Alpha Logan

Alpha Logan

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Aurelia - I live a pretty normal and happy life. But nothing exciting ever seems to happen. I was getting restless. I wanted something new. I wanted an adventure. I don't even know why I picked Camp Okwaho'kenha to spend my summer. But something told me I needed to go there. But now that I'm here I'm starting to think I bit off more than I can chew. This isn't the adventure I thought I would get. I wasn't ready for all this. I wasn't ready for this danger. I wasn't ready for these secrets. And I certainly wasn't ready for him… for Alpha Logan. Logan - I am the Alpha of one of the largest packs in North America. I have proven many times over that I am a strong and capable Alpha. I don't need a Luna. I don't want one either. I loved once and ended up heartbroken. I will never love again. The moon goddess however has other plans. I came to Camp Okwaho'kenha to put an end to the poaching on my territory. I didn't expect to find my mate. This is the first of the Bloodmoon Pack series. All books in the series can be read as standalone. Bloodmoon Pack: Book 1 - Alpha Logan Book 2 - Beta's Surprise Mate Book 3 - The Reluctant Alpha Novella - The Hunted Hunter Book 4 - The Genius Delta (Summer 2022) Novella - Seducing the Bloodmoon Princess (Fall 2022) Short Story - Warrior's Redemption (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Short Story - Love After 40 (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Book 5 - Her Second Chance Mate (Early 2023) Incubi Pack Books: Book 1 - Alpha of Nightmares Book 2 - The Hybrid Alpha Novella - Chosen Mate (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Book 3 - Dream Mate Short Story - Sicilian Holiday (Coming Soon) Short Story - The Quiet Giant's Mate (Coming Soon) Book 4 - Beta's Innocent Mate (Fall 2022) Book 5 - Beta's Twin Mates (Winter 2022)

