No, that’s not what I meant,” I saw him smirking and facepalmed myself “I mean, I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean- oh goodness,” I was making a complete fool of myself while he sat there enjoying the show. I was done making a fool of myself, I stood up “I’m sorry, I have been wasting your time.” I said dejectedly and attempted to walk away “Aren’t you here for the interview?” He says and I paused, turning to look at him “Have your seat and let’s g
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Chapter 8
"Adeline! Adeline! Adeline!" I heard someone call my name repeatedly and I looked up sleepily at who was calling me, "Eva!? what is the issue?" I cried out and she placed her palms against my mouth, as though she wanted to silence my existence. "You have a call." She said and gestured at the phone in her other hand. "What?" I gestured, raising my shoulders up and down. She removed her hand from my mouth and gave me the phone. I collected it from her and raised my eyebrows. "Hello.." I murmured into the phone and waited for a response. "Ms. Monteiro?" A female voice says and I looked at Eva puzzled "Who is it?" I mouthed and she shrugged "I don't know." She mouthed back. "Yes, It is me? How can I help you/" I asked "I am Daniella, calling from Ashford group of companies. I am calling to officially tell you that you have been hired to work with us as the personal assistant, We have sent you a mail to let you know and also all the information you will need about your job and the remune
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Chapter 9
Alex~I was done with work for the day but still hadn’t left the company, My mind was still pretty stocked on seeing the same lady, The same one that has been on my mind for some day, I saw her in the flesh in my company. I could hardly remember what had happened that same night but yes I am wanted it to happen again. Seeing her today brought back the night.My office door flew open and I looked to see who had barged into my office. Ricardo! Wasn’t he supposed to be in Vegas? Why was he still here in Manhattan?“Rossi, what are you doing in my company?” I asked and he rolled his eyes “Such a way to welcome your beloved best friend? You’re such a friend.” He said and I chuckled “Aren’t you supposed to be in Vegas?” I asked and he collapsed on the couch, I stood up and walked closer to him “I am so tired of working
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Chapter 10
Adeline~Okay so today I resume work at Ashford group of companies and well am I hyped about it, Yes I am. Am I bold and confident about it? No I am not.I mean I feel like I would fuck up and be sacked again but then if there was one thing I will do, It will be that I will give it my best.I got off the bed and walked into my bathroom, Now most of you will only remember Mr Wendy cutting off my water supply but then again yesterday when I got back to this hell hole, the water was running and I was able to store about two buckets of water. Apparently Mr Wendy had travelled about a day ago for his relative’s burial and won’t be back till a week’s time. See how God works.I finished with my bath and walked back to the room, taking out
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