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70 chapters
Chapter 1 - Aurelia
Today’s the day. My parents pull into the parking lot in dad’s old beat-up truck. “I can’t believe you are going to leave me alone all summer,” Alex groaned in the truck bed next to me, leaning his head against my shoulder, pouting like it would make me change my mind. He’s cute, and I won’t deny that, with his shamrock green eyes, shaggy sandy blonde hair, and the subtle farmer’s tan from all the hours he spends outside helping my dad with our family ranch.  My life would be so much easier if I could develop romantic feelings for him. But I can’t seem to do it. He’s my best friend and as good as a brother in my heart. I rolled my eyes and shoved him off my shoulder. “You’ll live. Dad will pile so much work on you that you’ll not even notice I’m gone,” I teased, standing up in the truck bed. “No amount of work could distract me from feeling your absence,” he frowned up at me. We were both startled as dad hit his fist against the side of the faded green t
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Chapter 2 - Logan
I probably shouldn’t have come to Camp Okwaho'kenha. I have a pack to run, which a lesser pack member could have handled, or if I wanted, I could have asked John to come. But I can’t help myself. This property has always held a special place in my heart. It was by the lake that I made love to Suzu for the first time. It was here that I first showed her what I am. It was here that she accepted my wolf. This place will always hold a special place in my heart, just as she will. And now I’m here because someone is daring to come onto my land, into my territory, and hunt the native natural wolves that call this home. I will have none of it. My brother, Charles, and Silvercloud all told me not to do anything drastic and not take matters into my own hands. They know all too well that I would kill these poachers without a second thought. I promised, on Hana's life, I wouldn’t kill anyone.  I haven’t been here in seven years, not since Siegfried took Suzu
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Chapter 3 - Aurelia
I heard multiple voices calling my name. I turned my head, realizing that someone must have noticed I was out of bed. I saw flashlights as the voices got louder, the people looking for me closer. I turned my head back to the sizeable, red-eyed wolf only to find it was gone. I frowned. The wolf was gone. I was so close to getting to touch him. I was mad that they interrupted. Almost as angry as I was at whoever shot the poor gray wolf.  “There you are,” Darien called out, reaching me. “You shouldn’t be out of bed this late. And certainly, shouldn’t be out in the woods alone,” he scolded. I rolled my eyes, not looking at him. I was still looking at the wolf. “What are you even…" his voice trailed off as his flashlight landed on the wolf. “Holy shit! Do you know how lucky you are that thing is already dead? It could have killed you!" he exclaimed, putting an arm around me pulling me to him.  I stepped away from him, uncomfortable having his arm
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Chapter 4 - Logan
I was already on my way back to take care of the wolf's body when Moors called me. I was surprised he even called. I wasn't surprised but fucking angry to find his son poking the wolf with a stick. I swear if we'd been alone if my mate wasn't standing right there, I'd have ripped his head off and blamed the poachers. The world would be better off without inconsiderate little punks like him. The only positive was being near my mate. I liked how she looked at me, and I liked it even more when she glared at the female counselors for trying to be flirty. She hasn't shifted, so she hasn't connected with her wolf to know I'm her mate. But she's close enough to her first shift, and if I can smell her to know she's my mate, there must be part of her that feels this pull.  And fuck, it was hard to reel Jericho in, hell to keep me in check when I smelled her arousal. I need her to leave before I do something I shouldn't. 'She's our mate. Completing the bond is our
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Chapter 5 - Aurelia
As we walked back to camp, May was muttering under her breath. I couldn’t make out exactly what she said, but I did catch her saying his name… Logan. I found myself smiling just thinking about him. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like him. He just has this… this presence. He exudes a level of confidence, respect, and danger that makes me tingle all over. I want to know more about him. “Well,” May demanded, hands on her hips stopping just before we reached my group’s cabin. “Well, what?" I asked, blinking in confusion. Had she asked me a question? “Ugh, you are such a space cadet. No wonder you were dumb enough to go into the forest alone when dangerous animals like that wolf and hunters. And barefoot to boot,” she rolled her eyes while I narrowed mine. “Anyone ever told you that you’re a bitch?" I questioned, glaring at her. “Watch your mouth,” May snapped, poking me in the shoulder. I growled, like actually growled. What the fuck? I blinked a
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Chapter 6 - Logan
I hadn't expected the team to arrive so quickly. But as I was making coffee at dawn, an SUV pulled up to my cabin. Grumbling with a mug in hand, I walked out onto the porch, barefoot and in just gray sweatpants. "Good morning, Alpha,” Kurt greeted with a bright smile. "It's too early to be that chipper,” I grumbled, sipping my coffee.  Looking at Kurt was always painful for me. Not just because he's always so chipper, he’s also the bastard son of Siegfried, the self-proclaimed 'Alpha' of a pack of rogues, the same bastard that killed Suzu. The bastard knew he couldn't defeat me in a fight, so he killed my love. Kurt looks a lot like him. But thankfully, he has his mother's disposition and ties to my pack. I’ll never question his loyalty to the pack and me. He's fought Siegfried and his rogues his share of times since his first shift. "Hello, Alpha. We brought the equipment as Silvercloud instructed,” Mikali greeted, getting out and opening the tr
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Chapter 7 - Aurelia
I couldn't get that dream out of my head all day. It didn't make any sense. What was that red wolf? Why did she say we'd need that red-eyed wolf? And what's the full moon have to do with it? So many questions and no answers.  As if that wasn't enough, I've been dodging Darien since he interrupted Logan and me, which irked me. I hadn't wanted to stop talking to him and certainly hadn't wanted to let his hand go. Holding his hand felt so good and so right. There was like a magnetic pull between us. I've never felt that way before about anyone.   "Aurelia! Come join us!" Elyse called it, waving me over. I smiled. She’s a nice girl. It’s not her fault her brother is a total creep. "Hi, Elyse. Hey everyone,” I greeted, sitting on the log with them. With Elyse were two others from our cabin June and Crystal. "Aurelia, want to weigh in on this? Elyse is excused,” June smiled. "Umm, I'll try. What's the debate?" I asked. "We're playing marry, fuck, kil
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Chapter 8 - Logan
That conversation at the bonfire just wouldn't get out of my head. I didn't care that what's their names wanted to fuck me. They're unimportant humans Aurelia, however, was different. She’s my mate, and that makes her noteworthy. Jericho was bouncing around with joy, hearing that she chose both the fuck and marry options for only me. He can't begin to understand why it doesn't thrill me as much as him.  I want her, and I can't deny that. That's how the mate bond works. It draws the mates together. And right now, I'm fighting it for several reasons. Foremost is—Suzu. I don't want to betray her memory or have Hana think I've forgotten her mother or am trying to replace her. I don't know anything about her, and that doesn't sit well with me.  I don't understand why her parents would send her away and into my pack territory for her first shift. It's like they are humans, but two humans can’t bear a werewolf child. Even if one parent is a werewol
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Chapter 9 - Aurelia
The next few days were a whirlwind. I had to talk to the rangers, Mister Moor, the police, and my parents retelling the events from that night. Or the story that I told when Marcus and Darien found me. I stuck to it every time. And it helped that this Mister Kinsley, the guy that owns the camp, backs my story, saying he saw everything on the security cameras Logan installed. But that's what worries me the most. Why was Mister Kinsley lying? If he did see what happens, he knows I went into that clearing on my own and about how the red-eyed wolf saved me. It left me worried. What reason could this Kinsley guy have to lie? What would he want from me?  Mostly I've been left alone. Elyse, June, and Crystal still included me in activities. But everyone else seems to think I'm going to break at any moment. The counselors are all watching me, just from a distance. I had no one to talk to about this. I wanted to find the red-eye wolf again but had been af
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Chapter 10 - Logan
Given what had happened the other night, I had hoped it would have acted as a deterrent to the poachers. But when I noticed that I spotted trespassers on the cameras, I had quickly rushed out to stop them. I hadn’t cared that they shot me. The bullet wasn’t silver, so it wouldn’t kill me or hurt me for long. I just didn’t expect her to show up and didn’t expect her to shift to protect me. I hadn’t heard of someone turning before their first 16th full moon.  As much as I liked her attention, I knew there were more important things than the attraction between us. She probably had many questions and would need a change of clothes because I can’t say how much talking would get done while I’m all for seeing her naked. So I led her back to my cabin and gave her privacy to change. While she went to change, I received a call from John. Not what I needed. “John, I’m a little busy,” I sighed, glancing at the stairs. “I know. Security cameras remember,” he
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